A “beautiful” day …

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My friend from China called Tim was visiting Hong Kong last weekend, so I accompanied him to Ocean Park, which is a popular destination for tourists and a great amusement park combined a zoo and riding attractions.

Tim has already pre-booked tickets in China. I was very surprised (°o°;;) ナント! that after discount tickets only costs 150 RMB (=175HKD), original entrance fee is 250 HKD in Hong Kong!! Thank you, Tim!

We always speak Chinglish, a mix of English and Chinese. It is a great exercise for both of us, he can improve his English and I can improve my Mandarin.

While Tim was trying to find the tour guide, who will issue us the tickets, I was waiting at the entrance. A lady with her daughter was sitting at the entrance. A small yellow and red sticker named with a travel agent in China was labeled on her shirt; she probably joined a tour to come to Ocean Park. Well, I assume the lady observed Tim and me for a while. After Tim left in order to find the tour guide, she talked to me “Ey, 朋友,你很漂亮! [Ey, friend, you are beautiful!]“ I was surprised and answered “我的朋友你很漂亮吗?  [Is my friend beautiful?]” When the lady rose up her voice and used her hands to express her feelings, I recognized that I misunderstood her. She said, it sounds a little bit angry, but she was not angry at all “不是! 他不漂亮!! 是朋友!! 你很漂亮!!! [No, he is not beautiful! YOU are beautiful!]” First I thanked her (*^.^*)エヘッ
, but then I remembered and said with a big smile in my face “哪里哪里! [Not at all!]” The lady and the daughter were laughing. Tim rushed back and asked me “Any problems?” I could not answer clearly, I just smiled to Tim, to the lady and the daughter. (^ー^* ) フフフフ

We received tickets from the tour guide and explored Ocean Park, mainly the riding attractions. Later on we went to a German pub “Schnurrbart” in Lan Kwai Fong. In total it was nice day!.. and a beautiful day *ggg*

Tim, hopefully you have enjoyed your stay in Hong Kong!

PS. In this context 朋友 is used as a greeting to an unknown person. It does not mean “friend” (orginal meaning).

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Nodame Cantabile Paradise I

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Yes, yes, yes, YES!! I need to confess my love to Nodame Cantabile! I love the whole drama-it’s hillearious! ρ( ^o^)b It is like a cocktail made love, friendship, realizing dreams, music, spiced with a lot of fun,  unique camera taking and at the top nice actors and actress! All characters are nice!  When I finished this glass full of joy, I will pour new Nodame-Cantabile-cocktail in! Although I saw this drama already more than 6 times in a row, I am still thirsty! I can highly recommend this dorama to you! For review, please refer to here.

Nodame and Chiaki is my favorite pairing ever since Hachi and Nobu (from NANA)!ρ( ^o^)b

So, you can imagine how fast my heart was beating o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o, when I saw girls and boys holding signs written  Nodame alias Ueno Juli and Chiaki alias Tamaki Hiroshi  on them randomly on the 27th of Feb 2010 at HKIA. 

“Are they coming to HKG TODAY? Really? It is not true? Or, or? “ It cannot be true! But yes, yes, yes, YES!. It is true. I DID know that Tamaki san is coming to HKG since he will have a concert end of March, but I did not know that he has been accompanied by Juli san. They are really coming!♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪
 I was at the airport picking up a friend, Proto. Fortunately his flight has delayed, so I decided to wait for Juli san and Tamaki sam while I was holding my camera. I felt exciting I can meet them in reality. And then THE moment came, \(^o^))/…\((^0^)/ Juli san and Takami san came out, wearing casual clothes:
Right after they have been surrounded by many many fans soon.

After they left, I went back to the terminal (my heart was still beating), where my friend suppose to come out. After a while, young girls around me started to cry, scream and run towards to a young man covered by a mask and wearing sun glass and hat. They asked him to sign and took a lot of pictures of him. Well, I found out that he is a famous person in HKG, but I cannot regnize him at all, and you?

I am wondering why he has hidden hisself that much. He looks so unnatural. Compared to Juli san and Tamaki san…

Finally Proto came out! Welcome to HKG! And also thank you, because of you I had nice experience at HKIA!

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