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(Like) Holiday in SaiKung

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2011 / 06 / 22

Clear sky, hot ( +30 °C), sunny– it is the perfect time for swimming and relaxing at the beach!
After the dragon boat training on Sunday’s morning, Forrest and me took a village ferry to Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) and took a nap first under a huge tree. It was amazingly relaxing, although so many people pass by our sleeping area ( In frame of the Geopark Island tour, a lot of tourists will come to this island.) Lying in the shadow, on the soft sand, surrounded by green grass (nature!!!) and accompanied by a cool sea wind, listening to the sound of the waves, let us forget the stressful every-day-life, the work, the city and busy life for a moment. In order to share this moment, I did call my bro in Germany.
In the afternoon we swam, played in the water and chatted a lot.

Actually, I had the feeling I were on holiday. It was very great!This place can be reached within one hour from my home, which is in the city of Hong Kong. That’s why I love Hong Kong so much. Beach and mountain are so easy to reach from the city.
By good planning and nice weather, every weekend could turn into a great holiday!

At the end of the day we met some old and new friends in a bar, close to pier. I met an Italian and American  studied Mandarin in Beijing for 2 years. Their Chinese is really good, so alive with slang and jokes. One day, I would like to speak Chinese fluently like them. It is a great motivation!

Where do you come from?

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2011 / 06 / 21

在中国的海关官员觉得我是一个日本人有一张德国的假护照,因为我不像德国人。我说“不是。我是德国人。我是真的德国人。。。可能我不是真的,因为我本来从日本来的。。。”我让自己和官员非常乱T__T。他问我“你从哪里来的?” 我马上回答”从香港来的!” 官员真的很乱“你不是从德国来的吗?”我给他说我的简历”我在日本生,在德国长成,在香港工作,想去中国出差! 而且我妈妈是日本人,我爸爸是德国人。最后他相信我以后,他开看我的护照的话再问我”你可能泰国人吗?去中国找老公。“我想哭!
At the immigration in China the officer suspected that I am a Japanese with a fake German passport,because I do not look like a German, not even as an European. I tried to persuade him “No, I am German, I am really German… but might be not really, because orginally I come from Japan.” I started to think loudly and not only confuse myself, but also the officer. Then he asked “Where do you come from?” I immediately answered “I just came from Hong Kong.” Now the officer was really confused and did not believe in me at all “You are not coming from Germany?” I decided to give him a brief introduction of my life and my purpose “I have been born in Japan, grew up in Germany, currently working in Hong Kong and I would like to go to China for business trip. Further on, my mom is Japanese and my father is German.” Finally(!) the officer opened my passport and looked at my photo “You are not a Thaigirl…? Looking for husband in China?” Sigh, I wanna cry!!!!

Magic Moments in Kowloon

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2011 / 06 / 16

Whenever I am on holiday (e.g. Okinawa) I am eager to see the sunrise and the sunset, it is so amazingly beautiful!! None of the sunrise or sunset is the same, that’s why it is interesting to look at them everyday. They gave me the feeling “Ah~~, the day are going to start! I need to add oil!” and “Ah~, the day is going to end. It was a successful day.” Every day’s moments are different, same as my every-day-life.
Honestly speaking, in HKG I have not been that eager to see the sunrise or sunset yet, because I think the environment (city only) is not that beautiful and most of the time I am just too busy doing overtime. Hm? Sounds like an excuse, might be.
However, these days I am seeking for watching the sunset in HKG. The Gateway and the China Hong Kong City in TST offers to see “Magic Moment”, between 6pm and 7pm, from their facilities. Last week I took the chance to enjoy those magic moments after work.

Wow, it is so beautiful. Indeed it is a different feeling (for me) to watch the sun going down and disappearing into the sea, cloud or behind the city. But still, it is gorgeous! Watching the sunset, I am able to calm down for a while and think about my day.

Here is a sunset in Hung Hom at the Railway station. On the window indoor lights are reflecting, it looks like some UFOs are flying in the sky. Don’t you think so?

