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17/ 05 /2009

Every Sunday Morning (from March to October) I will got to Sai Kung for dragon boat training. Usually we = Mad Paddlers meet first in the sports stadium for warming up and go together to the pier
The weather is so nice, therefore the street is full of people, dogs and air mattresses.

Since this morning I was already late ギリギリ (;`ー´)o, I went directly to the pier, where I also did my warming up. I was looking around me. Ok nobody here! So I swung my arms around me.
Suddenly I hit somebody, I immediately said “Sorry” ( ̄ー ̄)ゞスマン. Then I turned my body and face, while I was continuing warming up my arms… Oh no! I immediately stop my warming up, put my legs together and bow and I said “I am really sorry!” m(T_T)m…. I hit a policeman.

Regrets, dreams and “17 again”

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25 / 05 /2009

A new movie called “17 again”‘s showing recently in the HKG cinemas. The movie is about Mike, who needs to make an important decision, which will influence his life forever.
Mike loves basketball and also Scarlett, his girlfriend.
His coach is convinced by his talent and that he can get the basketball scholarship. The basket ball star is eager to take the scholar ship since basketball is his dream. After he heard that Scarlett is pregnant, Mike decided to have a family with Scarlett, because he loves her so much.
20 years later, Mike is married with Scarlett, having an own house, two kids, regret no taking the basketball scholarship and also soon the divorce.
Mike gets the great chance to be 17 again by a kind of magic, in order to repeat his life. [Actually I thought he will go back to the past in order to remake his life, but he got 17 again in the present (!).] Attending the same school as his kids, he gets to know them and his wife better. He joined the basket ball team and gets another chance to get a basketball scholar ship. When he takes the scholar ship, he can remake his life, but without Scarlett….. At the end he chooses Scarlett, who has finally also recognized that this 17 year old guy is actually his husband. By a deep kiss Mike turns to his original age “Sorry, Scarlett, for the last 20 years. I just forgot how much I love you!.” No divorce. Happy End.

Well, remaking the own life can only be happen in the fantasy, but not in reality. Otherwise I guess life would be much easier.
I probably “realize” my only life in this period 7 years ago after a certain incident. Since that I would like to live a life without any regrets. Before I decide, I need to think about it deeply. To make a decision sometimes takes time, later on I cannot blame and do not want to blame somebody/myself. As Mike I should not forget the reason for my decision.

Up to now I do not want to be 17 or 24 again. [No need, since I still feel like I am 24, hehehehe.] My life is full of decisions, difficulties, but also dreams.  My life is full of thoughts, laugh, tears and actions. I will try to do my best in order keep this life without regrets (and accidents).

“Outbreak” w/o Dustin Hoffmann

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07/ 05 /2009

On last Thursday’s evening my friend K. and I have started our tip to Shanghai. While everyone was talking about the swine flu, all of us were thinking “Touch wood, no confirmed case in HKG.” But to be honest, this is just the matter of the time, we cannot run away and we also cannot avoid it. The only thing is to be good prepared.

During our wonderful stay, everyday the day has been covered by these news: H1N1 (but in Chinese).

On our flight back, we have been asked by the flight attendant to fill out the form where we have to mention our travel history of last 7 days as well as our recent health condition. This is the first time I have filled out the form and this was also the moment I have realized how serious the situation have been turned. Not only this. Even the temperature measurements has been stepped up. Really everyone needs to take off his hat. And we were not allowed to go through in bulk through the conrtrol. It seems that everyone needs to be seen clearly on the screen. Further on there are much more officer than usual – and all were wearing masks.

After I passed the passport control and picked up my luggage, an another officer with mask gave me an mask, another officer was distributing flyers with information about the swine flu.

Once I got into the departure terminal, I guess 90% of the people were wearing masks. This was a like a movie!!! I could not believe. But unfortunately this IS REALITY: The situation of swine flu IS INDEED VERY SERIOUS. It was a scaring view. I could not take a photo.

I am not used to it wearing a mask, so shortly after I was out of breathe and felt dizzy….

While my friend and I was in SH. SOMETHING has been happened. But what? We should know soon…

The next day my friend and me’s health condition turned worst. We got sick. We got a flu(?).

“On May 1, one case became the first confirmed case of swine flu in Hong Kong and also the first in Asia after being tested positive by the University of Hong Kong and the Department of Health of Hong Kong. The Mexican patient, who travelled with two companions from Mexico to Hong Kong with a stopover in Shanghai Pudong Airport, arrived in Hong Kong on April 30.” By Wikipedia, for more info, please refer to “The Standard”.

We got scared and decided to check with the doc, since we flew from HKG to SH Pudong Airport on April 30. Our doc mentioned that there is a low risk, that we get in contact with the mexican swine flu. But for precaution we need to stay at home and observe ourself.  My doc rang me up several times per day to see how I am. I packed my back pack, in case I need to go to hospital, I can go immediately…

I always see similar cases and situation on TV, as a movie e.g. Outbreak with Dustin Hoffmann. But this is reality. This is not controlled by a director planning a happy end…

So what can we do?  Please check the to do list by WHO.

UPDATE 2009-05-12
– Buttons of the elevator of our building will be disinfect every two hours
– Buttons of the ATM will be disinfected regularly.
– My friend and I am recovered

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