Happy Halloween \(〇_o)/

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2011 / 10 / 31

My dearest friends, blog readers and family members,

Be afraid,
Tonight is Halloween!!!
Therefore I wish you are going to have a SPOOK-tecular night!

My best scary wishes from
LiTtLe ReD rIdInG hOod nOBu

Different point of (night)view

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2011 / 10 / 13

My bro is visiting me in HKG now! It is the first time he visits me since I have moved to Hong Kong. Therefore I am very happy, excited and also a bit nervous!

Walking at the side of my bro is often very interesting as he sees things from a different point of view than me and speaks it out.

Two days ago – that was his first day in HKG – we saw a small part of the HKG’s famous skyline at the Victoria harbor in the evening from a shopping’s center’s balcony. I often hear the reaction “Wow, it is so beautiful! All the skyscrapers are reflecting in the water!” or “Wow, so many lights! So colorful!”
When I saw the skyline at the first time, I was also very impressed. I was not only impressed by the great night view, but also by the great energy consumption and by the starless sky.  In HKG actually there is so much smog that stars can be hardly seen. 
My brother was also impressed; he was very excited and told me “Wow, it is so amazing! Usually the stars brighten up the city. But here in HKG, the light of the skyscrapers are lighten up the sky! Sis, see over there!” He pointed on the sky above IFC. “Because of the light of that building, the clouds can be seen!! It is the other way around!!”

I looked to the IFC and to the clouds above it. It took a little moment, but then…. Oh yes, my bro is right! To be honest I have never aware of it! Suddenly I started to be very interested in taking pictures.

People passing by must wondering, why we were taking photos of the IFC only and I am also pretty sure they were thinking that we are both tourists.
Well, my brother is indeed a tourist, but they do not know that I actually have been living in HKG for 5 years already. But I know although I am living here for such long time, I had just discovered HKG from the different point of (night)view.

Every little step creates happiness

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2011 / 10 / 01

Every little step, every little progress concerning my Chinese language makes me so happy. Every little step does not make only happy, but also more confident. This feeling is so amazing! It makes me so happy!

When I was learning English, French or Spanish in school, I can not remember that I had so much fun and passion to learn a language as I am experiencing now learning, speaking, reading, understanding, listening and writing Chinese.

I have been learning Chinese for 3-4 years and I finally achieved a level, I am able to speak quite fluent Chinese with my friends. I am not thinking so much any more, I just talk and express my feelings. Wow! Thumbs up for myself!

Should you learn a language at the moment, please share with me your experience!

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