Effect of TCM – Part II

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2011 / 06 / 15

According to my traditional Chinese doctor, I had too many water in my body, which was mainly collected in my legs, arms and hip area. After taking herbal medicine for around 2 months, my blood circulation improved a lot. I also lost my water and – wow – I really look slim although I did not lose any weight. What do you think?
I can now also wear my Shanghai Tang Skirt and it looks good! I am so glad that I can finally wear my Chinese Style skirt.

The biggest challenge is now to prevent that those amount will be collected in my body again, therefore I need to eat food regularly and in small portion, have a good rest and a lot of sports. Through TCM I have learnt at the first time that eating less during dinner is suitable and comfortable for my body. I can now sleep better and also my body does not feel that heavy. Further on, I have learnt to sweat.

Photo made by Garic, copyright May 2011, HKG

Related blog entry: Effect of TCM – Part I can be read here.

Power of Breakfast

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2011 / 06 / 14

Start the day with a great yummy breakfast in order to gain power for the day!
Today I made my own ciabatta-sandwich with salad, tomato, cucumber, canned ham, egg, Caesar salad sauce and drank a cup of Australian milk!

I am ready for work! Let’s work!!!

Photo made by Florian, copyright June 2011, HKG

MAD power!! – MAD-Girls in action

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2011 / 06 /13

Last weekend I just relaxed and keep on sleeping, as I was extremely tired and sleepy. I indeed turned into a Sleeping Beauty, hehehe.
It was raining outside (heavy yellow rain signal), so it was very comfortable to sleep without switching on the air conditioner.

I was thinking about our dragon boat race two weeks ago: On Sunday 5th of June, MAD-Girls Christina, Grace and me helped out BUZZ Ladies for the Fishermen dragon boat race in Chai Wan. Frankly speaking I like the fishermen race in Chai Wan, as it is very local race. The race is placed at the Chai Wan pier. Different from the other races in Sai Kung, the pier is surrounded by industrial buildings, fishermen boats and container cranes. For the race, it has been decorated with colorful flags. We paddled towards to the city. It is a different feeling, it is a nice one. Fishermen and fisherwomen also took part, although most of them are already very old, but their spirit is very powerful and also cheerful.

It was not only the first race I took part this year, but also the first time I paddled with a different team. BUZZ Ladies paddling style is totally different than from our paddling style. At the beginning it was a little difficult to adapt their style, but for MAD-Girls nothing was impossible. I think we did a good job in the second and third race.

After the race finish, all the boats lined up at the pier and we celebrated the festival by paper cracker and water splashing each other. It was not only a great race, but also a great experience!
Thank you also for Forrest to support us warmly on that day. It was great to discuss about different dragon boat techniques. I have not enjoyed such a discussion for a long time. Forrest has been dragon boating for 3 years in Taipo.

For more photos, please refer to my photo gallery.

Happy Chinese Lessons

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2011 / 06 / 13

Sabrina is my private Chinese teacher. I met her in ParkNShop, where she had just had placed an add looking for students. At that time she was still a student. Her major was “Teaching Chinese as a foreign language”, because of this and her personality; she is a really good teacher, patient and explaining Chinese grammar very well. From the beginning, we seldom use English (this is a very good attitude! I love it!!!). We only use Chinese for communication, and if there is really no possibility to understand each other, we are drawing pictures.
I have been learning with her for about more than one year. I really enjoy learning Chinese with her. I am really glad I met her.
At the beginning, I was a little bit/afraid shy to talk in Chinese, but now I feel more confident talking to her in Chinese, as well to other Mainland Chinese e.g. her friends. I also remember, I speak Chinese very slow at the beginning, but Sabrina adjusted her Chinese speaking speed to same as mine (not everyone can do that!). After time passing, she increased the speed bit by bit. Now, when she is speaking to her friends, I do not think that she is speaking very fast any more, as I can understand! Wow!!! I really did a great progress!
She is not only a good Chinese teacher, but meanwhile she is also my friend supporting me for learning Chinese and for my life.

Recently, we had REAL Chinese lesson. Actually, the idea was to give us an opportunity to wear Qipao, as there are not enough possibilities to wear it. So why not wearing a Qipao and having Chinese lesson?

