Be Scarry \(>o<)/ギャーッ!

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ENTRY FROM 27th October 2007

My friend and I decided spontaneous to celebrate Halloween this evening. It should be THIS evening even we know that the hollow scary night will be next week. We rang up some friends, bought some home decoration, costumes, cooked –everything within 2 hours.

Our menu was:

  • Cutted bloody fingers (Sausages with Fake Nails)
  • Satay Spits
  • Chirashi – Sushi
  • Baguette with German Salami and Gouda
  • Several Boday Parts as Feet, Ear, Nose, Hands
  • Eggyolk Pudding
  • Chocolate Pudding +Vanilla Sauce

Even it was so spontaneous it was an Evening/Dinner, it was so nice! Thank you to you all!

Be Creative(in Shorten TimeXD) , Be Happy, Be Scarry \(〇_o)/コワイヨー H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!!!!!

Photos taken, specialeffected by Gloria, more Pics in her album – Come and See ya!

Big Surprise (°д°;;) ナント!

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At the beginning of this year I told me friend “After 6 months I would like to talk Chinese fluently!” Maybe you think “You are crazy!” But I am not. I know few ppl, who have learnt easy Chinese conversation in 3 months. Unfortunately in June I was not able to talk.. or do a conversation.

When I was in the hospital in September I got to know a TBC (Taiwanborn Chinese). Her Putongua is clear – I was able to understand AND I was able to communicate with her. I was so happy and so surprised about myself that I am able to do it! Wow, wow, wow!
Few days ago I took a cab in CN. Since I stuck in the traffic jam, I started a discussion(!) with him! Wow I really did not know that I can do it! We have talked about a taxi driver life, foreigner’s life in China, necessary English Skills in China and so on.

Few months ago I told Rophard “I am looking forward to the day, that I can speak Chinese fluently.” And Now this is my time! Of course I am still not perfect, but it does not matter, I am able to DISCUSS, COMMNUNICATE, that means my listening and understanding skills have been developed before and also my talking speed has progressed.

Some how I am so happy o(^o^o)o(^o^)o(o^o^)o ウキョキョキョ

If you are also learning chinese, please do not give up! It is so nice to talk this language! \(@^o^)/ <キャッホー!!

PS I have also started to write SMS in Chinese. Hehe

“Wetten, dass..”

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I bet I can loose 15 kg weight until the end of this year. I have already lost 5 kg (summer 2007), because of my illness I lost further 4kg (autumn 2007). – Last fact is actually sad… I would like to loose weight on a healthy way -.-
In order to motivate me, I have also asked my friend. She also wants to loose some weight.We are always eating and do sports for keeping our weight. Now the next step is to loose some weight.
If we can reach our target or close to our target, we will have a photo shooting by a professional photographer together!
Further on I made a bet with an another friend Yoshimoto-san. If I can reach my target, I will be rewarded by a nice dinner in a famous club recommend by Y-san. If I loose, then I”ll punish me and reward Y-san by a massage in a professional massage salon (without happy ending!!!) recommended by me, sightseeing in China. This day we are only allow to talk Chinese…

Diet schedule? No, I do not have! I’ll keep on enjoying food with Dy and friendz – but increase my time for sports! Ok, let’s go ahead, Nobu! Fighto~~~

Long time no see – sorry.

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Meanwhile a lof things has happened, here a small summarize.

  • Rolling Sushi’s Night for my birthday
  • I DID scuba diving with some friends in HK’s sea. It was amazing! I never imagine that I can see the underwater world of Hong Kong! I felt like a person in a TV documentary!(Thanks, Yolandar!)
  • We did a lot of home farewell parties for Rophard (@Doro, @Dy, @my home)
  • One weekend we met Mickey and Minnie in the small world of Disney! Wonderful day!
  • I have been ill and admitted to the hospital. – Now I am ok, but not recovered yet:(
  • and lots of more ..

You can expected more interesting entries in the future again! Until this time, see you guys ~! I am sorry for not keeping you update these days. m(-.-)m

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