Who am I? 0_o

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I am Happy!

This was a slogan on T-shirt. Black T-shirt with golden lettering. Nice!
When I saw this, I immediately thought “That’s my T-shirt! Come on, I have to try it!”
I did and looked at the mirror and I was wondering “Who am I?”

* I am not Happy
* I am Unhappy
= I am TooBig (for this T-shirt!) (-.-)

btw Did you know that I am Sponge Nobu?

Let’s talk German?!

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Ok I am in Hong Kong, ppl are speaking Cantonese and/or English. I am really used to speak English and you can believe it is not easy at all to speak German suddenly. During office hour I always talk English even with my German Colleagues. Last weekend I went to Thailand (Blog entry referring to it will follow^^). Some German students joined the trip. But we did not speak German at all. We always speak English.

Yesterday I met a guy from Switzerland (my friend’s friend’s boyfriendXD) … and I tried to talk in German.. (◎_◎;) おっ! My tongue got lost in my mouth and I need a lot of concentration. Even that I started to stotter … Unconsciously I slipped to speaking English.

「(≧ロ≦) アイヤー Someone outside there talking German with me? XD

Strange Friend & Strange Telephone Call

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S: Hi~
N: Hi? Who is talking, please?
S: I am Sean. How are you?
N: I am fine, thanks and you?
S: Thanks. I..
N: Who are you?
S: I am a friend of Diana, Sean
N: Sean?! (Never heart that Diana has a friend called Sean.)
S: Yeah, S-E-A-N. Maybe it is strange, because this is a girls’s name. But I am male. <-- how S is talking is already strange. [...] S: I am from the Gym. N: (I got it, Sean goes with Diana to the Gym!. But nothing to do with me) Sean, wait I will put you through to Diana. One Moment .. S: No, I would like to talk to you. N: No, I think it is better, that you talk to Diana personally. If you wanna talk to her, please call her mobile phone! S: No. It is ok. Where are you living/ working? N: (Damn, Diana is not at her desk) In Hong Kong. <- Nobu, this was a smart answer?! S: Where exactly? [...] S: What kind of exercise you do? N: I am learning Chinese. <-- Nobu is totally serious!!! S: ?! What kind of sport you like? N: I like watching the Olympics! <-- Nobu is very serious!!! S: What kind of sports do you like to do? N: (Why he is asking? I do not want to go to the gym with this guy! I will lie) I go swimming, three times per week. S: oh.. N: (Muhahaha, sorry guy!) S: Perhaps we can mix up? N: (Mix what???!!!) Why? S: Then you have more choices. What kind of sports do you like too? N: (hey guy, common. You have already asked me this question. If you are not Diana's friend, I would hang up immediately) I like Aerobic and Bollywood dance ( U still wanno join me? muahahaha) <-- Nobu feels like a winner [..] S: Why you are you doing sports? <-- Nobu, you should recognize at least at this point, that Sean is not Diana's normal friend!! N: (What the hell he is asking?) S: Well, some ppl do sports to loose weight [..] N: (Ich moechte fitter sein) I would like to be more fitter <-- Nobu, wrong English! S: ? N: (Now, I am fed up). Sorry Sean, I am at work and I have a lot of things to do. I am going to finish this call! S: I see. Would you like to join our gym "Fitness First" N: (What? Now I know Sean is not a friend of Diana. He is just calling me for selling a membership at the gym!) In Hong Kong latest and also in-future-members will be rang up regularly by the gym's staff to remind them to there lessons or to sell a membership. Some of them a smart, direct or just like a "friend" as Sean. I really did not know this intension. After review I have to say that I should recognize much more early that Sean, who likes to talk about sports, wants to sell sth. But well, it was a quite funny conversation, which i would like to share with you!


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In movies ppl wake up in a burning house, crash their cars on the highway or stuck in the elevator. It would be a nightmare for me if I need to experience these situations. What should I do? Jump out the window, do not drive cars anymore or get off the elevator? That’s ridiculous!

Well, last week my friend and me got on the escalator and press the button “18” th floor. Suddenly it stopped moving. “Holyshxxt” I thought! Did we stuck in the elevator? Yes, we did, because “Out of service” has been displayed instead of the floor number! I was thinking what can we do, what ppl in the movies do. Try to get out, call the emergency, climp out, try to open the door, try to call anybody or .. begin a romance with the next to you. What is my friend doing? Oh, she is pressing “18” quite happen, but nothing is happening. Damn! My friend “That’s a joke” I answered “No”. The elevator moves – wow! The door opens in the 17th floor and I was going to get off. But my friend just reminded me that we have arrived in the wrong floor and pulled me back. WHAT? The elevator’s closed and.. stucked again “Out of service” has been displayed…It took a while until we finally have arrived in the right floor!

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“Hello!” and “Good bye!”

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Ppl are coming and leaving.
“Hello!” and “Good bye!”
That’s Hong Kong, where I am living.

This month I am going to say “Good Bye” to 4 friends and colleagues.

Since I am living here I have already said so often “Good Bye” to friendz .. more than 10 times.
It makes me sad. I ‘hate’ it.

But I cannot be so selfish.. That’s life. That’s my/our life.
That’s Hong Kong, where I am living.

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