Nodame Cantabile Paradise II

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2010 / 04 / 29

Probably whole Hong Kong was in Nodame Cantabile fever in March: we had classic concerts playing soundtrack of this j-doroma including piano pieces played by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) and also western pianists. Those pieces had been played by Chiaki or Nodame in the dorama before. There were a lot of advertisements on buses, in local newspapers, big posters at bus stations – just in order to promote Nodame Cantabile.
Honestly I did not know that Nodame Cantabile is SO popular in Hong Kong as well.
However, I was happy meeting Nodame and Chiaki, no matter where I was in Hong Kong. I really love this dorama, it makes me so happy, smiling and laughing! Really, I can recommend this dorama to you!

Beside the airport-event, there was another big event: Nodame Cantabile (original tone with subtitels) Movie in Hong Kong Cinema. \(^O^)/ YEAH! I did not think that long, I bought ticket immediately and went by myself to the cinema in Whampoa Garden. I felt happy and my heart was jumping as I had been fault in love o(^^o) (o^^o) (o^^)o . WOW ! I could meet Nodame and Chiaki at the BIG screen! Somehow I was so happy and so excited that I missed out one detail, so after the movie my mood turned 180 degrees and I got disappointed. I was expecting a great great end (a happy end for Nodame) but I found out that the movie has been splitted up into two parts!!! (T__T)Ah!!!!!!!! I have to wait until part 2 will be released in HKG!!!!!!!! I even did not realize that there is second part, when I was watching at the trailer …. 。・°°・(;>_<;)・°°・。

公司周年晚会其它的比赛 Further games on annual dinner

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2010 / 04 / 22

除了服装的比赛以外, 也有其它的, 一个游戏是喝啤酒的比赛, 另外一个游戏是猜画的比赛, 还有麻将的比赛.
Beside the costume competition, we also had beer drinking competition, guess-photo-competition, further on Mahjong competition.

很多同事参加了. 我们有二十五个组, 每个组里有三位.
A lot of colleagues took part. We are 25 groups in total. Each group has 3 people.



我的组败局了每个比赛但是我觉得没关系,  因为很好玩 !
Our group lost all games, but I think it does not matter, because it was great fun!

公司周年晚会服装的比赛 Costume competition on annual dinner

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2010 / 04 / 16

下个月下班以后  , 在香港赛马会有我们公司的周年晚会.
Last month after work, we had annual dinner in the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

每年晚会的时候, 我们都应该穿特别的衣服.
Every year during annual dinner, we all should wear special clothes.
前年的主题是黑色  , 红色或者金的衣服.
Two years ago the topic was wearing black, red or golden coloured cloth.
Topic of last year was the topic green coloured cloth.
我觉得今年的主题是特别的. 我们衣服应该是闪亮和耀眼的.
I think this year’s topic was special. We should wear shiny and blinking cloth.
I wore black and green coloured cloth in Vietnamese and Chinese style.
It was shining.
Besides I wore a long-hair-wig and big green blinking glasses.
两年前我在越南买的这件衣服, 我没有机会穿它, 因为是很特别的.
I bought this dress two years ago in Vietnam, but I have not had the chance yet wearing it, because it is very special.
今年的晚会是第一次有机会穿, 所以我非常高兴.
This year’s annual dinner was the first chance to wear it, so I am very happy.

有的同事穿耀眼的衣服, 还有其他的同事戴面具.
Some of our colleagues wore shining clothes, others wore masks.
大部分的同事努力穿漂亮的服装, 因为有一个服装的比赛  .
Most of the colleagues made a lot of effort to wear beautiful clothes, because there was a costume competition.
The person with the great costume can win a cash prize.
我没赢, 但是我觉得没关系,  因为很好玩 !
I lost, but I think it does not matter, because it was great fun!

A lot of people thought that my new hair style is real.
他们问我在哪里加长的头发. 我回答  “这是我的秘密!”
They asked me where I did a hair extension. I answered “This is my secret.”
有的人问我 “加长头发多少钱?”
Some asked me “How much was the hair extension?”
我回答 “只七十九港币.” 的时候, 他们很惊奇 , 因为很便宜.
When I answered “Only 79 HKG dollar.”, they were surprised, because it is so cheap.
They did not know that my long hair is not real.
Even my boss and company director could not recognize who I am.

我的朋友看了公司周年晚会的照片以后, 她告诉我, 我长得像卫兰. 你同意吗?
My friend, who took a look at the photos of the annual dinner, told me that I look like Wei Lan (Janice Vidal). Do you agree?

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