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Magic Hands [29th March]

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After I went to the exhibition “Hong Kong Fashion Attitude” – which was unexpectedly  small – there were 3 hours left to my next appointment.

I was looking around in Tai Wai and finally decided to go the hair dresser. Here I have not a big choice as in Hung Hom, where I am living. Just 8 salons. I was wondering 「(ーヘー;) え~と, which is the best choice. First I have checked the price list – it was nearly the same, then I have checked the well visited one. 2 of them are quite busy, that mean they are good, but since I do not so much time, I did not go. I was thinking again. What kind of stuff I can check, too. Well, at the end I choosed a hair salon, with the most handsome guy(s). (o・∇・)o ヤッタ!

After a while I found out  that that this guy, as well as his colleague and the shop manager – all handsome (but not my type) – do not speak English at all. I was showing to my hair magazine, what kind of hairs I like and/or dislike by smiling, body languages and Putonghua. At that moment I was just thinking even the cut gets worst, hair will grew again, so “Don’t worry, be Happy!”

The guy was washing my hair and start cutting my hair carefully.  He touches my head softly and it was like a very comfortable massage – which makes me totally sleepy \(~o~)/ふぁ~. While he was cutting and highlighting for 3 ½ hours- which is normal -, he tried to correct my position, which was totally impossible, because I felt in a deep deep sleep and I was not able control my head and shoulder position any more. They fell down… (--)zzz.。ooOO○ Even I choose the salon with handsome guys, I was dreaming of Echizen, Komatsu Nana, Nobu, Shah Rukh Khan, Kimura Takuya and Ruroni Kenshin (a really weird mix!). And when I woke up (○_○)パチッ, I was slavering! What a shame! I hope I was not snoring, too. I apologized to all guys in the hair salon “I am really sorry for falling asleep (シ_ _)シ  ハハァーー…, but it was so comfortable!”, but all guys (?_?) did not understand what I am talking about, so I paid as fast as possible and left/run out  タタタタ ε=ε=ε=ヘ(;°∇°)ノ the hair salon.

Indian Happiness [29th March]

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On Saturday we – Mit-chan and me- have seen “Om Shanti Om” (Trailer/Review) in the cinema. It was the first time in my life to see an Indian Bollywood Movie in the cinema, so I was very excited. I have already bought this movie on DVD few months ago, but it was still worth to go the cinema and watch it now for the 3rd time. Wow, so great. Shah Rukh Khan was so big. (and I was so small). He has a nice voice – which sounds in the big hall even better – and also the power to make every body happy with his songs. He is singing with this whole body, which express his feeling at that moment. So great performance! Every time I see his movies my body starts to dance – even I know I am not a good bollywood dancer – , but this time I also want to sing! (┌・。・)┌ ♪ “All hot girls put your hands up and say // O~m Shanti~ Om~//All cool boys come on make some noise and say//O~m Shanti~ Om~” ┐(・。・┐) ♪While I was sitting, the ground as well as chairs have started to shake, because nearly everyone was moving their legs or body together with the rhythms. One of his songs” Dard-E-disco“ in this movie fits to my mood: ”Boy you make me crazy, crazy with your loving hand (or better song XD)//When you touch me Im in ecstasy!” ┐(・。・┐) ♪

Later on we met Kuri-chan, Kris and Om for Indian vegetarian food. So yummy. The atmosphere is also very Indian! I like it.

If you have never seen a Bollywood, then you should try it!

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