Rock your body ( ^0^)θ~♪

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I believe I can fly ( ^0^)θ~♪
I believe I can touch the sky ( ^0^)θ~♪
I believe I
.. no no no, I can’t believe!

When I was younger I was not a fan like my friends, I was listening to their music only on MTV.
I even do not well know the text of their songs and every name of the singers.
Only Brian, Kevin and Nick. Brian is cute, Kevin is not my type, but my friend liked him much. And Nick – I do not like his attitude.
My friend always go to their concerts, I am sure she was holding signs like “I love you Kevin” or whatever. Maybe she was throwing some letters, teddies or underwear to the stage?
I was not really interested in attending their concerts surrounded by screaming, crying teenies, who often lost their conscious. I am really not a big fan of them.
But frankly speaking I was seeking to go once in my life to their concert, just to listening to their live concert.

Well, now in 2008 I got the Chance. After several years finally – Oh my god they’re back again, Brothers sisters everybody sing – Backstreet Boys are back, ALRIGHT!  Yeah! ( ^0^)θ~♪
Oh sorry, wrong lyric: Backstreet’s back alright!

Ps. It seems that there are a lot of tickets left. Join me and let’s sing!

Rock your body
Rock your body right,
Backstreet’s back alright!

Oh my god we’re back again
Brothers sisters everybody sing
Gonna bring the flavor
Show you how
Gotta a question for you
Better answer now
Am I original
Am I the only one
Am I sexual
Am I everything you need
You better rock your body now

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