May: I am ok!

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After my blue mood in April, I feel now much better! I started some activities in April, but this time it takes so many times for recovering. I am sorry for not let you know for long time what is going on here in HKG. Since I feel better now, I would like to summarize my latest news, which helps for recovering

1. In April I have registered into a local course for business Chinese (since this is a basic course, we are still training the pronunciation, but I am good hope that it will improve my practice! )
2. In April I have started to join the training for the dragon boat. Last year I saw so many races and cheered up the team of HKIA and Swire Properties, it was so fun. Even I was not member, I felt very excited. So that’s why this year I would like to be a participant. Stone, Robin, Yolander this year we are competitors – let’s have a good competition and Thank you to them!  and also to Gloria, who introduced me to the Dragon Boat!
3. I also fulfilled one of my childhood’s dreams. Since I was a girl, I would like to have a LV bag. I used to have a plastic one and I was saving money to buy one day a real one. When I finished my exam, I had realized that a LV wallet is still to expensive for me, so I could not afford. But more than 10 years later I found a LV bag which I like for a reasonable price! Honestly a sad powerless Nobu does not fit to a such beautiful bag! I need to be more like a lady and not like a mashed banana on the street! My LV and me had already some photo shooting.( ^_^)///

Delicious Housewives

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Since my friend, who tries to eat healthy dishes, has started to cook by herself, we often talk about a which vegetable/fruit/meat/fish is most delicious and valuable.  In between we discuss what kind of food, we can cook in the close future, what can we cook for our next lunch boxes. Sometimes we go together shopping –no clothes or cosmetics – but vegetable/fruit/meat/fish on the (fresh) market.These scenes remember to a typical chatting between housewives. .. Well may be we get old or better say, we (esp my friend) discover how interesting is cooking by her own. From time to time I am desperate, as e.g. my hot pot incl. my dish was burning(!) while I was using the gas cooker, I cut my fingers by the sharp Japanese knife, or my from Germany exported glass measure cup was shattered due to the hot water. But summarizing I can say we are not the desperate housewives , no, we are delicious housewives, because we are always cooking great food.


Hungry Sleepy Nobu

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Or “Do you remember me?” Part II For Part I, pl see here.

The clock and my empty stomach told me to leave office, since JUSCO was going to close soon. I was lucky that day, because I was able to catch the green mini bus immediately. I felt down in a short nap in the bus and luckily able to get off at the correct bus station. “Do you remember me?” a man’s voice asked me. I did not answered, since I was still somewhere in my dreams, far away from present. Don’t talk to me! “Do you remember me?” has been repeated. I just want to be walking in my dreams, but I have no choice and I turned my back and looked in a man’s face with short cut hair and one and long hairs in the front, yellow short and shorts. Who is he? I answered “Sorry, I do not remember you.” “We met last year. In the same boat.” The guy seems to be quite excited to meet me again, so he started to talk to me in interrupted phrases .“To Cheung Chau Island, to the bun festival, last year. Do you remember me?” Hm I was thinking shortly, but kept on walking. “Do you have time?” I felt annoying. “For what?” I answered unfriendly “I go to JUSCO for buying ingredients for dinner!” and kept walking fast. After a while …. Ohhhhhh~ I remember him. I guess. Last year I was on the way to CC by ferry and I asked a lot of ppl to take pictures of me, because I was not satisfied with the photos made of the first young couple, then old lady. I got the idea to ask some guys, who also have a camera, since they DO know how to USE a camera. I guess this guy was one of these guys. It should be. “Ahhh~ I remember you!” … but the guy with the interesting(?) hair cut had been disappeared meanwhile. Poor guy, but actually I did not care. I continued my shopping.

A happy Saturday in Feb ’08

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Or “Do you remember me?” Part I

Ring Ring Ring. My mobile phone was ringing. I picked up. “Hi Nobu, how are you? Do you remember me? We have met approx 6 months ago! Do you remember where we met?” This voice I know! It belongs to Andreas “Yes of course, what a surprise! We met us in “Weinstube (German Pub in TST)” long time ago. How are you?” I was wondering why I rang me up today. He was going to go for walk in Tai tam Country Park with Jonah and Sophie and asked me if I would like to join him. Of course! I love to. So we dated for the next day.
It was nice day, the sun was shining. It was my first time to met Sophie and Jonah, second time to met Andreas. Sophie is a cute and pretty, not talkative girl. She likes sleeping, looking around, and eating. No wonder she is one year old!  Her brother is scared of dogs, loves cars and football. He is pretty cute – oh I am sorry I should not say this word to a boy – so he is pretty handsome. He is going to become 2 years old next week. Andreas is their dad.
While Andreas and I were talking, Jonah got jealous. But if we are talking to his sister, he is not. Well, he is good big brother.
We played football together (wow so amazing, that Jonah can play football!!!), and played with cars.
•    Andreas and me tried to teach him new words and made Jonah confusing. E.g. “Look, Jonah this is RED car, that is a RED bag.” He understood car and bag, but he did not understand RED. He likes busses very much. So I pointed out on a bus near by “This is a RED bus.” But then suddenly the bus turned left, we have recognized that the bus is not only RED “This bus is also YELLOW.”
•    Andreas thrown a foam car into the air. Jonah liked it and he asked me to throw his car also high into the air. But I failed …so Jonah took his car back and gave it back to daddy.
•    When Andreas was throwing the car high into air, he explained “Car up” and once it falls down “Car down” Jonah understood. Yeah!!! But then it happened… While the car was in the air “Car up”,  we saw a bird. Immediately Andy said  “Jonah, this is a bird!” We pointed on a lot of birds in the sky “Birds”, Jonah answered “Car up”. So every time whe we saw a bird, it was a “Look, a lot of car up!”
•    Jonah is scared of dogs, but he is brave and also interested. So when he saw a dog, the first and moment he looks afraid and hides behind dad or me, second moment he is curious. In order to defend, he takes his foot ball.
Well there are lots of more I can tell you! It was really fun for me and a happy Saturday!
Actually Andreas rang me up, because he DID remember that I love children. Thank you so much!

This day I have recognized that HK is not a good place for raising up children. I have never thought about it.. may be because I have not any children and also do not think about to deliver baby here.
1) Where can children play without any danger, without breathing smog, without any danger of bumping cars?
2) Where can children play with another children esp. in winter? In this season you rarely met Chinese children outside, because it is too cold. But even beside this season local children rarely play outside, because it is too hot and most of them play PSP, Nitendo DS. Some of them do not even now how to handle with another kids. Last time I saw to kids met each other at the first time. Each of the kids was accompanied by a maid.
Maid1 of Child1: Say hello.
Child1: Hello
Maid2 of Child2 : Say hello.
Child2: Hello.
Maid2 of Child2: What is your name?
Child2: What is your name?
Maid1 of Child1: My name is Angie.
Child1: My name is Angie.
Hey, common this is totally strange! Do you agree me? But unfortunately it is the truth.
3) Even a residents have a playground; parents have been asked to play there with children in silent!
4) Fruits and veggies coming from China contains dangerous ingredients esp for children, which may cause brain damage!
5) In general there are less opportunities for playing…

My advice to you – if you would like to offer your children a happy healthy childhood with children and a lot of nature, then you may not move to here.

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