Time Gives Changes – I am proud to be and to say

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In the past – when I was attending the primary school – another children had already recognized that I am not the same as them, because my eyes are small and my skin a little bit “darker” then the others. Also my German skills was strange. In the lunch time I was used to eat “rice balls” – That’s why they called me “Chinese!”, “Chinese in a Carton!” or “Chinks”. I was hurt and sad and also angry, I always refused “I am not Chinese, I am German and Japanese.” – But who cares?

When I was 18 years old my mother and grandparents gave me the great chance to take part at the exchange school pro gramme with a school in Shenyang (China). I experienced one of my happiest moments in my life. After I come back from this trip, other teenagers were still abusing me as “Chinese!”, “Chinese in a Carton!” or “Chinks”. But I were not angry any more, I had started to answer proudly “I would like to be Chinese!!!”

Same case:

Years ago I had a consultant in job center in Germany. He was quite persuaded of himself and explained me “Japanese as a second language in Europe is useless! The world is talking English!You can never use your Japanese Skills! If you use it, then you can use only for writing and translation Instruction Manual!’ – Of course, I got angry, since writing an IM is not much worth, right?

Nowerday I DO checking Instruction Manuals in my recent company. And it is definitely NOT only an Instruction Manual. There are a lot things to do. Meanwhile I am proud to say “I can use my skills !”


(─┬─__─┬─) Nobu meets Mr. X again (─┬─__─┬─)

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After a great yummy dinner I went to the Game Center with Diana (my colleague), Konstantin (Diana’s friend) and Robert (German student). First we played Air hockey – Robert and me have been already addicted to it, while Diana and Konstantin just got to know this game and had fun. While they are playing it, Robert and me started playing Basketball (=put to the basketball into the basket). That day a lot of ppl went to the Game Center because of the week end. Esp. a lot of ppl are standing around the basketball “field” since there are some good players shooting a lot of perfect goals. Alright. Robert and me started a competition. Finally he had 65 points and I reached nearly the double. I won! Yeah!!!! I was so happy that I jumped and raised up my hands … and then the worst thing (not in my life, but it was worst!!!) happened… my wrapped skirt got loosed and lost it. It fell down to the ground and I was standing in the middle of the crowd with only a shirt and UNDERWEAR! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~ (─┬─__─┬─)

Robert saw this (I felt so ashamed …) and laughed at me ( I felt more ashamed), not sure if other ppl recognized this accident, but I felt like that everybody were staring at me… 。・゜ °・(><)・° ° ・。 Acc. to Robert I grabbed my stuff fast before everyone looked at me ... So bad.. I should be happy that I wore a hot pants (and not promiscuous ones) that day. Otherwise it would be a worst nightmare!

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Happy (To)Day? – ~~°°~26~~°°~

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So pity that we could not afford a real HD cake. It looks so yummy. You should buy a big refrigerator!!! But anyway, Happy Happy Yummy Birthday!!! オメデタ・スター( ^_^)/☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
Do not get any tummy as last birthday
“/(;-_-) イテテ・・・

My telephone was ringing, but it sounded as it was so far away. It took quite long time until I recognized that it was MY mobile phone ringing at 4:30 a.m.(!)
After I picked up the phone by saing ” hello?” in a sleepy voice, I still felt like in a dream – I heard a song. At the same time I remembered the horror movie I have just seen 2 days ago. Two women heard a happy song and have been killed afterwards. Actually very scaring. But this telephone call was not scarring at all. It was nice suprise of Echizen and Mohamed singing a Birthday song for me. o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o So cute and happy and I was really looking forward to it! Thank you so much you guys, really nice idea!! \(@^o^)/ <キャッホー!!

When I was going to start my work this morning, my frog shaped cup and mobile phone holder got a new friend. A frog doll – a gift from my colleague. Thank you!!!

This evening we will have gathering in my small apartment. (*^◇^)/°・:*【祝】*:・°\(^◇^*) I wish my Friendz in Germany and Shanghai could join us…

A very small part of confidence ~ My Life – Sunadokei Vol 9 ~

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Karin is a girl in a Japanese primary school. She always gets great stomaches and begin to cry if she gets into a stressful situation. Takeru often cheeks her and makes fun of her until she begins to cry. She seems to be very shy and not confident. One day her teacher Daigo told her that SHE has to change herself, otherwise she always suffer. Daigo is right. She has to challenge! Her teacher gives her a challenge: a small part with less conversation for a theater in the school.
Karin starts to learn everyday with her mother until the final day she is coming. On the stage everyone was looking at her, she gets a great stomaches and wants to cry. She forgot what she has to say. Her teacher is really nice. He does not push her at all, he holds a big sheet with her statement.. so she can read it. Finally Karin braces up, and says it.

As I was younger I hated to speak to a lot of people. At that I was also not confident. I can remember in school I was scared to answer questions from teacher, because some boys always make fun of me. If they started to laugh, I stopped talking and felt very uncomfortable. I would like to say st, but I cannot. My head turned into a red color, I felt ashamed.

One teacher in my life was like “Daigo-Sensei” and my class was like “Daigo Sensei’s Students”. She asked me to play a small part in a school theater. I hated it. But I did.. Differs from Karin I did not like the practicing. I always feel ashamed. But my classmates did not laugh at me, no they suggest some improvements and motivate me.

After this theater, I played quite a lot of rolls in theater. I have never played big parts.. but I won step by step a very small part of confidence.

Of course a lot matters influenced me, but I think my first step into “trusting myself” was my first small part in the school. I really appreciate to my teacher. Thank you very much, Kuchiba-sensei!

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