We are not a mountain

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 2012 / 01 / 16

This morning at 4:45am Drew left my home in order to catch his flight in the early morning back to Japan. Certainly, I was very sad about his departure, there were so many things I wanted to tell him, but I could not do it in that moment any more. I wanted to cry, but I did know I should not cry, not now. Everyone is sad. If I start to cry, Drew will also cry. We need to be strong. It is better to smile and say “Good bye! Matane!” rather than with tears, right?

He kept repeating my words I told him 3 years ago “You are not mountain, right?” Yes, we are not a mountain. Compared to a mountain, we have legs, we can move! As long we have legs, we can see each other again!

… though, I wanna cry.

In total he spent 4 days here in HKG with me, and my friends Bruno, Stephen, CC.  We talked, laughed, lived, discussed, relaxed, hugged, listened, walked, sang, learned from each other, and ate a lot. We did so many things, that I cannot believe that he actually stayed here for a short time only. Those 4 days were incredible fun and we spent amazingly happy time together. No more than that. How should I describe this feeling? It is so overwhelming! It is too much, my heart cannot bear this happiness any more and I can only release them by happy tears and smiling. Even my stomach has been filled with this feeling. Actually these days I was not hungry. I was just eating happiness.

One on hand, I am crying, because I am sad he left. I am sad, because I want to share with him much more, I want to talk with him more, I just want to spend more time with him. I guess even when we have long time, it will be never long enough. But on the other hand, I am crying, because I am happy. I think our friendship is amazing! Really. I never ever thought that we are going to have that kind of great friendship. How we met, how we developed our friendship, is just amazing! And I just met Drew second time this time. Same as Bruno, actually.

After the taxi left, I cried. I am sorry, Drew, I cried, but I did not cry when you are here. So I did not ruin anything, right?
And a friend Bruno – I have just met him recently during my Xiamen Christmas Trip in 2011 – stayed at my sight, seeing of Drew, let me cry and tried to comfort me in his special way. “People are separating all the time. It is always separate, separate and separate.” After he emphasized it so much, I was crying much more than before. He apologized later on for his words…  well, that’s Bruno. I was able to calm down and even could sleep a bit.

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A dream comes true as long we believe in

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2012 / 01 /12

In 2009 I was travelling with Robert, a German friend I met in HKG. Holding a JRpass, we visited around 11 cities in 10 days from North to South on the Main Island of Japan. Although our time schedule was very tight, we had truly a great time!
During our travel we never stayed in one city for more than one night. Usually during travelling I meet a lot of new people and friends, but often it happens that we are loosing sight of each other after certain of time. Therefore it is so amazing that I met Drew in that night, it was our last night in Japan, close to Osaka, in the common area of the small hotel. It was just a short time we spent together, dinner and a chat afterwards, but got friends right away until now! I remember on that night we talked and discussed until we are tired, and I wished the we could talk longer. Since then we kept contact no matter where we are, live or work. At the beginning our emails were very long. Then our emails got shorter and shorter, but we still kept in contact. When I am writing to him, it is like I am talking to him. Our emails are lively, honest and filled with emotion! Actually, we wished we could meet again very soon and talk in person.

Now, after 3 years, our wish will come true. Tonight.
I am so extremely happy and so excited!

How a cookie box influences my life

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2012 / 01 / 06

Was it fate or coincidence? People love to discuss about this topic. Well, I believe neither in fate nor coincidence. For my definition happenings of fate have been determined already.  They cannot be changed. Happenings of coincidence are just there, maybe without any meaning, but everything is not fixed yet. In fact,  I do believe that what’s happening has a meaning. This meaning I have to find out by myself. Further on, it is up to me whether I see an opportunity, grab the chance or wait for the next one. This – I do not how I can call it – is more flexible. Maybe it is a mix of both.

Before I decided to go to Xiamen during last Christmas something happened, and this is what I would like to share with you today.

My destination during Christmas holiday (4 days) should be definitely China. But where should I go? Actually there are a lot of places I would like to go as Hongshan, Lijiang, Zhangjiajie, Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, Guiyang. They all appear in my TOP 10 travel destinations. Even two weeks before Christmas I still had not set my mind where to go. I was still thinking e.g. are 4 days enough to go to Lijiang, do I need to buy more winter clothes for Hongshan, is the landscape of Jiuzhaigou during winter still beautiful.

My neighbor Daisy went to Xiamen in autumn. After she came back, we met several times and she shared her experience and she showed me some photos, but I was not that interested that I want to go by myself. One day during a December’s evening, I asked Daisy to come up to my flat for daily chatting as we have not talked for a while. She brought a gift – it was durian short bread from Tulou in a box wrapped in a plastic bag, which has been printed with a map of Fujian. On the gift box there was a picture showing a round shape building with a hole in the middle. “Daisy, what’s that?” “This is a Hakka Round house called tulou.” To be honest, I never heard about it, although it is a world heritage as I found out later. And then she started to tell me about the history of Tulou. I was impressed. But at that time I have not considered yet that this could be my travel destination.
Daisy asked me to eat this shortbread with my flat mate, who was currently not at home. So I placed the cookie box on the table. Days later the cookie box was smiling at me. Usually I hear that the cookie says “Eat me, eat me.” But this time was different. It was begging me “Visit me, visit me.” Without hesitation I grabbed the box, and checked the manufacturing address. As I could not read it, I needed to count the strokes first, check the pinyin in the dictionary and then I found out: Manufactured in Nanjing, Fujian province. According to the map printed on the plastic bag, Xiamen is not that far away. Then I decided: During Christmas I will go to Xiamen and Nanjing, for sure! This was 7 days before Christmas.

It is amazing that I “met” this cookie box otherwise I have never ever known about tulou and never ever travelled to there! Further on,  I never ever thought that this cookie box will be leading me to such an exciting trip! It is “just” a cookie box – with a great impact. Thank you to Daisy!

This is just on example, but I do believe in life there are  lots more of small matters, which may influence our decision, plan and route of life. Because they are so small and seems to be unimportant, it is easy to overlook them. Just open your heart and mind! Sometimes happiness is just nearby, sometimes there is no need to go far away. My happiness during Christmas was just 9 hours away by bus from Hong Kong, instead of 2 hours by plane.

Sweet temptation

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2012 / 01 / 05
As my friend was going back to Germany, I asked him to help me to buy some Tchibo Chocolate. Tchibo used to have chocolate in their regular product of range, but nowadays they are only selling during special occasion as Christmas. This is a bit pity, as I am not in Germany during Christmas, so it is a bit difficult for me to get them. Further on, it is a limited version only as the flavor will change every year.
However, my friend kindly helped me to buy it for me, bring it to HKG and I have received them! I am so happy!
This years’ flavor are different from the last year’s ones. Last years’ chocolate flavors were 1) Arabica coffee beans with cranberries and 2) Arabica coffee beans with orange peels. It was the first time for me to eat chocolate with coffee beans split and I fell in love with the taste immediately.  This year’s flavors are 1) Coffee beans and 2) Gingerbread.  I am looking forward to eat them tonight with my friends. I am pretty sure I am going to love them!

A new Chapter 2012

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2012 / 01 / 04

2011 was a great exiciting year, fullfilled with happiness, pains, farewell, new friends, power and believe. I have just opened a new chapter in my book of years. Those pages are still blank. On the first page of chapter 2012 I am going to write my lifestyle : 如果不相信自己的可能性, 什么都无法开始! If you do not believe in your own possibility, nothing will start. This shall accompany me during 2012 and remember me not to give up, to believe myself and follow the light of hope and dream. My family, friends and blog readers, I wish you all a happy healthy new year!

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