Happy November

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2011 / 11 / 30

November was a happy month for my friends as they officially graduated from the university. From now on  new life will start. Actually, most of them started working already, but I believe it must be different feeling. Starting from now on they are not students any more, they are graduated, holding a certificate and might be also a bit mature. I am happy my friends invited me to their congregation and I am much more happy that my friends share this happy day not only with their parents, but also with me!

Tina invited me to join her congregation. Sabrina is our common friend. Because of her I met Tina. As she is living and working in Mainland China, she could not join us physically. But we always carry her in our heart! I miss you so much, Sabrina!

Because of Tina, I met Antonia! Sabrina, Antonia and Tina all graduated from the same university. They studied “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”, even with the same professor  ^_^ That means they are specialized teaching foreigners Chinese. Congrats, pretty ladies!! 

May I introduce you Daisy? She is my neighbour! To know my neighbour in a such a big anonymous city is so rare and happy thing, that I always introduce Daisy as my neighbour. This sounds like magic! Surely, she is my friend as well, but a special one, my neighbour! Very nice to met Tina’s parents and Daisy’s mother!!

Congrats to Forrest as well!

Photo LAUGHstory

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2011 / 11 / 25

As Christmas is coming, people start thinking about which gift should be bought for friends and family members. Not every gift must be expensive, but we still need money.

So what should a F. do, if he needs money? Here is the answer.

Psst, please handle the photos with care, as they have been taken secretly! Copyright by Florian & Nobu, HKG2011

Travel to my heart

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2011 / 11 / 21
These days and weeks I have not written so much in my blog. But I was thinking a lot, and I am still thinking. I know by just thinking nothing will be changed, neither me nor my situation. I also know that I need to start my action. But at the moment I feel powerless, and also without any confidence. That does not mean I am a poor girl. I prefer to say I am taking a rest in order to find out my way through most of my worries and thoughts. I am pretty sure I am going to find my way very soon. Until that day, please be patient.

Previously, whenever I came across this kind of situation I preferred to be alone, to cancel all my appointments and not to share my feelings, worries and thoughts. But (so many “but”s in this entry today) earlier this year I have experienced that it might be good to meet good friends and also share the feeling and thoughts to good friends, because while talking and exchanging opinions I may found what I have lost.

My mood is not good, but I still go out with good friends, who allow me to have a rest. Thank you for your understanding and your support in good and bad times!

Last time in the restaurant …

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2011 / 11 / 02

因为我日本的朋友和我想吃广东菜,所以我们进去广东菜的饭店。进去的时候,我们说普通话。我们坐以后,服务员来给我们中文的菜单。我们看一看。虽然我常常来这个地方,但是我找不到我喜欢的菜。怎么办呢?”我想吃很甜的猪肉跟。。。“服务员不知道我想吃什么。我朋友也不知道。我突然记得这个饭店也有英文菜单,所以我问服务员”请问你有没有英文的菜单?“好像我让服务员生气(??)一点儿。 服务员回答”为什么你们要英文的菜单?你不们是中国人吗?!?!?!为什么你们看不懂中文?!?!?!“ 。。。我给她说明”其实,我们就是外国人。请给我们英文的菜单。” 但是服务员没相信我 “你骗我!“。。。

其实我有一点高兴服务员觉得我们就是中国人, 因为好像我们的中文不错! (^_^)b


My Japanese friend and I yearned for Cantonese food, so we went to a Cantonese restaurant. When we entered the restaurant, we spoke Mandarin Chinese only. After we sat down, the waitress brought us the menu. We had a look. Although I came very often to this restaurant, I just could not find my favorite dish. What should I do? Ok, let’s describe (in Chinese) “I would like to eat sweet pork and…” The waitress did not understand what I would like to eat, also my friend could not guess. Suddenly I remembered that they also had an English Menu, thus I asked (in Chinese) “Do you have an English menu?” It seems this request made the waitress angry (??) She shouted at us (in Chinese) “Why you are asking for English menu?!?!?!?! You are Chinese or not?  Why you cannot read Chinese?!?!?!?!” … I tried to explain to her (in Chinese) “Actually, we ARE foreigners. Could you please bring us the English menu?” But the waitress did not believe us, she answered (in Chinese) “You are lying!’’

Actually I was a bit happy because the waitress was thinking that we are Chinese. That means our Chinese is pretty good! (^_^)b


Meine japanische Freundin und ich hatten grosse Lust kantonesich essen zu gehen. Als wir das kantonesische Restaurant betraten, haben wir nur Chinesisch gesprochen. Nachdem wir uns hingesetzt hatten, brachte die Kellnerin uns die chinesische Menuekarte. Wir stoeberten ein wenig darin. Obwohl ich oft hierhin komme, konnte ich mein Lieblingsgericht einfach nicht wiederfinde. Was nun? Lass mich das beschreiben, natuerlich in Chinesisch  „Ich moechte gerne suesses Schweinefleisch essen mit …“ Die Kellnerin verstand leider nicht, was ich essen moechte. Und auch meine Freundin konnte das Gericht nicht erraten. Ich gruebelte. Dann ploetzlich fiel mir ein, dass es hier auch eine englische Menuekarte gibt. Also fragte ich in Chinesisch „Haben Sie auch eine englische Menuekarte?“ Dieser Satz loeste totales Unverstaendnis bei der Kellnerin aus „Warum fragt IHR nach der ENGLISCHEN Karte?!?!? Ihr seid doch Chinesen oder, nicht??? Koennt ihr kein chinesisch lesen oder, was?!?!?“ … Daraufhin versuchte ich ihr auf Chinesisch zu erklaeren „Ja, also eigentlich sind wir tatsaechlich Auslaenderinnen. Koennten Sie uns bitte die englische Karte bringen.“ Allerdings glaubte sie uns kein Wort, sie antwortet „Ihr luegt!“ ..

Nichts desto trotz, ich habe mich gefreut, dass die Kellnerin dachte, dass wir Chinesinnen sind. Wenn ich den Spiess umdrehe, heisst es doch, dass unser gelerntes Chinesisch gut ist! (^_^)b

Just a normal day?

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2011 / 11 / 01

Today is the first day of November. It is the second day of the week, which has just started. For me it is just a normal Tuesday. But my colleague sitting opposite of me thinks a little bit different than me. He smiled and kept grinning from ear to ear. As I am sitting in front of him, I was curious and asked “What happened?” “Today is a magic day!” he answered. I was not sure what he was talking about. Then he continued “It is a great day to write letters (by hand). And there will be another special day in 10 days. ” He did not explain, but I did understand him after I took a quick look at the calendar. Afterwards, I could not stop myself to start smiling and up to now I am still grinning from ear to ear.

Do you know what date is today?
Do you know what date we will have in 10 days?

Today is the 2011-11-01, followed by 2011-11-11.

It is quite interesting to think about how a normal day suddenly can be turned to a magic day, just because of a different way of thinking!

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