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In less than 24 hours I will be in Germany. As you can see on my latest mood, I am very excited to go. This kind of feeling I seldom have, even Germany is (like) my home country.

My happy feeling does not concern special ppl like last year. Last year at the same time, I went to Germany, because I would like to see my friends, family and echizen. I miss them.
But this time is different. Of course I am looking forward seeing, chatting and gathering with my friends, family and Echizen! But I am also looking forward to meet Germany. This may sounds strange for you, but I am serious about it.

Few years ago I really do not like Germany. Since I am in HK and met a lot of nice German and Tourists went to Germany, I started to think about it, that I may be unfair to my home country.

So, this is a new journey for me to go to Germany. Germany I am sorry, I am coming, and please welcome me!
As I faced China one year ago, I will now face you!

I want to get to know you!

PS Many Many thanks to Rophardt and Phillips!

★。、:*:。Romantic Night?.:*:・’゜☆。

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Few days ago I was in the mood to be romantic. What can I do? Well, there are a lot of choices, no matter if I am single or in relationship, the most important things is to be creative or …have an idea, as I had.

I was seeking to watch the shining stars in the night sky. If I look up in HK, I can see only smog and sky scrapers. – What a pity! So I was lying on the bed, switched on my room-planetarium and looked in the fake sky – my ceiling. I chose the cd “milky way” (and I also activated some special effects), so few seconds later I had a great view of the great white milky way, which I have never seen in real.
“Tonight is windy” I thought (actually my room has a draught) and I wrap myself in my Barbour jacket (instead of a blanket, which may more warm me). I was lying on my bed, but I felt as I am lying on a green grassland at night, alone. “So nice, how single stars are shining and moving.” I became silent after I while.

Suddenly ミ☆ “Look, a shooting star. I can wish s.th.” I was so excited and told the star and my heart my wish. Is it really true that wishes by shooting stars get true? I was thinking and thinking and thinking while freezing. Light small and big stars surrounded ★。、:*:。.me:*:・’゜☆, I felt as I am also a star! Amazing! “Oh, look there is another shooting star! I am lucky girl!”ミ★ thought and I told the star and my heart the same wish as before. “Wow, one more shooting star!” ☆彡and I wish my only wish again. Once I finish I saw another shooting star! ★彡So great!. I got quite busy after while watching ミ☆, wishing, freezing, watching ★彡, wishing, freezing. (´~`) むにゃむにゃ Finally I got sleepy and fell asleep.

The next morning I wake up with my outdoor shoes (!) and Barbour jacket lying on my bed! What happened? It’s 7am and the `*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;* are still shining and blinking….

P.S.I have totally forgotten that I have set up “one shooting star per minute” and switch off before asleep!

“If you do not know the exact word, try to describe it.” Or The other way to say “withdraw money”

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This is a good advice – which I have learnt in my first English Lesson in Secondary school and which I always remember in my every day life.
This way I can work and communicate independently, no need to have a translator. No matter if I have a dictionary on hand or not.

Well this is a story, which happened in reality, which happened to me, few weeks ago.

Before my friend and I went out for dinner, we were going to buy some candies in a 24 hours supermarket. Once I looked in my wallet, I had recognized that there is no money in my wallet any more. “OK” I thought, “In this case I need to withdraw some money.” So I have asked the woman behind the cashier “Excuse me, where is the next ATM?” “ATM?” I was wondering why she does not know ATM, since this is a popular word in Hong Kong. Anyway I explained her “Automatic Money Machine.” But she did not get me. Her English seems to be not very good. So I gave her more detailed information. “From Bank. This Machine has a lot of money. Do you know where I can find?” “No, we do not know. Nowhere, sorry.” This can’t be, we are in HK, there are a lot of ATMs, so how come that this big shopping mall, does not have one. – Impossible! This lady did not understand me at all. So I tried to explain the ATM again “ATM is a big box” I used my hands showing a big box. “You put a card inside.” And I made the movement for inserting a card into this box. “Then money comes out.” I pictured a drawer, which I have to open before getting money. Finally this woman got totally confused by my little small play. So she started to ignore me and continue selling goods. The buyer next to me bought a sandwich and was going to pay in cash. As soon the sales lady opened the cashier, I pointed on the money. “In the big box, in the ATM, a lot of money” I got every inpatient and nervous, because I felt that the lady will understand me now: I made the same movements as before again, point again on the money, point on the sales lady and then to me. I finish my movement with “This is money. I want money”

After I saw the scared face of the sales lady and ppl passing by stop at the shop and looked weird, I realized that my whole movement might look like “Give me Money! I want to rub you. Give me all the money in your cashier.”  Oh my gosh.. damn, what I have done? “No, I do not want to have the money from your cashier; I would like to take some money from the big box. No you cashier is not a big box. The ATM is a big box. Do not worry. Continue working!” Sigh… I was despaired… Damn I am not a thief. Believe me, please! But how can ppl believe me now?

In my imagination, the police had already arrested me, because they also did not understand my real purpose as well… I was in panic, so I ask my friend for help in German. “Please help me to explain this sales lady that I am looking for an ATM machine for withdrawing money!”  She also forgot how to say “Withdraw money in English. Since she had been waiting already for a while, she got inpatient, too. She shouted loud and aggressive “Hey, did you not get her?! SHE WANTS MONEY!?!!!!!!”

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