The book 2010

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Dear Friends and Blog Readers,

My book of 2009 mentions a lot of happiness, but also sadness, as well as thoughts about myself, my new dream and my life.

Last year I quoted Edith Lovejoy Pierce, because I liked her phrase lot. Now I disagree her. According to her phrase, it sounds like every year a new book will be opened.
Well, 2010 I will not open a new book, I will continue my book of 2009 and extend it for 2010, because although this year was more a thoughtful year for me, it was not useless. 2010 will happen because of 2009. Therefore beside of “opportunity”, I would like to add “dream”, ‘”trust” and “challenge”.

I am living because of my dreams, which will encourage and me give me a lot of strength. But realizing my own dream is not easy, so I need to challenge myself and snap opportunity. The coming year I also need to learn to trust myself more, because I CAN do it!

What would you like add beside “opportunity”?

Let’s fill the blank pages and create a great 2010!

My best new year wishes

P.S. Since I am homesick to CN, I am going to Zhaoqing during NY. After my return I will tell you more about my trips! Please take care!

At Santa Clause’s home

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Firstly I would like to appologize that I could not keep doing the advent calender. Last weeks I got busy with work and also private life. I am now looking forward to the holiday and can’t wait until tmr. I will go to Wuyi for Hotspring in China. I really need a off-time!

My friends and blog readers, I wish you all nice and relaxing holiday, as well as Merry X’mas!

           Please take care and see/read/talk to you very soon!


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When I was eating dinner with my friend Quyen, I saw a lady with blond hair. She was sitting desperate in front of a bowl of noodles, holding a spoon and chopsticks in her hand.

This scene remembered me to my bro and mine childhood: My mom taught us how to eat with fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks. My bro and I grew up with them. When we are kids, my mom even went with us to an Indian restaurant, so we also learnt how to eat with our hand. I am very glad that my mom taught us so many things while we are kids.

At the first beginning when my bro hold his first spoon in his small hands, he did not know how to use it. How can the food be delivered in this mouth by using this new tool in his right hand? My brother was wondering, but he was not desperate, because he DID knew the answer. While he was holding the spoon in his hand, he dipped his face into the food and grabbed it with his mouth.

I guess the lady close to our table faced the same problem as my bro. “How can eat the noodles with a spoon and a stick?” The chopsticks provided by the food court need to be separated by end user, but I guess the lady did not know this.

Well, she was hungry and she found a solution:







PS Later on, she has been supplied by fork and knife after requesting.


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07 / 12 / 2009

This morning I read a happy news in THE STANDARD: “The Princess and the Frog”. No, this is not the story about my frog and me. This is the new Disney Movie, which will be released in HKG by mid of Feb. I am really really looking forward to it! (^o^) I will definitely watch this movie. If you want to join me, please let me know!

Moments with Mad Paddlers – Incredible Beautiful Night

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This year I also joined Mad Paddlers and we paddled from March to November. Every Wednesday evening we trained in Pak Sha Wan and every Sunday morning close to Sai Kung pier.
This is my second year for dragon boating. The first year was very tired and I was concentrating to coordinate my arms, legs, back and neck properly. At that time I also fight against fear of sharks…. So I could not enjoy view although I thought it should be beautiful.
This year my body got used to the movements, so it was a little bit easier. But still I need to concentrate.
Well, during one training session at the evening, I saw following great view:

A moon rise. I have never seen a moon rise before! Did you? Actually I did not even know that the moon is also rising! The moon was round (fullmoon) and it was shining in  orange! Oh no… the moon was burning! It looks like this moon came out of the water, hided between mountains before slowing going up to the dark night sky. The moon looked so handsome, incredible beautiful!!! Have you seen such a moon rise before?
During our training the moon rise and spent us some light for our training on the sea. The moon rise made me so happy and I was able to win new power for our tough training!

My Day – May Day

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03 / 12 / 2009

My friend Gloria recommended me  Mayday for learning and singing songs in Chinese after my request. (and I recommend to you, if you like Rock Music!) We bought together a CD last October. I do not understand all their songs, but some of them.

Mayday is a group of 5 men; they are friends from the beginning. They are singing, because they like it. This one I can feel when I am watching and listening them during their concert. They have their own style in singing and performing. I have found out that a lot of performers/singers in Hong Kong always wear extraordinary costumes. I am sometimes wondering whether the costume or their singing is the performance. I really do not like that style. But Mayday is different: Casual “costume”, simple songs, clear voice and a lot of fun.

When I am listening to their songs, I am remembering their live concert.

