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“Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” is the new movie from Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki Hayao san. I like his old movies a lot, as Nausicaa or Laputa.

Anyway “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”is showing now on the cinema. Every morning when I am going to bus stop I see a big advertisement poster of this new movie and I have to smile, because actually I have already it on DVD. ( ・∇・)ウフフフ

Guess, what I am looking for…

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As I have mentioned I have been in Guangzhou during new year.  I was looking for CD in a CD-shop, but unfortunately I could not remember the singer’s name.  Well, in school I have learnt to describe things, if I do not know something. So I use this method to explain the shop assistant – she speaks only Putonghua – what I want. So I also do!

Can YOU guess, who I am looking for?

“我 找 一 张CD.
I am looking for a CD.
我忘了歌手的名字, 我忘了他的汉字.
I forgot the name of the singer, I forgot how to write his name.
但是我记得他是男人, 他是台湾人.
But I remember he is a man, he is Taiwanese.
His songs are in Putonghua.
他的名字有三个汉字. 一 个汉字是”绿”.
His name contains 3 Chinese Characters; one of them is “green”
My Friend told me his songs are good.”

The shop assistant did know immediately who I am looking for and offered me following CDs.  (-^〇^-) If you also want to know, please click here.


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Last year I visited the doc regularly and I found out that doc and also nurses like numbers and also negotiating. Btw I add a doc list on my page “sick“.
Well, we are in CN/HKG and we need to negotiate always on the market… but also when I am sick?

Is there anybody who has the same or similar experience? If yes, please let me know ur story!

Doc: Please describe me your pain.
Me: It is like if I have a lot of needles in my stomach.
Doc: I understand. Well, please describe your pain in numbers.
Me: It is like if I have 1000 needles in my stomach.
Doc: If we have range of 1 to 10, how big is your pain?
Me (thinking): What? Range of 1 to 10 is too much! In my hometown we have only a range of 1 to 3.
Me (after a while): 8

I had terrible pains in my stomach and I have been sent to the hospital immediately by taxi(!). In the first night I cannot stand any more for the pain and I finally reached the emergency button and pressed it. After a while a nurse came to me and asked.
Nurse: How big is your pain, between 1 to 20?
Me (thinking):  Range of 1 to 20? Are you kidding or what! Why you choose such a big range?
Me (after calculating): 18.9
Nurse: If it is 20, call me again – and she left me.
I was so shocked about the behavior and could not say anything. Well my pains turned to the worst pain I ever had, I was not able to press the button any more and actually I was happy when I lost my conscious after a while.

While I was walking, I unfortunately fractured my sesame bone of my left foot, which was painful. After several sessions of physio doc asked me.
Doc: What do you think, how many percent you have recovered?
Me (thinking): That means 100%… wow I have now a range of 100! Well, honestly I already got to used to it for selecting the range. This time I answered quickly.
Me: approx. 85%
Doc: I see.
After he checked me and observed me for several exercise with my left food, he looked at me very confidently.
Doc: Well, I think you have already recovered 89%, what do you think?
Me (thinking): What the hell should I think! This is not playing a game! But I answered
Me: Wow, I was very close to the 89%

Summer 2008 I fell down with my head on a rock and lost my conscious for a while.
Doc: This is very important, please think about. How many minutes did you lost your conscious?
Me ( was wondering): How can I remember? I lost my conscious and I did not check the time before and after my accident. That’s weird!

Happy Chinese

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At the moment I am happy.

During New Year I went with my friend to Guangzhou (China).

She is half Chinese and half German.

她说德文, 英文和粤语一点儿.
She speaks German, English and a little bit Cantonese.

I am half Japanese and half German.

我说德文, 英文,日文和普通话一点儿
I speak German, English, Japanese and a little bit Mandarin.

In Guangzhou I talked a lot in Mandarin.

服务员(中国人) 常常听的懂我说什么和我明白他们.
Sales assistant (Chinese) often understand me and I understand them.

Therefore I am happy.

I have heard the sales assistant talked to the other one, that my Chinese is not bad.

Therefore I am happy.

In HKG I seldom talk Mandarin, because the national language here is Cantonese.

我希望有更多勇气说普通话, 我想说普通话更多, 我要学习普通话更多!
I wish I have more courage to talk Mandarin, I would like to speak more Mandarin and I will study more Mandarin!

Thank you to my big sis and my friends, who always practice talking to me!

One day I would like to speak Mandarin fluently.

这是我的梦想. 可以一天成真 !
This is my dream! One day it comes true!

Happy new 2009!

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Dear Friends and Blog Readers,

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.(by Edith Lovejoy Pierce)

Let’s snatch at an opportunity and create a great 2009!

My best new years wishes


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