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27 / 11 /2009

Recently I read an interesting article in a Japanese bi-monthly magazine called “Concierge” about how Japanese living in HKG are thinking of HKG people or what Japanese people found out about HKG people and their habits. This article contains different topics like dining, business, life, friendship, relationship and wedding/funeral.
Reading this article I was aware of different cultures and habit. A HKG-habit might be impolite in Japan, but “normal” in HKG. Well, I would like to pick one point to share and discuss with you.

“Shells of shrimps, bones or similar will be put on the table.”

MY HKG EXPERIENCE: That’s true! HKG-people often put these just on the table; sometimes they even do not use their hands. When I first came to HKG, I was surprised (゜ロ゜) , when my colleague put a whole chicken wing into his mouth, separated meat and bone in his mouth and split out the bones only on the table! I tried to do it, but it is really difficult. I cannot turn a chicken wing in my mouth! Can you? Using fingers are much easier, but I have been told using fingers are too dirty…
I guess the reason why they put it on the table instead of plate is, because only eatable things can be put on plate.
I have also realized that HKG dishes contain much more bones than e.g. Japanese food. I guess this is because a) it is more delicious and b) the local knives can cut bones easily. So they do not bother themselves to take out the bones. I am used to eat dishes with fewer bones, so eating HKG dishes could sometimes really annoying me, since I need to be aware of bones every time (It is not relaxing at all!). Otherwise one day my teeth might break.
Some restaurants serve some small plate for everyone, where bones and shells can be collected.

MY CN EXPERIENCE: Nearly 10 years ago my parent gave me the great opportunity to take part at the exchange program in China. At the time I have experienced that bones and shells have been split UNDER the table. So you can imagine how my shoes look like after a meal! (^-^; ・・・・

MY JPN EXPERIENCE: In general Japanese food does not contain so many bones and shells as HKG dishes. Served food is ready and also easy to eat or easy to cut with chopsticks (e.g. Fish). We use chopsticks to separate meat from bones.
Shells or bones will be collected in a common bowl on the table or they will be left in one corner of your own plate. Chicken wings will be eaten by using chop sticks. If you cannot manage it, you can put down your chopsticks and use your fingers.

MY GE EXPERIENCE: Bones will be separated by fork and knife. As I can remember in Germany I seldom eat chicken wing (as a German dish). It was always a fillet. Shells or bones will be collected in a common bowl on the table or they will be left in one corner of your own plate.

What is your experience? What is the habit in your country?

Crazy Weather II

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Last week’s weather was really cold. The temperature suddenly drops down until 8 Celsius degrees. According to the news it was the coldes November since 10 years! When I was watching TV, I even could see the cold warning symbol! I needed a thick blanket and every evening I heated up a warming bottle. Otherwise it was too cold to sleep,because I was freezing {{(>__<) }}}.

Starting from this week the weather is “back to normal”. It is warm again and I do not need any jacket.

The weather is really crazy. I think one of the reason is also because of the air pollution occured by us,human beeing. I wish everyone take care of their environment and act environment-friendly.

Crazy Weather

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05 / 11 /2009

On Sunday I went to Sai Kung for dragon boat training. Our team was paddling under the sun! It was hot and sunny!
After training I was wearing a skirt and a shirt without sleeves!

When I was watching news on TV that night, I could not believe that in Beijing snow was falling so much and suddenly. Several flights need to be cancelled and delayed!

Beijing is in the north, but it is just few hours flight far away from Hong Kong and the weather is so much different.

These days weather in Hong Kong is much cooler. Temperature drops from 28 degrees to nearly 16 degrees! I am now wearing long trousers and pullovers made of wool! What a change! w(°o°)w 

If I consider the season, there is no wonder weather is cold because of winter.  It was already “strange” that this year’s hot weather continues until November.
I am really surprised about the sudden big weather change! It is also a little bit scary….

Dear friends and blog readers, please take care, eat a lot of Vitamin C and do not catch a cold!

Belated Happy Halloween!

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03 / 11 /2009

This year we have decided not to go Lan Kwai Fong to celebrate Halloween, because it is sooo crowded and more tiring than exciting evening. Instead we went to the German Beer Festival in Tsim Sha Tsui and KTV in Mong Kok.

First, we met in Central for preparing our costumes and make up. Cielita helped me to draw some eyes on my eye lids (like Nodame from Nodame Cantabile). I pretty like it. And you?    

 May I suggest you my scary friends of that night?  Pirate Sisi, Cielita Hood, Wolf-Pirate Tama, Gothic-Serenlita, Hungry Masked Lady June and Vamp Nobu.

Thank you to Jonathan (left) and Cielita, who helped us for the Make-up!

Frankly speaking the combination of Halloween and German Beer Festival is quite strange – esp. for German. But nobody cares, the most important thing was, that we have a lot of fun, even WITHOUT alcohol. That’s why I really like to go out with “my” girls. We laughed a lot, we scared each other\(〇_o)/, danced on bench and table (it is common to dance on the table on this Festival).

After the Beer Festival, nearly midnight, we are still a lot of power, so we went to Mong Kok for KTV. Mong Kok is a local area, with old building and a lot of locals – compared to e.g. TST or Central. Everyone was starring at us. It seems nobody is celebrating Halloween there, hehehe.  Honestly, have you ever seen a Robin Hoor, Pirate, Bloody Lady, Gothic Lolita and a Vamp in the KTV?

 We sang silly, funny, sad and romantic songs until 6am next morning. It does not matter if we can sing well or not. We just had a lot of fun together!  It was really great night with you girls!  !( ^^)/\(^^ )

What did you do at Halloween? Did you wear any costumes?

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