MAC battle

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2010 / 11 / 30

On a Saturday evening, my friend Tama, her friends Michael and his friend Hadrian, and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Langham Palace in Mong Kok. While the guys were talking about photography and business, I was talking with Tama about make-up. Recently I fell in love with the eyeliner of the M*A*C limited edition and shared my passion to her. It is so easy to apply this eyeliner! I have never thought it could be that smooth. It is not itchy at all, it is black with a bit glitter inside and it looks amazingly nice! Unfortunately most of the products of the limited edition have been sold out already, but I was thinking maybe I could still buy some in Mong Kok. Therefore I asked “Tama, do you know if there is any MAC shop here?” Before Tama even could open her mouth to answer me, Hadrian immediately answered “I know, I know!!! ” We all very surprised, first I was surprised that he seems to be listening our conversation and secondly I was surprised that he is familiar with make-up.
He continued with a very exciting voice – he might be very excited because we talk about his interests – “There is an Apple Shop, close to this shopping mall! Not far away from here! I can show you!! What do you need?”

*sigh* guys, ….

Busy with beeing “sick”

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2010 / 11 /26

After Okinawasick, I am now homesick.

I suddenly miss my home, family and friends in Germany so much, that I am now planning to go back for holiday. 

Hopefully I can get a reasonable flight back home!

Helpless English

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2010 / 11 / 05

For my Halloween costume I bought some false eyelashes. I felt very excited, but also nervous as I have never applied fals eyelashes on my eyelid by my own. Luckily on the back of the packaging there was an instruction, but…

… I did not understand what I should do. I was glad that there were some pictures, otherwise I would be totally helpless.  I am twondering wether I should get in contact with that company to offer them my help for translation.

Great end of our dragon boat season 2010

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2010 / 11 / 01

Probably everyone was expecting extremely bad weather on weekend two weeks ago (24th October 2010), because a huge typhoon was approaching Hong Kong. It was a big surprise that the typhoon did nearly 90 degrees turn on Thursday’s night towards to South China. No typhoon number 8 hit Hong Kong. Usually after typhoon rainy days follow. BUT weather of this weekend was surprisingly sunny and we did have gentle breeze.
And I was happy about it, because on Sunday our last dragon boat marathon race in this season had been not cancelled, it took place! We all practiced so much for this long distance race and it would be pity when the season just ends without anything.

Forming up two teams, we have entered two races: 12km race (mixed team) and 8km (corporate team)
Each race was splitted up in two rounds of each 6km or 4km. 4 team members needed to run to the boat for around 50m, while other 2 members were holding the other boat. On each boat/team were 10 paddlers and 1 steersman.

Although we practiced paddling long distance, I always felt paddling in those races quite tough because of the pressure. But this kind of pressure might be good as well, as long I will use it as a motivation power. During the last training sessions I often longed for water and break. I always felt relieved, when the coach shouted “Last 60 strokes!!!”, because then I know after those 60 strokes, I could drink and have a rest. I was worried about this due to race, but during the race my thought has been changed. I was just concentrate to stroke. I was thinking “Go, go, go! Power up!”

Due to every team member’s work, support, effort and power, we came 5th out of seven (1st round  27’19″83 ) (2nd round 27’58″23) for corporate team and 3rd in Silver cup ((1st round 43’08″62) (2nd round  42’28″93) for mixed team. Thank you to everybody! Thank you to CMK! Thank you to Mad Paddlers!

For more photos, please refer to my photo gallery.

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