Flu in HKG

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Beginning of this year the weather in HKG suddenly turns to a severe cold. There was a warning because of 10 degress only on the TV and radio, that population need to take care of this sudden change and recommended us to take care and wear warm clothes. I can remember well, I was also freezing esp in the night. I was sleeping with 5-6 blankets, but I often woke up with some muscle aches. Actually I thought that will be the time for getting a cold.
Maybe it was, but now there is a bad cold-virus in HKG again. We are now talking about the popular HKG’s feared flu. That’s why I have taken part at the prevented injection against flu. As you know virus are changing fast. Even you do the injection, there is not any warranty that I do not get ill!
Well, this month 3 ppl have been passed away, because of the flu. Once you get the flu-virus in your blood, that virus can easily reach your brain. At the beginning it seems like a normal flu, but it is not.
Please take care of you and reduce the chance of getting the flu!

More Info: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/  keyword: Flu

Adventures as Indiana Jones ?

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This Sunday is sunny. We have not had such a good weather for long time in HKG. Spring is coming. It’s H~I~K~I~N~G~T~I~M~E. \(o⌒∇⌒o)/ ワァイ♪♪♪

Frankly speaking I am not a good or fast hiker and I am also direction stupid, which may be dangerous. The only reason why I am hiking is because I like joining nature, breathing fresh air, getting touched with natural wind and joining the great view – after I do my best to climb up a mountain. Therefore- in my opinion- it does not make sense to take e.g. a taxi or bus to go up. I need to effort and sweat as much as possible, not till then I am able to join the view.

This time a local friend, Sea, has chosen a simple track in Saikung/TaiTam/HoiHa for us, suitable for children and elderly. So easy going? No, not all. It was quite tough for us. It goes up and down, sometimes it was a rocky or sandy way.  I am sure we have not chosen always the usual way, but more like an adventure. We walk through bushes, rocks, shrubberies. Twigs swings into our face, some rocks have been already loosening, jump over small rivers – yeah, you can compare with Indiana Jones’ adventures.

After hiking I was so exhausted and I have some muscle aches, but I have enjoyed it very much. View was so nice! Thank you for organization, Sea! (^○^)/ ヤッホー PHOTOS

Design you own yummy food

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20-02-2008 Why not have lunches together in office by eating Sushi? It’s so yummy and fun! ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Photos and recipe available~

23-02-2008 Revival of Lisa’s Home Gathering – Dinner// (●⌒ ⌒●)  Let’s do a Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)Party @my home! Most of my friends I have not seen for long time, so I have invited quite a lot of friends. Maybe too much, but it was great to see you them! Thank you for your great help, esp Mit-chan & Jiroh-san! Photos and recipe available~

29-02-2008 BSB concert without Kevin

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ρ( ^o^)b_♪ランラン♪ “I don’t care who you are*Where you’re from*What you did*As long as you love me~~~ “,  “Get down*Get down*And move it all around”, “Deep within my soul*I feel*Nothin’s like it used to be*Sometimes I wish I could*Turn back time*Impossible as it may seem*But I wish I could*So bad, baby.*Quit playin’ games with my heart*Quit playin games with my heart” and much more lyrics has been dancing in my heart, brain and tongue during the whole day.

Tonight I am going to the BSB concert without Kevin.  v(⌒o⌒)vイエーイ

Most of the audience was couples – I guess girl friends forced their boy friends to go with her together -, the other part was like us “old” BSB with Kevin fans.
Compare to the concerts in Germany the procedure was more disciplined. I felt like a sheep in a herd. A girl was screaming after another girl in front of us rise a big fan colorful poster “Ey, put it down you bitch” that was all.

Well, the concert was more disenchanted. The show was poor. The new songs, as well as the solo songs are not bad, but nothing special. Their songs lost their former inspiration. Even they change their type (wave, jazz or what ever), songs were not stirring at all (for me).

Their performance gets commercial. Nick was always in the front. When Nick waves his hair, lays so that his crutch can be seen, or did a xxx position,  girls are screaming. Nick, Nick, Nick – always Nick. Buhhhhh! Hey common BSB, your strength should be not only Nick and not that low  niveau!

The old songs with their old moves (!!!) were the best part of the concert and we all got in a quick nice mood!  Everyone was singing and dancing. And amazing how close we were to them (with the cheapest ticket)!

Compared to other concerts, less ppl come to the BSB concert – only few thousand. We use only a third of the hall.
No, I cannot say BSB is back. Not at all. BSB is past, a nice legend, but not the reality.

Please BSB, Quit playin~ songs with my heart, with my brain, with my tongue~

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