4 weeks of darkness \(〇_o)/

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2010 / 08 / 30

End of July I had several short circuits in my little tiny flat. My bulbs got broken one by one. I still had one and I hoped deeply that this would survive until I can repair the other ceiling lights. One day I came back from home, pressed the switch and suddenly a lot of sparking light came out \(〇_o)/and finally my last bulb was now broken. I was standing hopeless in the darkness. It was the first midnight of August.

The next day, I immediately bought and changed new bulbs for my bedroom. At least I had some light in the bedroom. My biggest challenge was the bulb in the living room: My chair was not high enough, so I could not reach very well the ceiling light. Further on, only the glass part of the bulb could be taken out, while threads of the bulbs were still stacking in the ceiling light. They got rusty?! \(〇_o)/I was also a little bit afraid of the sparkling. That must be not safe.

My colleague & engineer Henry explained me because of the humidity there might be more short circuit and I need to be careful. He borrowed me two torches for the time being without light. He also gave me step by step instruction for safe bulb changing.

My other colleagues helped me to buy the correct energy saving bulbs in a proper shop for a fair price. My bulbs are not common size, so I could not get them in the supermarkets…

Friends Quyen and Theo have just moved to the district where I am living, so we tried to follow that instruction without success. We have found out that the thread got melt with the socket of the ceiling light?!.\(〇_o)/ They gave me the advice informing the landlord about my dark situation. And he should call the electrician.

Few days ago an electrician (?) carrying a big jusco plastic bag with all his tools came and helped me to change the bulbs. He was accompanied by his wife, which also entered my flat. She even was not assisting his husband. I did it!!! But she kept asking his husband in Putonghua, why I am not able to change the bulbs by myself. Argh!!!!!

However, after 30 minutes 4 bulbs in the living rooms have finally replaced successfully. Hurray, I have light now in my living room! It is much brighter then before. It is like daylight! d=(^o^)=b I love it!!!!

Herewith I would like to thank you also to Ben, Henry, John, T.Y., Theo and Quyen for their help, advice and support! Thank you!

Private photoshooting@office?!

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2010 / 08 / 10

I was enjoying my chamomile tea during a break from work in the pantry, when my colleague came in and discovered (°〇°;) おおっ?“Oh! You look like Miss Lipton!!! That would be a great photo! “ I was looking at him and I did not understand anything. He came back with a camera and explained “You are wearing yellow hair band and shirt, this is SO eye-catching. And SO matching!  It really fits to the tea? What are you drinking? I can see a yellow tea tag?! However, you are holding a yellow cup. A Lipton cup! Miss Lipton!” He was very excited and very happy.
Then I just realized that I was holding the Lipton promotion cup in my hand enjoying my tea (from TWININGS). Suddenly I felt like a promotion girl and started to pose. At the end we both had a lot of fun! o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o ウキョキョキョ

Well, this is my BEST shot:

(Now I feel like one of the candidates of the Germany’s Lipton’s next top model during judgement.)Mentioned slogan has been deduced from the original Lipton’s slogan “Direct from the tea garden to the tea cup.”

Protected: 4th anniversary in HKG: “As long as you breathe, you will not die.”

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