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My mood recently: T_T

My Baby

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Sometimes unknown ppl know what is better for me even they do not the real situation. Even I know that they do not act by bad purpose, I always feel upset or strange.

CASE 1: One day after the BBQ with my friends we took the MTR to home. Suddenly one Not-English-Lady pulled my hand and said sth which I do not understand. I was wondering what she said and just followed her… until I got it! She was offering me a seat for pregnant women! “No I am ok, I will stand.” I answered, but the lady insisted that I take the seat because of the (non existing)baby. My friends laughed at me..

CASE 2: When I was looking for clothes, a woman told me “Excuse me, this is young fashion. This department, I will show you, suits more to you!” I went her together with her to the maternity department…

CASE 3: PCCW came last night at 11pm and offered me their service (internet, TV) for only 246 HKD. “Best Price” he said. And I answered “For sure, this is your best price! You colleague offered me last week at 10:30PM(!!!) another low price!” That short guy did not care what I am saying and continued “You can choose now 2 channels for free! I think for you is best BABY TV”.”No, thank you. I am not interested in and closed the door!”

Asian Girls are soo thin, that ppl cannot imagine any more that also fat ppl are existing. In fact I am thinking I am not fat! But I am also not pregnant!

Lip Gloss

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Seldom I use lip gloss. I prefer to use lip stick with color. But well, yesterday I thought I may use it and give lip gloss a chance in order to make my face a little bit shiny, since I am looking like a small ghost.

I bought a red one with strawberry taste, brand:OM. This is one of the brand I do not have the allergy. After I put it on my lips carefully, I have recognized that it is quite sticky. It is a strange feeling …, but may be normal and I need to get to use it.

I went out. The sun was shining brightly and I was smiling. I have not been out like this for long time. (my left foot is fractured and I am trying to reduce walking as much as possible) . My lips was shining (I am sure!) and suddenly…. an insect sticked on my lips and got caught by it! …

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