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2011 / 09 / 30

One day CC started to tell “Today when I was waiting for my bus, I saw a cockroach crossing the street.” I was listening to her. “Once she reached the other side, it came back!” I interrupted her “Oh! I also saw such a cockroach. It was crossing the street and came back. And I was so surprised! Amazing! It was so dangerous!” “Nobu, wait. My story is different” she continued and I stopped talking, because I was interested in what she was going to tell.  “So, once it reached the other side, it came back. And at the same time, the traffic light turned to green and the cars started to drove on this street. It was walking just straight forward to me. After it crossed more than the half of the street and nearly reached bus stop I was standing, I saw the cockroach had been run over by the car. I even could hear the smash sound! Ughhh.” Together with her I made a grimace. Not a happy one. Actually, we both do not like cockroaches.

I was amazed about that CC told me about this story and that she was observing a cockroach, although she does not like them. Usually people do not care about insects.

Well, this story made me thinking about life. I was thinking about “my” and “her” cockroach. I was thinking loud “Life is short. We never now, what will happen in the future. We never know when our life ends. It may be tomorrow or few years later.” CC nodded her head.

So what we can do? Shall we be sad about this fact? If we are sad, will be there a happier change? No.
So, again, what can we do? I found my answers already:
Enjoy every day!
Live every day without any regrets!
Be happy! Allow yourself to be sad, if you really cannot be happy!
Do not be afraid! Live your dreams!

Now, after writing all this, I need to smile. I have just remembered my thought and experience in my childhood about life.
There was a short time, I was afraid to die after I watched a movie about living forever. I was afraid to go outside, as I may have car accident. I was afraid going down to the kitchen, as I may slip down the stairs and may break my back or neck. I was even afraid, to leave my bed, as I may broke my leg when I get up. At the end I come to my own conclusion: My bed is the safest place on the whole world.
Therefore, I started to live in my bed only, actually I was just lying or sitting on the bed. And suddenly had a lot time to think…about life. What about if there is an earthquake? Then the book shelf above my bed will broke and I will die. Or the ground will break and then I fell down until to the ground, then I may not survive. Well, I came to the conclusion, that my bed is actually NOT the safest place, as I even could starve in my bed. After less than one day, I returned to my normal life, but with a little more knowledge about life.

Moon Walk

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2011 / 09 / 19

Last Monday it was the Full Moon Festival. Monday evening usually friends gather together and celebrate this day by watching the red and bright lanterns & moon, playing with candles, eating moon cakes, chatting and eating. The following day is actually a public holiday in Hong Kong. On this day the family members celebrate.

It is my first Full Moon Festival in Hong Kong. Usually I am travelling during this period, but this time I stayed in HKG. I was not in mood at all to go to the Victoria Park to see the lantern and to celebrate it in a huge crowd and queue up for long time. I wanted to spend this day in a relaxing mood, together with my close friend and flatemate CC.

In the evening I met CC in TST for Vietnamese dinner. When I was waiting for the bus, I saw the clear purple night sky (see above photo). I did know then that would be great night to watch the bright shining moon. Surprisingly the restaurant was nearly empty, except one couple. CC and I were the second couple, hahaha. The background music was a classic one and the lights had been dimmed. Actually we felt like having a romantic dinner together. Afterwards we were heading to the cinema, to watch “Contagion”. Also the cinema hall was quite empty. I have never experienced such an empty Hong Kong during my last 5 years. It was a new and quite interesting experience for me.

After watching the movie, CC and I went for a walk in “1881 Heritage”. Also this place is usually crowded by bunch of people, tourists, and wedding couples. But that night just few walked around. It was like a secret place, we have just discovered. Walking around side by side with CC, under the bright yellow shining moon, we were just exchanging few words. We just enjoyed the silence, our friendship, moon and the wind. It was gorgeous and enjoyable moon walk!

