Mission: Impossible

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2010 / 12 /13

Two of my friends asked me to help buying some computer stuff in Hong Kong. They informed me earlier that models they looking for are quite old. However, I strongly believed I can buy them somewhere in Hong Kong, some shop must still have them on stock. And I wanted to try my best to find them, because they are my friends.
After I went to more than 60 shops in 3 different computer centers, I have been forced to admit, it was not only an impossible mission, but also a disappointing one.

My own prisoner

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My own prisoner
by Nobu,  December 2010

The key lies just beside me, 
unable to take it,
to unlock the door.

Caught in the dark shadow,
in the small cage full of weakness,
“un-cofidence” and fear.

Grab the key, open the door,
feel the light and freedom!
Believe in yourself, in your confidence!

Go out and feel it – the light!
The light, which shows the way of your dream and life!

Damn, Nobu
Grap the chance!
Grap the hope!
Grap the key!
It’s just lying right beside you.

Sad happiness

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Sad happiness
by Nobu, Winter 2010

I should be very happy, but somehow I am very sad.
I should be able to laugh, but I am crying.
I should share my happiness, but at the moment I can share only my tears.

If I am only can share my sadness,
I must not force myself to be happy.
At the moment I cannot crontrol myself very well,
but to be honest, I do not want to be controlled by myself.
I want to be as I really feel now.
I do not force myself not to cry.

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