On these days, we were eye catchers, because we were definitely overdressed having lesson in a food court of a shopping mall. We are both such pretty ladies!! :P

Believe in tomorrow

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2011 / 06 / 08

I have never ever thought and wondering why all these bad things are happening to me. It is quite amazing though, because I saw a lot of people suffering from crisis, serious sickness and problems and most of them asking “Why? Why do all the things happen to me?” But I have never adapted this question to my own situation. I think there is not any right or wrong answer.

But I KNOW – Because of my health problem I have learnt to LIVE, I have learnt to APPRECIATE LIFE, I have learnt to be HAPPIER, I have learnt to be STRONG, I have learnt to GRAB CHANCES and opportunities, I have learnt to live for a DREAM, I have learnt to HOPE, I have learnt to live a life WITHOUT any REGRETS, I have learnt to ENJOY LIFE especially in a happy moment, because I never know when I am going to die. I may die one day from my health problem, or I may die during a car accident. I never know, but I KNOW: We are going to die anyway one day. Therefore there is even no rush to die. There will be always time for giving (myself) up. But there is ONLY ONE lifetime, when I can do my best, try my best and believe in tomorrow.

There is one song, I would like to share with you: “Magic Number” by Maaya Sakamoto. This is also the opening song of the anime “Kobato” by Clamp. It is about to believe in tomorrow no matter how often we fail and be hurt. If we believe in tomorrow, one day our wish will come true. Just we need to be strong and patient. I agree! Totally agree! This song gives me a lot of power.

If a fairy asked me to reset my life, I would not even waste five seconds to reject her offer. If I did restart my life, I would miss all the experience I gained in these years, happy and unhappy ones, good and bad ones. To be honest, I do not want to miss them! I am so glad about my rich experience and all the people and friends I met during my adventure called life, which is similar to a roller coaster. Because of all these, I am who I am. Frankly speaking, I like myself now.
Just small things or just few seconds, can create big changes in life, can have a huge influence of the following moments of life. So, if I reset my life, I would definitely have a totally new life. And neither the fairy nor I would know whether the new life would be “better”. I am pretty sure I am going to have different challenges and difficulties, which I need to manage.

No matter what, I should not forget life is reality and a huge challenge. Particular this makes life so interesting!

123! Now I open my arms and gather the light to my body
Show me what I can do
With so much pain, I ran as fast as I could
I fell down many times and cried but still
It’s amazing how much I believe in tomorrow

Letter to my stomach

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2011 / 06 / 02

你好我的肚子 ,
你好吗 …? …对不起问你, 我已经知道了. 你不好了, 对不对?
虽然我给你好吃的东西, 虽然我们好玩  但是为什么你的心情最近那么不好  ?
你是不是不满意? 如果有不满意的事, 请告诉我 .
我想帮你, 真的 , 请让我帮你.
你和我 ,我们都开心就是最好的.
情快要好起来了, 我们打算一起参加划龙舟的比赛!
你记得吗 ?
Dear my stomach,
How are you…? Oh yes, I am sorry to ask you. Actually I know you are not good at the moment. Right? Altough I always give you nice food and although we have nice time together, how come you are in that bad mood?
Are you unsatisfied? If yes, please let me know.
I would like to help you, really, let me help you, please.
You and me, we, all in good mood, this would be the best.
Please recover soon, because we are planning to take part at the dragon boat races.
Do you remember?

Hallo mein Magen,
Wie geht es Dir…? Oh ja, entschuldigung, dass ich frage. Ich weiss, dass es Dir zur Zeit nicht gut geht, richtig? Obwohl ich Dir immer leckeres Essen gebe und obwohl wir immer eine schoene Zeit verbringen, wie kommt es dann, dass Du so schlecht gelaunt bist?
Bist Du unzufrieden? Wenn ja, dann lass es mich doch bitte wissen.
Ich moechte Dir gerne helfen, wirklich, lass mich doch bitte helfen.
Du und ich, wir, in guter Stimmung, das ist das beste!
Werde bitte bald gesund, denn wir planen zusammen am Drachenbootrennen teilzunehmen.
Erinnerst Du Dich noch?

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