A new challenge

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2011 / 08 /24

The last 5 years (and maybe more?) I used to have short and semi-long hair styles, just because of the simple reason called convenience: It is easy to comb, no need to spent so many time to style my hair, fast to wash. I could even save some shampoo and conditioner. But recently I have started to let grow my hair. Wow, my hair is so long. Frankly speaking, I have just realized after Joann helped to take this picture!! Recently I am interested in, how to style my hair. There are much more opportunities with long hairs. Besides, I need to admit it is quite fun and also challenging! For me it is also important that hair accessories fit to the clothes. So, the hair bands I used now fits to my skirt and shirt!

If you have any suggestions for long hair styles, please let me know! Thank you!

Pet needs home

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2011 / 08 / 11

As I have pet-loving friends, I asked my friends to do me a favor:

With reluctance I need to experience, that my friend Ava did not have any heart for this case. Instead of welcome this pet, she reminded me:  “ +_+ At least I know there is a person will going to pick up home~~~~~ .”

Out of black desperation, I begged her: “Ava, no, do not say this. Please take me home! Please~~”

Finally, Ava felt a bit sorry for this pet and asked her friends for their opinion after she suggested:  “Don’t you think SPCA would like to receive this “lovely” pet.. ;)  “ Alternatively she suggested: “Nobu, I bring you to “adoption date” at PetMax in KlnBay in next monthly function form NPV.”

Indeed my feelings has been deeply hurt by her, I even cried and surely let her know my feelings: “Ava, You make me crying! I really got some tears when reading your words. J. saw it as well!!!” My sadness turned to contrariness: “However, I know totally understand you and I thought you have heart for lovely friends and pets! I am deeply disappointed!”

In all this darkness, I should not forget life is going on. As long as I believe, there will be hope and way to live my OWN way, certainly without Ava: “Ava, I have decided to live here forever and I will not invite you to my housewarming party :P”

As I got back my living strength Ava’s conclusion at the end of the day “ZD XD .. I have heart for lovely pets but maybe not lovely friends  WAH KAKAKA~ “ has just bounced back!
** This was a REAL conversation with Ava. In this entry mentioned statements are quotes from our conversation.

Power Lunch with CC & Florian

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2011 / 08 / 09

We have a one hour lunch break. Usually I eat my handmade lunch, which I prepared a day before or in the morning. But sometimes I go out for lunch with my colleagues and/or friends working nearby. From time to time eating outside in the restaurant is ok, as long it is tasty.

On last Friday my flat mate CC, she had a day-off, my colleague Florian and me decided to have authentic (!) Italian lunch box in the Kowloon Park together. Unfortunately we have found out that the Italian Restaurant suspended this service! Oh no! So pity, as we have been looking forward already to our pasta time in the park surrounded by birds and green trees! What should we do/eat now? Ok, we changed our plan and decided with a heavy heart to eat inside of this Italian restaurant in the cool basement, but with great Italian atmosphere and authentic food.
While CC was using the washroom, Florian and I took a look at the menu card. And there was a further shock waiting for us…  Oh no! They have increased their price a lot!!! One lunch set costs more than 100 HKD. Previously they offered lunch sets for around 80HKD. Gosh! With our 100HKD in our wallet and with a clear mind, we decided to say sorry to the waitress and left the restaurant once CC came out of the washroom. Actually, we felt a bit sorry…
Then we just crossed the street and entered PizzaExpress. Looking at the menu, we all have been relived as the lunch set is suitable for hunger, wallet and our taste. It seems Florian often comes to this restaurant, so he commented the food as a waiter of PizzaExpress (e.g. “If you like orange juice, I recommend the orange juice here. It is very delicious,because it is fresh.”
and even suggested a great deal (e.g. “Or if you are very thirsty, you can order the ice lemon tea. It can be refilled for free!”)

We all decided to have the extravaganza lunch set with pizza bread and pesto sauce, baked mush room, salad, pizza and a drink. Later on, we ordered the dessert samples plate including dough balls, chocolate fudge and cheese cake.

Actually the dough balls are the same as the pizza bread, just be powered with icing sugar. This dish comes with warm nutella cream. As a German this combination is  a bit strange, it is like dipping “Normales Broetchen” (=name of a break roll in Germany) into nutella instead of cutting it to the half and spread the nutella on it.

However, it was a yummy and extremely funny lunch break! Although we have experienced some disappointments, we laughed a lot! And this is the most important time! Florian and I returned to office recharged with so many power and happiness!

We are, what we eat! We are, what we do!

Great lunch

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2011 / 08/ 08

What a great lunch! I was sitting on the platform of the Harbour City with a colleague, enjoying the sea view, the fresh wind and my handmade hotdog. I was accompanied by my colleague, who bought a sandwich nearby.

Yesterday there were U.S. sausage on sale in the supermarket nearby; therefore I have decided to prepare hotdog for today’s lunch. It is the first time I ate U.S. sausage and I need to admit – beside German sausages – U.S. sausages are also very tasty and juicy.

My mom used to cook some hotdogs for my brother and me, when we used to live all together in our German home. The cabbage is fried with curry powder. As I did not have any curry powder, I used instead real-german-caraway. This taste was also great! It is a bit taste of my hometown.

Surely, the juicy sausage has been topped with HEINZ ketchup and mustard. Further on the sausage has been surrounded by a real crispy French dark rye baguette. Not by the sweet HKG soft buns.

It was a great relaxing lunch!
Tasty, sunny and just enjoyable.

A very special birthday

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2011 / 08 / 05

Indeed it was a HAPPY (birth)DAY!

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