Sleepless in Kowloon (2009)

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22 / 06 / 2009

Sleepless in Kowloon is a 2007~2009 Chinese scary tragedy written and directed by Mr. X. Based on a real story by Nobu, it stars herself and black beetles as black beetles. The film was inspired by the event happened always during summer time. The biggest event happened on End of May 2009.
The movie deals with the realtionship from Nobu and Black Beetles.
Plot summary
Nobu, a girl, moves to Kowloon in Hong Kong summer 2006 to make a fresh start. During daytime she is a happy person, who likes to laugh and smile, but once the darkness starts she will turn to a totally opposite person, because she has a dark secret.
Every evening black beetle is creeping to Nobu’s Bed and knocking . Crying  Nobu always runs away and  the black beetle hides.
One day Sammy, Nobu’s flatmate, confronted her to kill this gentleman, black beetle or better say Crockroach …


For further infos for Mr. X, please refer to here.

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