Not homesick, but Okinawasick

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2010 / 10 / 20

Since 4th of October I am back in HKG from my long trip from Japan. I went to Okinawa and Tokyo. I am missing Okinawa’s food, nature, simple life and music. I miss my new and old friends. I had indeed a nice and memoriable trip. I will blog some more details later on.

During the trip, I have watched several sunsets. It is so beautiful. Looking at the sunset, I am aware of the end of day. Looking at the sun going down within several minutes, I am reviewing my activities on that day. Finally I also say good night to the sun.

Even though I am in HKG, I like to watch the sunset in Okinawa, especially on Taketomi Island via webcam. I am remembering what I have experienced in Okinawa. This photo is taken from the webcamsite today.

Good night Okinawa’s sun.
Good night Taketomi Island.
Good night Memories in Japan.

Life is going on in HKG.

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