Simple conversation or “Home”

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2011 / 09 / 15

One day when I came back home from work, my flat mate and friend CC was surfing in the internet. I washed my hands, changed my clothes, took out my notebook, and sat beside her. We were surfing side by side in the internet. No one was talking. Only the sound of typing could be heard.
“CC, you have also Skype, do you?” I started the conversation. Then she answered “Yes, what’s your Skype name?” I told her and we added each other on Skype. Although we were sitting side by side, I called her via Skype, just for fun. I could hear the typical Skype ringing tone from her notebook. She rolled her eyes “Nobu, come on.“ She rejected my phone call. Then I tried to chat with her – with a great smile on my face-,but she ignored me. We started to concentrate on our things. Silent again.
She asked me “How is work?” I stopped typing and looked at her “Is ok, busy though. And you?” “Fine.” was her answer.

We had just a simple conversation, but it made me feel good, because it is our home. “Home” is a place, where we can be who we are really are and how we feel. This is really important. What do you think?

Happy Moon Festival

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2011 / 09 / 12

My dearest friends, family members and blog readers,

According to Chinese calendar, today is the Full moon Festival. Especially tonight the moon is shining very bright and nice. Please let’s look up at the night sky tonight to watch at the moon and enjoy this festival together. No matter where you are, the same moon connects us! I am thinking of you!

In this frame, I wish you a beautiful and sparkling Moon Festival with a lot of happiness, health and joy.
May the good fortune shine on you every day.

My best and warm wishes from Hong Kong

(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

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(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

In August I had a great experience in W hotel Hong Kong, which I would like to share with you!

Entry from 2011 / 08 / 16

Since I have heard about the awesome pool at the rooftop of the W hotel with an amazing view of Hong Kong, I always wanted to go there, enjoy the view and swim. The weather on last Sunday was perfect: Hot and sunny. And my friend also has time, she would join me! Yippee~! It’s time for a relaxing Wet Escape! Let’s go! Let’s escape!
The Wet escape is a summer promotion of the W hotel. Every second Sunday they are offering the Wet Escape from 3pm to 8pm. Entrance fee of 280HKD includes one cocktail drink and music by DJ.

While I was in the elevator driving me to the 76th floor, I was pretty excited. It would be the first time for me to see Hong Kong’s skyline from the 76th floor. On their homepage they are praising that it is even one of the world’s highest rooftop swimming pools. It must be great!

Once the elevator door opened I could smell the swimming pool, feel the music and enjoy a part of the Hong Kong Skyline. I went so much in trance that I could not hear that the waitress is asking me for the entrance fee. I just pass her and have been reminded to pay the money…

My friend already arrived and reserved one bench for each of us. We ordered a Martini from the choice of beer, coke and martini. As we paid 280HKD we should not order an ordinary drink. Sipping the cold refreshing lychee martini while we were lying on the bench under the sun and 76 floors above Hong Kong, we enjoyed the atmosphere, fresh wind, bright sun, the view and relaxing time. It is like holiday! Beside of the HKG view, I have especially enjoyed the blue sky. I looked up and could almost see only the sky, which I seldom see in HKG as there are too many skyscrapers. Looking at the blue sky, I always feel relieved. Like a bird.

In the late afternoon, some hotel guests (a family!) entered the pool. Overall, it was an interesting scene: Between drinking and eating guests of the private pool party, African drummer, dancing hot girls, guests lying on the bench in order to get taint, kissing couples, holding champagne in the pool, there was a Chinese family with a baby with pampers and children with goggles and body-swimming suits diving and swimming (!) in the pool.

Most of the guests are foreigners and different from the public swimming pool, all of them had a great manner and nobody was splitting.

You want to enjoy W Hong Kong’s pool parties? Then do not miss it. Next pool party is on 18th of September & 2nd of October. For further details, please check out their website!

