Nodame Cantabile (Live Action)

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Nobu recommended this Live Action series to me – and I love it! ^__^

I wonder…
– Episode 4: What is Nobu’s Froggy doing in Chiaki’s concert?
– Episode 5: Chiaki is speaking German?

Another new year II

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After I felt unhappy for a while, I feel very excited! I am motivated and looking forward to my 3rd New Year Eve this year >__<

Diseaster at the bank

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After having Lisa/pizza/visa diseaster on phone or the ATM accident few years ago,today I had a further interesting phone.

This time I (N) called the bank, a yound lady(B) picked up the phone:

B: Bank xx xxxxx, may I help you?
N: Hello, yes. May I know when you close today?
B: Close? What do you want to close?
N: … Am I calling the bank branch or a service line?
B: We are Bank xx xxxxx, xxxxxx branch.
N: Ok. Thank you. May I know your opening hours, please?
B: Opening HOURS?!
N: Yes… when do you open the bank?
B: Ah, you would like to open an account!!
N: No! When do you start work and when do you stop work?
B: One moment, please.

After a while listening to music, another lady (A) picked up the phone. According to her pronounciation, her English sounds better. So I was optimistic that this conversation would be more helpful.

A: Bank xx xxxxx, may I help you?
N: Hello, yes. May I know when is your opening hours?
A: Opening HOURS?
N: Yes, when do you open and ..
A interrupted me immediately.
A: 9am
I was trying to finish my sentence.
N: .. and when do you close?
A answered immediately again.
N: ….
It seems A would like to emphasize and summarize our conversation, so her conclusion was:
A: We open at 9am and close at 5pm.
N: Thank you.
A: What kind of service would like to use?
I stopped making full sentence and answered simply
N: Billpayment in cash.
A: Then please come back tomorrow!

Those kind of conversation happens often actually.
If I talk/write about, it might be funny. But we should remember, if that language is not your native language, we always face this conflict. Considering this point, I need to study Chineser very well, in order to avoid such a diseaster.

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