Rude Gentleman

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When I was waiting at the traffic light on the Nathan Road at around 2pm , I saw at the other side of the street a foreigner (male) quarrelling with a lot of women in mini skirts and “sexy” shirts. If you see this kind of scene, the situation is clear. These women are prostitutes or at least they charge you for any kind of fun. It was really amazing. One single man has been surrounded by so many ladies and they getting more and more. Wow, that man has a lot of choices…

The traffic light turned to green and I crossed the road. When I was passing this group, I have recognized that this foreigner was speaking German and he was not happy at all, but he was desperate. I could not just pass him, so I asked kindly in German “May I help? Did you get lost?” I did not know, what I can say, because actually I did not want get involved. The man said “Thanks God, you are speaking German. Do you speak German, well? I need your help. I need to go to xxx, but I do not know how. These ladies are following me to everywhere!” Well, I would say, he is a kind of getting lost…He was talking about the ladies like a terrible disease. While I was talking with him, more and more girls came. Damn from where are they coming from? I felt very uncomfortable.

“Such kind of things never happened before. I smiled to one of the ladies and now.. you see so many! What they want?” I was asking him “What do YOU want?” “Nothing, I only want to meet my friends! Can I join you? But how can I tell them? I cannot refuse them! That’s unpolite.” … oh he is a gentleman, but no need to be a gentleman now, man. * sigh * And somehow I did understand now why so many girls are around him. “Just ignore them. Don’t stop and start a conversation!” I advised him. “But I cannot. They are so nice!” the at least 40 years-old-man said. So I gave him a choice “If you want to stay here, stay here. If you want to join me, then come. I will go now.”

I left the group and the man followed me. The head of the ladies shouted something in Cantonese, which I did not understand, but I just said “No, Thank you”(ー_ー )ノ” パス, while the man was lying “I prefer going shopping with this girl!” … until to the end he was not able to refuse these ladies.

He is a tourist in HKG, never been in Asia. I advised him for next time, just to ignore them, never stop and start a conversation, when he is not interested in, he needs to be rude. He told me that he cannot be rude, because it is unpolite. * sigh *

After a while, the man looked back. He seems to be released, because no girls were behind him. He suddenly stopped “I need to go.” He said and disappeared….

I was standing in the middle of the Austin Road and (?_?)I was surprised. He did not say anything, even a thank you. At least he could learn something: To be rude

Lost in Hung Hom

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It was 4am in the morning. I was tired and sleepy.  (´~`)  My legs were almost too weak to hold me.
I was seeking for my bed. I was just happy to take a taxi home and the taxi driver drived me to the correct address. Even I was sleepy I was able to remember the pass number to open the gate of the building. “Just take the elevator and fall into bed.” I was thinking. I pressed the elevator button.I waited 3 minutes, 5 minutes and finally 11 minutes. Why is the elevator not coming? Therefore I looked on the video screen. “Oh no! The rubbish man is collecting the rubbish from each floor and is packing the elevator!!!’ So I have decided to take the stairs… I am living on the 15th floor.

First floor, second floor, third floor, … seventh floor! Nearly the half! Too exhausting..”No power!!!! One  step, one more step, Nobu, do not give up. Soon, very soon, after one more step and further step, you will reach your home!” へろ へろへろ~ (;@_@)ノ

Finally I could see a light. Yeah! My bed, I am comi… hmmm, no this is a MOON?! How come where is my apartment??? AH! I have suddenly remembered that HKG building usually have two kind of stairs, so I tried the other stairs. This is strange, here could stars be seen. This is the roof! This not where I am living! Is this really the 15th floor? yes it is.. but how come? (~ヘ~;) Maybe it is wrong description and am I an on the 16th floor? I went one floor down.. no this was the 14th floor. Damn how come.. maybe our appartment was illegal and has to be deconstructed? No way! Sammy(friend living together) would tell me this in advance! Oh Sammy! Oh yes I can call her… oh damn, when she is sleeping she always switch off her phone…what should I do? (?_?)(?_?)(?_?)

Ah~~~ I can’t find my home! (×_×;) シユン

Help me, somebody!

After I calm down and gave up, I have remembered that I am living actually on the 10th floor…. (PS I was not drunk.)

Dragon Boat 龙舟

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These days Dragon Boat Racing is a kind of traditional “activity” with a historical background. I am interested in such kind of sports and festivals!(。◕∀◕。)

The boat is called Dragon Boat, because its shape and its movements (sliding/flying over the sea) look like a dragon. Every boat has a tail, as well as a dragon head, the body has dragon pattern!

When the season is off, dragons  start the hibernation (ー_ー)…zzzZZZZZ and they will be buried into the ground. When the season is coming, they will be alive and wake up \(>◇<)/ ファァァ from the ground. They are ready for the competitions as well as the riders (=paddlers). Most of the paddlers start to train in early spring.

Starting from May to October there will be a lot of competitions, but I guess the biggest highlight and magnet for tourist is the Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Festival) on the Fifth moon of each year according to the Chinese Moon Calendar.

