Effect of TCM – Part I

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2011 / 04 / 29

When I started my traditional Chinese Medicine treatment beginning of April I had not aware of it that I might struggle and suffer from mental confusion and physically pain. I was not even thinking about that TCM might have some great effect on my daily life.  Actually I was totally wrong.

The Chinese doctor found out that my body is too weak (low blood pressure), cramped and its ying and yang is unbalanced; therefore my body does not function well. I was not that surprised about her findings. Beside my previous TCM doctor told me similar things before, I also know that my body is not in “good” condition. So treatment should concentrate to “relax” my body in order to improve my blood and water circulation in my body.

Soon after I was drinking the Chinese herbal medicine, I lost my appetite in the evening, but instead I was suffering from stomachache in the evening. Therefore I could not sleep well. My doctor explained that the medicine is helping me to “control” my appetite, as according to her I am (a bit) overweight. Actually I was very shocked. I wished she told me before, so I would not be worried about what’s wrong with me. But honestly speaking, after few days I felt starting better not to eat too much in the evening, in order to have a good sleep. I used to eat a lot for dinner, but then the stomach was working during sleeping hours and not resting well, so in this way my sleeping quality had been also affected.

This TCM also helped me to decrease the itchiness of my skin problem, so it can be now slowly cured.

Around two weeks ago I unfortunately caught a cold (coughing, stomachache, earache, headache, loss of voice). The treatment “style” has been changed. From now on, my body needs to concentrate to improve not only my overall circulation, but also recover from my cold. That was a huge challenge for my body and me, it took all my energy. Every day and night I was in huge pain and extremely tired.

Yesterday I reached the point that I just want(ed) to give up, I just want(ed) to have a rest from all the pains, which I believe I could not stand any longer. I told about my real feelings to my Chinese doctor during my yesterday’s appointment. She reminds me that TCM takes time for any result and she also cheered me up, that I should be happy! Yes, I know indeed TCM takes time, but I just cannot stand the pain any more. I do not have power any more! My doctor shows acceptance from my feelings and kindly add “Do not worry to much! Happiness is very important for TCM, but sometimes…. You can cry if you want to… now.” I immediately started to cry, I am still not sure why I cried. After that I felt a little bit better.

She explained to me why I cried. According to TCM my body is too weak to cure two “problems” at the same time. It may use up all my energy. No energy results in crying. Therefore my treatment starting from yesterday it will be changed again. It will concentrate to add power into my body in order to be strong enough for further treatment in order to get a little bit more healthy.

I had an extremely good sleep after drinking the new Chinese herbal medicine, without pain or coughing – it is the first time since weeks! – , and today I feel quite ok. Now I know, I do not want to give up, I will keep on, because I believe in TCM and also in me! 加油 (Add oil!)! 加幸福*(Add happiness)! 加健康* (Add health)!

* These expressions do not exist in Chinese. Please do not learn. I am playing with words.

All-you-can-eat Dim Sum@W-Hotel

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2011 / 04 / 21

Originally I planned to go tomorrow morning to “Sing yin Cantonese Dining” at W hotel for breakfast with my girl friends. In frame of the promotion they are offering now a Dim Sum All you can eat breakfast for 175 HKD. I have heard that their Cantonese food is authentic and delicious! I was looking forward for such a long time already to Easter’s Friday!!! However, I am sick at the moment and I need to recover. Hope I can try it next time very soon!
You may think 175 HKD is expensive for just having breakfast, but it is not compared to our most expensive Dim Sum Dining few years ago. This is a really good deal. Few years ago we ordered more than 100 delicious dishes/baskets and we paid around 2500 HKD in total. At that time we are 4 girls and 1 man.

My friends and blog-readers, I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!

Nice lunch break

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2011 / 04 / 14

What a great weather! I have just come back from my sunny and relaxing lunch break with my friend Quyen on the top of the China Hong Kong City. Now I have been recharged for my further work in office. Today I have so many projects to finish! Add oil, Nobu!

Modern (!) TCM

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2011 / 04 / 08

TCM is the abbreviation for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe TCM can cure some “sickness”, especially if the sickness is caused by an unbalance of the hot and cold, the ying and yang in the body.

2-3 years ago I was suffering from pimples in my face. I took western medicine for some time, but it did not help at all. Therefore I went to see the traditional Chinese doctor; I wanted to give TCM a try. Actually I had nothing too loose.
The doctor gave me a lot of herbs for boiling the medicine and a lot of advice on my eating behavior. After 3 months strictly following his advice, my skin quality improved. It’s really amazing! Even now, I am still following his advice on my eating behavior in order to control my skin quality and it works! I believe this way is much healthier than eating chemicals and also more  long-lasting.

Last year the western style doctor helped me to cure my flu, but could not help me for getting back my voice. I lost my voice during the flu T__T. I went to see a traditional Chinese doctor. His clinic was close to office, so every day I went there in order to drink a whole bowl of freshly brewed hot bitter Chinese medicine. After around one week, I received back my voice! I was so happy that I organized a KTV party afterwards.

Now, since Tuesday I am attending the Chinese doctor again. She is a female TCM doctor. In order to make it convenient, she does not use fresh herbs as the other doctors I attend before. She is using powder herbs. Even TCM is using very modern technique now. I was so surprised and also a bit worried whether the effect of powder herbs will be the same as the fresh ones, but she confirmed that there is not any difference in the effect. Ok, let’s try!

The most important thing, while using TCM is:
“Believe in TCM, be happy, be healthy and relax!”- no matter traditional or modern TCM.

A May without Mayday is not (my) May!

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2011 / 04 / 07

Last year, I went to Mayday’s concert. It was my third DNA concert of Mayday, two times in the row I saw the same concert during the last 2 years. It seems Mayday were so busy to prepare the concerts and new songs, that they could not manage it to organize a new style concert. Therefore they also told last time, they will take a break of touring. So I never never expected, they are going to have concert this year!

On Monday my colleague even did not greet me, she just passed me the newspaper advertisement. Once I had a look on it, I was very happy! Mayday is indeed coming to Hong Kong in this May!!!! I was so happy that I straight run to my other colleague Micheal (he is a huge fan of Mayday) to tell him about the great news!

And this time, it will not be a DNA concert, but a new one, called “就是 (jiu shi)”. And it is HKG limited only.
I will definitely go!

五月天, 你们就是我的天使 給我快乐的天使 甚至我学会了唱(中文)歌!*
Mayday, you are my angels, those angels give me so much happiness to learn Chinese songs!

*Original songtext of “天使 (angel)” by Mayday has been changed.

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