Yearned for birthday dinner with Di

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2010/09/09  Here we goes: 2nd part of my birthday

At the end of the working day, my very good friend in Germany phoned me. He just came back from a not pleasant trip, but he told me in a funny way, so I was laughing a lot. Thank you for not forgetting my big day!

Thank you also to my mom and little brother, who rang me up and made me really happy!

Sharply at 6pm I finished work, changed my cloth and made me ready for THAT dinner at THAT location with my good friend. I DID know it will be a great gorgeous night, but I never expected that it would be THAT good.

Because of the rain, I grab a cab to the W-hotel, which is actually not that far away from our office. Once the cab arrived at the hotel, a very handsome blond hair guy in white trousers and blue-white-striped with a red umbrella opened the door (of the cab), greeted me “How are you doing?”  and helped me out of the cab. He accompanied me to the roofed area of the hotel. It took me a while until I realized that he is a hotel staff and he is “just” doing his job.

I have been welcomed by a big big W on the big wall in the hotel lobby. Decorations of the lobby were very simple with high ceiling and fresh nice air. Another young handsome Chinese man welcomed me at the lobby and accompanied me to the lift and to the restaurant, where a charming lady was waiting and asking me “Good evening, Miss. May I help you?” Everyone of the hotel staff were in good mood, were smiling and talked to the guests, which created a nice atmosphere.

While I was waiting for my friend, I was amazed by THE KITCHEN. All furniture looked simple, but elegant. Decorations were decent. Unfortunately that day the weather was rainy, so the sea view was not that good, but I assumed it must be great during sunny daytime. Meanwhile the waiter came over, introduced himself and he really cared about my well-being. I was reading a magazine published by W-Hotel (introducing W-Hotel of the entire world) and enjoying the silence although the restaurant had a lot of customers. None of them, split on the table, burp, shovel food into her/his mouth, run around or shout. I really did enjoy this silence, I was relaxing and for a moment I forgot that I am in Hong Kong.

Because of traffic jam, my friend was a little bit late. She wore a nice black dress and was even carrying the same hand bag as me, as I realized later on!

We started the dinner buffet. Amazing! All food looked a good AND tasted amazingly great! Salad, seafood, lamb, fish, sushi, ham, cake, cookies, ice cream, soup, vegetables, candies, nuts, bread, cheese and lots more– there was a huge range of food. All warm food has been freshly made, we were able to see how they cook. The atmosphere was very good, I had the feeling, as I entered not a buffet, but a big kitchen. The dishes and the decoration were a nice fusion of Chinese and European style.


Thank you to my great friend Di, who suggested to celebrate my birthday in THE KITCHEN, who joined me for the whole evening. It was very great fun, unique, nice, delicious, exotic birthday! Thank you!


Birthday surprise at office

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2010 / 09 / 09

Actually some of my colleague kept me asking whether I am on drugs. Well, I have been indeed injected – by the greatest pleasure I have nearly forgot that it DOES exist!!! o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o

After being happily on cloud nine, my big day has come. I have already woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning and started to think ( ̄~ ̄;)??about which make-up I should choose, which color of manicure suits most, which high heels I should wear, which bag looks great. Although I have decided everything already two days ago, I started to think over whether made decisions were all correct.

At office I have been surprised (O_O) by my colleague who prepared a gift for me: Camembert and pretzels. Recently I fell in love in this combination; it is so yummy to dip in the salty pretzels in a half melted mild camembert cheese. He even lighted up a candle for me! Now everyone knew that today is my birthday: While others started to look in their drawers what they can give, the others ran into the flower shop downstairs to buy a flower.

For lunch I have been invited for dim sum lunch at “Wedding Banquet Specialist 188” in Tsim Sha Tsui by my whole team. There my German colleague played piano for me. Since he could not play a birthday song, he played a Xmas song for me. What a great surprise! My team ordered a lot of dishes (as usual when we eat dim sum). I fell in love with one specific dish: Carrot & Egg Custard Bun. The custard is made of egg and lemon. Wow!! Dough of the bun is mixed with carrots (usually it is plain), which gave the custard an additional yummy taste! I recommend this dish to you!!! If you have the chance, please try it! (^__^)b

Herewith I would like to thank you all my colleagues and my team for a pleasant birthday during working hours!!! Thank you!!!

To be continued … I am still too excited. I need a break first before I can tell you what happened after work(o^-^o) ウヒッ.

PS Photos will be uploaded later.

Greatest pleasure

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2010 / 09 / 08

While I was living in Germany, I planned my gatherings well, always few weeks ahead. This way invited friends have enough time to plan and confirm their visit. The good thing is once they confirmed, they will seldom cancel.