My japanese friend Mayizi

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2011 / 09 / 11


Some people are thinking that my japanese friend and I have a strange relationship. He asked me “Although you both are Japanese, why do not you speak Japanese?” We answered “We are learning Chinese together. Besides, we have already get to use to it!” That day we took part at the gathering with other Japanese. It was the first time for us to talk japanese. The feeling was very strange, so we suddenly switched into speaking in Chinese. Hahaha.

Es gibt einige Menschen, die sich ueber unser Verhaeltnis, die von meiner japanischen Freundin und mir,  die Stirn runzeln.  Einer davon fragte uns: “Warum sprecht ihr nicht japanisch, obwohl ihr doch beide Japanerinnen seid??” Wir antworteten darauf: “Wir lernen zusammen chinesisch! Ausserdem haben wir uns schon daran gewoehnt!” An jenem Tag nahmen wir an einem Aktivitaet mit JapanerInnen teil. Es war das erste Mal fuer uns, dass wir japanisch miteinander gesprochen haben. Das war ein sehr eigenartiges Gefuehl. Waehrend wir japanisch sprachen, sind wir ploetzlich ins chinesische uebergegangen. Hehehe.

medical diagnosis: failed in life

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2011 / 09 / 09

A western style ABC-doctor asked me to come to her clinic in order to DISCUSS the result of the medical report in person. She started with “Life is about an exam, either you pass or fail. And Ms. Nobu I regret to inform you failed. You fail in your main task.” I did not comment, but I asked her: “As a doctor, is not your task to tell me the medical diagnosis instead of giving me a life advice?” She continued “I am afraid somebody who failed in the main task will never be accepted in the society. Here is the evidence.” And she handed over the medical report to me without any words. Consultation fee: 600HKD.

No matter how often I change the doctors and how careful I am choosing them, it seems doctors are tending to say something like this. To be honest, I had been always hurt by their words, but actually my private life is none of their business. I always got hurt and cried a lot, but on the other side I was getting tired of being sad. I do not want that anymore.

So, how can I change this situation?

I changed doctors several times, but the circumstances remained unchanged. Recently I have realized and learnt something: I must change myself. First: I need to accept. Actually, this is the most difficult part. If I can accept the behavior of the doc, no need to be sad and that angry every time. Second: Sorting out the information by myself. The medical report definitely shows the result and diagnosis. This information and words are solid and true I can believe in. No need to take care about life advice by the doctor.

As I now have realized this fact, I am pretty sure next time, I will be stronger. Add oil, Nobu!

Choice between heaven or hell

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2011 / 09 / 04

There was a story about the monk and a samurai. I cannot remember the details about the story, but basically it was about that everyone has the choice of hell or heaven in his/her life. The conclusion of this short story is, that human being is tending to choose the heaven rather than the hell, because nobody wants to have a complicated life.

Is it true?

How or who can guarantuee that heaven will be heaven forever? I strongly believe, even if I choose  hell, the hell can turn into the heaven.  Life is not easy, we need to fight, sad, cry and be unhappy, that’s we are able to go forward, to dream and be happy. That’s why we have heaven and hell. Both will come together in the package. It is set.

Ok, let’s take an example on me. When the doctor first time told me that I am suffering from a chromosome defect and also a rare sickness, I was very sad, I cried a lot and a world breaks down. For me it was the end of the world. I wanted to give up, I thought there will be not any happiness in my life an more. My dream has been broken in just few seconds. I was even thinking about to commit suicide. Well, that must be heaven. This is the easy way, no pain long time wise. And easy to solve the problem by eliminating myself first.
But once the doctor told me that I can only live for further 2 years only, I have decided to accept my sickness, to become my dreame come true, to look forward although it means I am going to suffer a lot of pains. I choose the hell.Why? I choose the hell for seeking happiness.

It sounds strange?

By walking through the hell, i have learnt a lof, I gained a lot of strength, which has been lead to so many happiness already. And I am pretty sure more happiness are on the way.

So, the human beeing only have the choice between heaven or hell? No, s/he also have the choice of heaven AND hell at the same time.

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