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2012 / 02 /27

My dear friends,

These days, even weeks, I have not written any entry. During Chinese New Year, I have been back in Germany to see my family and friends. When I came back to Hong Kong, I caught a flu, because the weather here was unexpected cold. Similar to Germany! Only 10 degrees! Unbelievable! However, I am currently busy because of work, of recovery and … also preparing for a small step into my (Chinese) future. I feel every excited on one hand, but also very scared about it on the other hand. But this time I do not want to give up, this time I am going to keep up, this time I will believe in myself until to the end. Therefore, please wait for a further while. I will come back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

My best wishes
Nobu in HKG

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