Please love me, baby! ~Of Course, my Darling!

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Poor Blue Monkey is soo lonely. He is sitting in the Festival Walk holding a sign “Please love me! Don’t touch me!” He is so cute! Yeah, I will love you!

Garfield is eating the whole day in the ChocoCatCafe in TST. I was wondering why he is so fat, but now I know!More pictures from my darlings: Pink Panda, Rudolph, Froggy, .. to be continued XD

My 1st Anniversary in Hong Kong

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On the 26th of July 2006 I arrived in Hong Kong to start my trainee ship in a German company in Hong Kong.
I have been excited to get to know Hong Kong, and I was also curious about my new job.
Time is passing so fast! Now I have been here for one year, a lot of things happened (I moved into my apartment, I worked for the office in SH, got to know friends here, Echizen& my mother visited me, my another dream got fullfilled, got a contract in my recent company, Hainian Daofu, have been promoted to “Assistant merchandiser”, attend and celebrate a lot of Chinese Festivals, explore HK by hiking/ship, traveling through China, learning mandarin, lin nion bao, and much more) – To summarize my feeling I am still enjoying to be here. I like my job even it is not easy the whole time. I never regret to be here. I am happy. and also Happy to know you! Therefore I am going to celebrate my 1st anniversary in Hong Kong on 26th of July 2007 v(⌒o⌒)vイエーイ by gathering with you by enjoying the dinner. Cu l8~~~

A.m. text was written yesterday. Today IS the 26th of July 2007 and I should be happy… I AM happy, but at the same time also a little bit blue. I wish my close friend could join us…

12 months in Hong Kong, away from Germany. Here in Hong Kong I have started my own one-lady-life.

Thank you to my mom, who support and help in me the whole time!
Thank you to Echizen, who scour me, is listening to me and laugh with me even there is a big distance!

Thanks ☆☆** v(o^▽^o)v**☆☆ Thanks to
my friends; you, who often read my blog, which makes me motivating!

Raclette – Gathering with Friendz (German Style)

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It was great evening with you! We definetely should repeat it!
After office hour we (Ego, Dagmar, Diana, Gloria, Nobu, Robert) met in my home for doing a German Style Gathering together: Raclette! (^~^)モグモグ
Everyone helps me for preparation. Thank you for coming and your help!Thanks Gloria, for your pic.
Please have a look at the pictures, because they are saying everything what I would like to say!

I love this kind of gathering, because the dish can be prepared fast, everyone cooks what s/he likes, chatting during cooking – So relaxing, comfortable! (=^0^=)v Next gathering is coming!!!

The place, where I spend a lot of time

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Well, today I would like to introduce you my working place. It looks untidied, but it is not.
On the right hand side I store all my documentation, dictionaries and so on.
On the left hand side there are all files of PRJ I am handling in the moment.
In the middle there a telephone list, weekly and monthly schedule list, telephone.
Everything is close to me. I can reach everything by my chair. Well structured system!
But honestly speaking.. I wish I had a bigger desk.. XD

Are you specialized in fish soup?

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Few days ago we (Diana and me) went to a restaurant. After I have studied the menu, I have found out that the restaurant offers me a lot of dishes with fish soup. The waiter was coming and ready to take our order. I asked him “Are you specialized in fish soup?” He answered a little bit confused “Yes.” Nobu: “Then I take one!”

Yummy this fish soup was so delicious! I am sure the soup has been cooked for a lo~ng while. Full of vitamins, mixed with ginger! Diana also like the soup.

Later on, I saw a big sign in the restaurant “Delicous kitchen-FISH kitchen” ….

4U- recommendations:

Shops747-748, Level1, Metropolis Hall, 6 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kln.;Tel: 3162-8559
Shops 214-217, 2nd Floor, Pioneer Center, 750 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kln.;Tel:6106-2262
Room1111, 11th Floor, One Grand Tower, 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kln.;Tel: 2394-1710

Protected: M(I) wish …

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Protected: I could cry …

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After Work – Gathering with Friendz (Thai Style)

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After working often I meet friends to have dinner together. This time we went to a Thai Restaurant in Hung Hom, which was recommended by Waiyee. It was a funny gathering!

1st of July – 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong

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Entering from 1st of July

If I say that my whole week end was bad, then I will lie. Let’s say 94% of my week end was bad, even it was the 10th anniversary of Hong kong. I should celebrate it …
Yes, I know if I have experienced some positive things, I have to focus on them, so I can say happily “My week end was fine!” But I cannot. Too bad this time…
Well what happened to me this weekend:
Positive: Chatting with Echizen
Positive: Shopping with Diana.
Negative: Stomach Pain (together with Diana) since Thursday even I took “Seigaron”
Negative: Overflooding of my bathroom
à my landlord does not agree to call the worker
à I try to call a worker by myself together with a friend: Result: No worker is working on public holiday.
à Security man was “checking” the situation until 11pm
à The water has stopped at 10pm, but since that time I do not have any water
à I missed the biggest fire work in Hong Kong
Negative: I was going to China and has been rejected by the Chinese Officer at the Chinese boarder.
à I had been treated like a person, who carried a lot of heroin and deal with them or like an escapee by the Chinese officer. I had to reply a lot of questions. (Positive: Diana accompanies me)
à I had to return to Hong Kong

I am seeking for a better week end!!!!!!!!

PS: My friend “You should be very lucky girl, usually you have to be arrested or pay a great penalty!” -_-

Learning Survival Cantonese

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Since I am living here I have decided to learn some Cantonese phrases and words, which makes my life easier. In order to remember I write down them on a small yellow paper and stick it on my screen at work.

A German colleague passed me by and was surprised “Wow, you are also now learning Cantonese. Good! Go Head!”
Later on a Chinese colleague passed me and recognized “Why did you stick so many Cantonese dishes on your computer?”

“ Because I like them so much and I would like to order them by myself!”

But hey, Pssst! Do not tell everybody that only Cantonese Dishes are mentioned there XD

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