It seems there a lot of stories about the origin. I do not know which one is true, but I will tell you what I have heart. Over thousand years ago there was a very loyal servant “Qu Yuan” and an emperor, who trusted and relied totally on him. The other servants got jealous, so they spread out a rumor and told the emperor that this servant had imposed on him. Unfortunately this emperor believed in these rumors, the servant got very disappointed and committed suicide by jumping into the Mi Lo river. Towns’ people DID know that he was a very good and loyal servant and did not believe in the rumors. They beat drums to scare the fishes, threw dumplings into the water and drove the dragon-shaped-boats in order to keep away the fish from Qu Yuan’s dead body.

During the Tuen Ng Festival these dumplings Zongzi  粽子(sticky rice with meat and egg wrapped in bamboo leaves, soooooo yummy~) will be eaten! You should also try it!

The Dragon Boat Festival in 2009 will be on the 28th of May! Mark this in your calender! See you guys there! For details, please have a look at official page of DiscoverHongKong.

I am missing …

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I have never thought about.. but now it happens. I miss German gingerbread with chocolate, Domino-Steine and Xmas Cake “Stollen”. 。・°°・(*>_<*)・°°・。 エ~ン Any idea, where I can buy it in HKG?

Btw I have updated “My Schedule” and add a new page “Sick”.

Motivation-Deal: Mayday against Beyond

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Since I am learning Chinese since Jan. 2007 intensively, I have been gone through different (de)motivation stages. I am really happy and proud that I have not given up to now. As you can read in ChallengeMandarin I have few small success and results of my learning, which makes me smiling and happy!

Four weeks ago my teacher announced that we are going to go Karaoke and everyone needs to prepare at least one Chinese song. – “Never!Never!Never!” I thought. In fact I do not like singing at all. I DO go to KTV, because I like listening to my friends’ singing . … But on the other hand if I am able to sing at least one popular Chinese Song… that would be fun, isn’t it?
So last week I have started to think about what I can sing. I was looking for a song, easy for singing and to remember. Further on it should be popular (so I can find it everywhere on KTV!) and short.
Finally I have chosen two songs: 還是會寂寞by陳綺晶 [Cheer Chan](thanx to my flatmate!) and 天使 by五月天 [MayDay](thanx to Gloria!) … sigh.. I need to check the pinyin and meaning first….( -。-) =3 Oh gosh.. KTV in HKG will only shown the Traditional Characters, but I have only Simplified Characters on hand!  That means I have to check them as well… so much work to do…for just a 4 minutes moment..

Few days ago I met Quyen’s friend Kun. He likes singing. (^O^)♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ He sings well. “Nobu, if you sing this song, I will sing a lot of songs for you, which you can choose!.” Really???? “Wow, yes, please sing for me Beyond, I love this band! Do you also sing Hacken Lee?” “Yes.” Wow! ヽ(*^。^*)ノ That’s a great deal!
Ok, I know what to do!

Let’s take the dictionary and check the words and writing!
Grap the microphone and sing!
Here we go, o(^_^)○ イケー I have 9 days left!

Modern Toilet

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Last weekend Quyen has asked me “Nobu, we are going to go to the Modern Toilet! Would you like to join us?” I answered “Yes!” and o(^-^)oワクワク felt very excited.
Since I red an article in a magazine about the Modern Toilet, I was very interested in to check this place out.

Are you wondering what Modern Toilet is? Well, this is a location, where you should go with friends and bring a lot of time with you!
Modern Toilet is a restaurant, which interior looks like a big bathroom with toilet seats instead of chairs. (」゜ロ゜)」 ナント Food, dessert and drinks will be served in small shaped toilet bowls (western/asian style), urinal bowl, bathroom tubs or sinks. The idea and the ordinary concept of Modern Toilet combine 2 things together, what we need in our every day life: Food and Toilet. But since we know food we are eating will be digested and finally ends up in the toilet, it may be a strange combination to sit and gather with your friends in/on Modern Toilet. [I was quite surprised that the waitress gave me real tissue paper, instead of toilet paper, although in HKG is so common to use toilet paper as tissue paper.]

I have ordered the Korean Food, which has been served in the small shaped western style toilet bowl. The bowl looks only big, but the amount of the food is small. The bowl on the table was nearly in front of my mouth. If I need to, I was able to throw up in the bowl… well, this feeling does not make me happy at all to eat. But I eat it… actually it is not tasty at all.

Modern Toilet is not only famous for the extra ordinary interior, but also for their Taiwanese dessert, which will be severed additionally in turd (=shit) shape, which I have not tried this time, but may be next time.

If you want to experience an extra ordinary dinner/lunch/tea time, you and your friends should go >> Modern Toilet << at least once. You cannot share your toilet secrets with your friend every day! (^~^;)ゞ イヤァ~ It is recommendable to bring a lot of time, since so many people are waiting for a table (esp. Sat night), enjoy the atmosphere, talk about bullshit, try the dessert, take a lot of pictures!

Thank you so much!

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First of all, I would like to thank a good friend of mine, Echizen, for his technical support and effort for this page! Thank you for saving and maintain my web blog.

Summer 2006 he suggested to start writing a blog (Good idea to keep my friends update) and helps me really a lot to built this page. When I have some problems, he explains me patiently in details… which is sometimes not that easy…

Thank you, Echizen

PS. Btw I have a question >.<

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