Typhoon Signal No 8

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When I woke up this morning, no window glass was broken and our flat has been not collapsed. I felt really released.

There is one more good thing: THIS flat is waterproof, so this time no water was coming from the wall, as well as from the ceiling. This time it was not necessary to go to the roof and scoop water.

I looked outside it is still dark, windy and rainy. I switched on the TV, then I knew: Typhoon Signal No 8 + red rain.

This morning I went to the doctor. Less ppl are on the street, part of the trees are lying on the street. This scenery I have seen often on TV… It is scary.. even I know THIS kind of situation is normal in HKG…

Trees are bending by the wind.

Poster are broken by the typhoon.

Broken umbrellas are lying on the street. More broken umbrellas can be seen here

This rubbish bin has been survived the typhoon, since it has been fixed by rope to the street light yesterday.

Bus station sign has been knocked over. Hopefully nobody has been hurt.

More photos

Waiting for Typhoone Signal No.8

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When I arrived at home last night, I switched on the TV. Typhoon was coming towards to Hong Kong and the TS No. 8 will be issued before 11pm.

I opened the window in order to have some fresh air. Our bathroom turned into a natural air conditioner. I heard the wind passing us. It was a kind of weird. 2 hours ago until Typhoon Signal No. 8. I was doing my Chinese homework while I was listening to the “Typhoon Special”. Frankly speaking I could not concentrate to my homework.

Approximately 10:45pm Typhoon Signal No.8 has been announced. TV showed scenery in TST, as well as the Victoria Habour. Before we went asleep we closed almost all windows. Later on heavy rain had been started. I could not sleep. The rain was “jumping” to my windows and the wind was loud. Even I closed the windows in my room; I felt the wind coming through every small whole. I was thinking if our flat is stable enough….

Taiphoon Signal No.3

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If I am working in the building, facing the white wall, I really do not know the weather outside.

My colleague asked me to go home and I was wondering why. I got a strange feeling and just checked the weather by HKG Observatory.


Tropical Cyclone Bulletin

Here is the latest Tropical Cyclone Bulletin issued by the
Hong Kong Observatory.

The Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 is in force.

This means that winds with mean speeds of 41 to 62
kilometres per hour are expected.

At 8 p.m., Severe Tropical Storm Fengshen was estimated to
be about 140 kilometres south-southeast of Hong Kong (near
21.2 degrees north 114.9 degrees east) and is forecast to
move north or north-northwest at about 16 kilometres per
hour in the general direction of the Pearl River Estuary.


2 years ago I went the supermarket in T3 and I got scared a little bit scared. I felt a little bit like Marilyn Monroe, because my skirt was waving up and also felt like a robot, which has been not oiled for long time. It was quite difficult to go forward …

Heavy Rain is also expected and I do not have an umbrella-it may useless in this wind. However  guys, I will go home now. Take care and see you tomorrow!

Putonghua at the hospital

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Yesterday I went to specialized doctor. When I arrived there, I recognized that she does not speak English, only Cantonese and Putonghua. (;_______;) In my opinion it was quite difficult to communicate, since I did not know the vocabularies. So this doctor describes what she actually wants to say e.g. “Do you have a baby in you stomach now?” I mean physically it is not correct, but I DID understand now that she is talking about. Further on, “Does your body like everything?” = Do you have allergy?, “Does blood come out from your body?” = Do you have your menstruation?

I was quite “happy” when she told me that the result of the examination is going to be send to my general doctor. I guess otherwise I did not understand what’s going on, except I am ill. ~(>_<。)

Putonghua VS Nobu

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One of my dreams at the moment is speaking, reading and writing Putonghua fluently. Well, I think my writing and reading is not bad, but my pronunciation is still not good.

Last autumn I met Shan (Taiwanese grew up in China) in the hospital. She was interested in me and would like to talk me. We found out that we have one language (luckily) in common: Putonghua. It was the first time I used this language for a private communication and honestly I could not imagine until this moment, that I am able to discuss and talk. Wow it was so amazing. When we could not see us, we wrote SMS to each other, she always corrects me and I have learnt a lot. For exchange I told her a lot about Germany. This is was the beginning of a friendship, but also for my confidence in talking Putonghua; even I talk like a small child.

I also started to watch Taiwanese Drama with Chinese Subtitles. This way I was able to train my listening and check it by myself. Often I am ringing up my friend in SH and talk in Chinese. It is always quite funny. My friend is always very patient listening to me.

One day in CN, when I was sitting in the cab, I started to discuss with the taxi driver about a the life as a taxi driver and merchandiser. (⌒▽⌒;) オッドロキー It was not that difficult that I thought!

Since I felt still unsatisfied with my progress, I am joining now a Chinese Business Class, in which I have learnt to write essays (at least 400 words) and holding speeches (It should be 3 minutes speeches, but my speeches are always around 1-2 minutes). I was surprised by myself ビックリ~ (/’O’;)/, that I am able to write a long essays. Suddenly I had a lot of fun to write essays, so meanwhile I am just writing some of them just for fun. I may upload some of them here. \(^^)/わーい

This year I started to paddling together with MAD PADDLERS and got to know to a lot of paddlers. Some of them do speak Putonghua as well, so I also have a lot of opportunities to speak this wonderful language.

I guess I need to try to speak more Putonghua, also in my private life, so I can learn and train.

This moment came earlier than I thought: Damn! (°_°;)ハラハラ(; °_°)

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UPDATE: Photo Gallery is online now

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Now my own photo gallery is online! Please have a look and find out more about Nobu’s Every Day Life Adventures!

Further on: Froggy – my special guest on this page –  has now his own page. It is simply called Froggy’s Site.

Painful Sample Checking T__T

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I have never thought that I am going to hurt myself while I am checking the sample.
Yesterday I did.

I was checking a dryer and trying to put the diffuser onto the top of it. I have already recognized it going be quite difficult, so I started to use more power.
Then suddenly the dryer slipped out from my hand and hit my mouth and lips. My lips and teeth started to bleed and I got tears in my eyes, because it was so painful.

After I calm down I asked the merchandiser how to put the diffuser onto the dryer. He recognized “Oh this is the wrong sample. Use the other one, which can be changed more easily!” Damn… I could cry again!

Well now my lips swallowed, I cannot close my mouth and eat properly. There is one more thing, which is worst: I cannot laugh…. That would be a tough week!

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