When I came to Hong Kong, I was well organized as well. But I found out quickly: Even if I plan gatherings few weeks before, it will never happen according to my plan. That made me so crazy, disappointed and angry. I also did not understand how people can let me know suddenly 10 minutes before the gathering started that they could not make it any more and they would not join. This will never ever happen among my German friends in Germany…

However, during my stay in Hong Kong I have learnt to be flexible and spontaneous. It may happen that one evening I will receive a sms mentioned “We will go for KTV at 7pm! Please let me know asap!” or “Dinner in H.H. now?” I have already got to use to it, so I am not surprised any more at all. Usually I will go for those gatherings. Public transportation is really great here, so I can travel from A to B within 30 minutes.

Two weeks ago my friend enthused me about a great western buffet in THE KITCHEN of the W-hotel. We checked the website immediately. It looks so gorgeous! Just reading the menu, my mouth started watering! So I decided to celebrate my big day there with her! My friend advised me to book the table with sea view in advance(!). We have also agreed to wear nice dresses that night, so it would be a special night for both of us.ヾ(>▽<)ゞ ウレシイ♪

I was so extremely excited きゃっきゃo(^-^ )o( ^-^)oきゃっきゃthat I could not speak fluent English during the reservation call, I even forgot my birthday date! Once the reservation was confirmed, I bought a nice nice black dress for that night. The following week I was much more excited that I could not sleep at all. I was in very good mood: I was singing ♪♪♪during day-and night time, during working hours, yes, even during rowing training! I was laughing(^_^), smiling and giggling for nearly 24 hours! I was so happy.

Because of getting used to be spontaneous, I totally forgot this kind of feeling, this happiness, to look forward for something in the near future, o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o the greatest pleasure: Anticipation.

Frog’s attack

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2010 / 09 / 07

After work I went home straight. When I was going to open the wooden door, I heard a noise. This noise was definitely coming out from my flat. “zzz …zzz…zzz”. I was thinking what kind of noise it could be. May be the fridge? May be the TV? I did not know. “Never mind.” I thought, shrugged my shoulders, turned the key and finally opened the wooden door. “ZZZ … ZZZ…. ZZZ”  – much louder than before – sounded from every corner of my flat, I carefully turned on the light and \(>o<)/WAHHHHHHHHH?! I wanted to screamed, but I could not. I lost my voice. My flat was full of green frogs. “ZZZ … ZZZ…. ZZZ” I have never ever seen so many frogs at one time.
Yes, I like frogs. I even was thinking about to have a frog as pet before. But.. but .. but .. these are too much!
I could not…. I even did not think about to take a picture, but if I could, you would see the whole situation. Terrible!
Close to the desk lamp, hidden in the shadow,  I recognized a big, probably the biggest frog (may be a frog prince/king? – Nobu, no time to joke around now!!!!). Suddenly he looked at my eyes, jumped in my direction, and bared its teeth (frogs have teeth? I did not know!!!). Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, help! I
I was sweating, when I woke up. I opened my eyes, found out lying on my bed and looked around. No frogs. No real frogs. And no frogs with teeth. Only my frog toys. I breathed out, and felt happy when I realized that it was only a dream. I grabbed my alarm clock, only 4am. I am still very tired, I fell asleep again.
I could see how the big-teeth-baring- frog was approaching me. Once he landed at my shoulder, it bit my cheek. Its sharp teeth speared every layer of my skin. Warm blood came out from the wound and running down my cheek, mouth and neck. Although I pressed my lips together, I tasted my own blood. I smelt blood. Suddenly I felt an extremely huge pain, this frog just tore off a part of my cheek and split it onto the floor. Once my part of the cheek touched the floor, all the other frogs jumped towards on it, bit it, and ate it like hungry piranhas. After they finish this small part, it seems they has just got hungry and seeking for more. All frog eyes starred at me. “ZZZ..zzz…ZZZ” I could hear them, they came closer and closer. The last thing I saw was all the frogs, small ones, big ones, fat ones, was baring their teeth and jumped towards me. Then I lost conscience.
When I woke up, I was not bleeding any more, but sweating much more than before. My alarm clock tells me the time: 6am. I could not slept any more, because I was too scared of my beloved frogs would attack me again. Therefore I decided to have a rest in the living room first.
Although I woke up already, my cheeks were still painful. I touched my cheek. Everything is ok. I felt a bit released. Then suddenly I was able to hear “ZZZ….zzzz… zzz” . I stopped breathing. “Nobu, this is a dream only, wake up, WAKE up.” I was keep on saying to me. But how can I wake up, when I am already wake up? I could clearly hear a “ZZZ…zzz” from one corner and after a while “ZZZ …zzz” from the other corner. I felt scarred, but I could not help, so I decided to go towards the sound. This is definitely not the TV, it is also not the fridge. I was sitting there and listening( ・_・)hmmm. Suddenly I have realized that one “zzz..zzz” responds on the “zzz….zzzz”. Sigh… now I knew what kind of sound it is: two salamanders are probably flirting with each other…

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