 “五*月*天! 五*月*天! 五*月*天!“ Girls are shouting in the Concert Hall in Hung Hom. I am one of the girls. Yes, I like the Taiwanese Rock Band 五月天 (Mayday). I have decided to go to their concert on 22nd May 2009. Since I bough the ticket 2 days before THAT day, there was no wonder, that I could only get the expensive ticket for 680HKD. When I was buying the ticket, I did not realize the real value of the ticket: My seat was REALLY close to the stage- close to Mayday. (At my first Maydays’ concert I could see Mayday only as an “ant’-size”.) This time I could even see their face and movements of the mouth! Wow! O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!!
During the concert I was standing, jumping, singing  ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b ♪~♪and clapping in my hands, shouting together with the other girls “回*来*了[Come back]!” and  “五*月*天!” after they finished one song.
I am able to sing few songs of them unless I have the song text. Luckily the song text had been shown on the huge screen display. But unfortunately I was sitting too close to the stage, so I could not see the screen very well . T_T, however  I think I could master it well.
Ashin was asking: “谁是从香港来的! [Who is coming from Hong Kong?] “ All fans (incl. me) stood up and shouted. It was amazingly great atmosphere!

In February of this year I went to (my first) Mayday’s concert in Macau. Also there Ashin was asking “谁是从香港来的! [Who is coming from Hong Kong?]  “ “我~[Me~]!” I shouted. I was looking around and had to recognize that I was the only one from Hong Kong in my row and also in my block…

I behave like every fan. I did not stick out … until I speak English “Excuse me, could you please help me to take a picture for me? Thanks.” The girls started to giggle and got suddenly very shy. They step one step backwards and tried to hide each other. Hey common, I am not an alien. Don’t be afraid of me! Some of them asked me to take picture with me together ….

At around midnight after the concert I walked (!) home, since the concert hall is so close to my home. Just 8 Minutes away! o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o I am so happy to be such close with MadDay!

Project: Advent Calender

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02 / 12 / 2009

Since I talked to my father, I have also just remembered this habit of the advent calendar, when I was living in Germany: Celebrating Christmas isn’t just about one day. It’s about 25 days! This calendar counts the days until Christmas. Every day one door/window of the calendar will be opened, and chocolate, pictures or another small happiness can be found behind. 
My mother used to prepare the advent calendar by herself for us. Although she prepared so many advent calendars for us – for my bro and me – year by year, I can only remember one advent calendar she made for us. I can remember that year very well. Every day each of us (my bro and me) got Duplo brick.  Later on we get some “mom”, “dad”, “son” and “daughter” Duplo-figures and also some Duplo- furniture. At the end it was a whole set of a Duplo Family with House! It was nice, because we can build up the house as we wish and place the furniture according to our phantasy. So sometimes when we played with Duplo, the children room was soooo huge. ^___^

Well, on my blog I do not have any advent calendar. What a pity! Therefore I got the idea to make my own countdown to Christmas. I will (try to) write every day until Christmas. Topic will be “Memories”.

This year will end soon and it is a great opportunity to think about the past (memories and events). It could be a happy, sad or thoughtful memory. Sometimes happening will be forgotten to fast! So let’s take time, go back to the past!
Every one is welcome to join me for this project!

1st Advent

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01/ 12 / 2009

“Today is the first advent!” My father told me on the phone… actually I totally forget that day IS the advent and I also totally forgot that this day EXISTS. Sad, isn’t it?

In Germany we have the habit to light a candle in a special made wreath containing in total 4 candles. When the first candle has been lighted up, my bro and me always know Christmas is coming in 4 weeks. Following week a second candle will be lighted up, and we know it is only 3 weeks until Christmas and so on.
Advents are the period before Christmas. It is like “preparing Christmas”.

The Advent is always a Sunday. When I was together with my family, we used to have tea time together with Christmas cake, cookies and tea. During that time we talked a lot. It is a family gathering.

I have just remembered these days, when I was talking to my father. The time when my mom, bro and me baking cookies together…

Here in Hong Kong I am not celebrating preparation of Christmas. I even do not celebrate Christmas since I am here. Why? From my point of view Christmas is a family celebration. Most of my friends are celebrating this day with their family. It makes me sad… that’s why I always try to “escape” Christmas by travelling.

Christmas 2006 I spent in Guillin and Yangshuo. I guess this was my biggest and also dangerous adventure trip to China with a friend called Kerstin I have ever done!!!
Christmas 2007 My friend D and I travelled to Vietnam. In Ho Chi Min we joined a incredible cheap local tour and had so much fun!! It was the first time I spent Christmas in a non-sleeve-shirt!
Christmas 2008 I went to Heyuan to a Hot Spring Resort. I was eaten by small fish, relaxed a lot and enjoyed a firework.

I have to correct myself, it is not an escape! Christmas is a day filled with joy and happiness, am I right? So what makes me happy beside food? Travelling! \(^o^)/

\(^o^)≪祝Happy first Advent to my German friends!祝≫(^o^)/

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