Heart beat per minute

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19 / 08  / 2009

I was testing a pulse watch at my desk: 53bpm (beat per minute).
After a call from a very good friend, my heart speeds up in pumping blood to the body. I COULD feel it. I felt sooooooooo happy and excited!
I measured my pulse again: 89 bpm!

U make my heart beating, darling!

PS. Later on the handsome guy with a cute smile pass me by, my pulse was only 70 bpm.

For sure it is mine…

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14 / 08 /2009

After work I was going to meet my friends. In the MTR I was typing and reading SMS.

 I am quite proud that meanwhile I can type a SMS fast and only use one hand. When I got my first mobile phones years ago, I need to hold the phone with one hand and with the other hand I pressed the buttons after searching for a certain while. I progressed a lot! Hehe. ( ̄ー ̄)v ブイ!

 Once I got out of the paid area, still writing SMS, a man suddenly grab my phone and was going to run away. He was very fast. I did not realize that he wanted to steal my phone; I could just realize that my phone was gone. My phone has a cute pink strap, which I also put around my wrist. He was pulling at the strap. It was so painful ☆⌒(>。≪)イタイ, that I just loose it. The mobile phone was dropping on the floor. The man was looking at me and I was looking at him.

I felt like in the Western Movie – a famous scene: Two cowboys are dueling. Who is faster? ( ・_<)┏━ バキューン     ~⊃
That moment I REALIZE my situation, I step one step forward, I knee down, grab my phone, pressed it with both hands to my chest (!) and shout at him “ITS MINE?!” (`Д´) ムキー!.. and he ran away finally.

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