“Are you ok?”

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2010 / 07 / 20

My colleague has not talked to me for 4 days. Whenever I asked him a question or informed him about the status of the project, he just knocked his head or (dis)agreed with few words without any emotions. It seems he even did not talk to his colleagues so much recently. It is so unlike him! He likes to talk and to joke around, so I got worried. “ I’m worried, you did not talk and you did not smile recently. Are you ok? Do you have problems?” He shook his head and pushed me back to my seat. I thought he might have some private problems, which he could not talk about.

Then we had annual dinner. He was sitting on his seat like a lonely sad man. I did not asked again but tried to do some small talk about the food and the atmosphere. He only answered with his head without any smile. The next day his mood turned worst. I asked him “Don’t you feel well?” After a while I add “I am really worried about you! I am pretty sure, our team member as well. Is there anything we can do for you, please let me or us know!” He shook his head again and tried to talk, but it seems very difficult. His voice was deep and dried. He sounded like an old witch living in the jungle and planning something bad. He finally pressed few words from his mouth “ I bite my tongue! Cannot talk.Very painful.” I looked at him and asked to make sure “You did bite your tongue and cannot talk for 4 days?!”  He knocked his head. I tried to be serious, but I could not hold myself and started to laugh loudly (≧∇≦)ぶぁっはっはっ!!. One the one hand I was released that nothing else except this happened to him on the other hand I could not believe THAT happened to him FOR 4 DAYS. Unfortunately I made other colleagues also laugh because I was laughing. It was not very funny for my tong-hurted colleague. He got so mad that he did not talk with meT__T. At least I did know now why is not talking now. Sorry, J. (。_。;) ゴメンネ

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