Lychees~~ We are coming! (Lychee Tour)

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Entering from 24th of June

Lychee’s is one of my favorite fruit, which I would like to eat every day! In Germany fresh(?!) Lychees is expensive and also hard to find. Mostly you can find lychee’s juice or lychee in a can, but they are not so yummy as “real” one. So what can I do to fulfill my desire? Let’s go to the Lychee Farm with my friends, who are also Lychee Lovers! \(^O^)/ Sounds crazy? Not at all. In Germany you can go to the strawberry farm to pick up your own strawberries. Why not Lychees in Hong Kong or China? Today my dream comes true. We (Ego, Dagmar, Diana, Mathias and me) went to the Lychee farm in Tai Tong in New Terrotories in Hong Kong (am Arsxh der Welt). Armed with sunblock cream and anti mosquito pads (((((( \(・_・)/ )))))) バリヤー!, soft drinks, camera and bags for the lychees, we step into the farm.

But before we could reach the lychee field we need to pass a lot of obstructions XD:

1. After we arrived the farm, we did a BBQ a la HK Style. If you are in HK you should join this kind of BBQ. Unique! \( ^o^ )/ ヤ ッター♪

2. Fish >゜)))彡 feeding at the lake. The fishes seem to be very hungry. I have never seen so much fishes quarreling for food. Some fishes are endangered species.

3. Beware of Mr. King (Hong) Kong’s attack. \(>o<)/ギャーッ! (See his first attack)

4. Surviving in the Bat Cave. Damn, how switch off the light! All bats awake and flying around me. I was scared and screaming. I felt like a bat man, but one difference I did not become a bat girl.

5. Fight against the Sun. +sweating+ (_ _;)…パタリ

6. Blank Astonishment for everything. I was astonished for several fruit trees, which I have never seen before in my life as e.g. Dragon’s eye, Jack fruit, Star fruit, Triangle Apple fruit, Mango, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple. Wow that’s so amazing! Wow I have never seen so much lychee trees before! [comment by Froggy: We are on the farm, dear Nobu!]. The red small fruits are shining in the top of the tree, surrounded by a lot of green leafs.

“Yosha~, let’s pick them up!” \(^O^)/ ワ~イ While Dagmar and Mathias were climbing on the tree, I catch them in our common “basket”. I was afraid to climb so high, because the branch seems to be not stabile. That’s why I just pretend to be on the tree, hehe, but it does not look like, right? I feel like a Koala bear ヽ@(o・ェ・)@ノ XD

We took a lot until we get tired (;-_-) =3 フゥ. We rewarded by a lot of lychees! Cheers!

(Some photos are sponsored by Mathias – Thank you!)

[Edit 27-06-2007 Diana and me got now a lot of spots because of eating too much lychees. Although Ego has warned us “Do not eat more than 4 pcs lychees per day, otherwise it is not healthy.” before, but we ate a lot. What should we do if we love them?]

If you would like to pick lychees you can do it at the Taitong Lychee farm: click here

Yummy Japanese All u can eat Restaurant in Kowloon (Old Airport) 148HKD/per Person: “Outfielder” Only Chinese menu!!! Before you can order next dish, you have to eat all dishes on your table. – After picking up lychees we ate our dinner there. So delicious! Nice atmosphere !

“Welcome to Gloria’s Boattrip!”

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Entering from 17th of June

After my exciting Saturday, this day should be also a great day.

Gloria – we got to know us by She was searching for a language exchange partner for Japanese <-> Mandarin – invited me to a boat trip, which she won by a lucky draw. Luck Girl!
She is coming from Mainland China, speak clear and clean Mandarin (Wow, I can understand her partly if she is talking! Makes me exciting and motivating to keep on learning Mandarine (^__^)b) , additionally she talk English very well. I rarely met Chinese ppl, who speak English fluently like her.

Arrived on our boat, called “Lucky Break” we sat down in a circle and introduced ourselves, like in my old German primary school! But you cannot imagine, it was fun and interesting to listen to the others since you have not met them before. The atmosphere was easy going, nice and super relaxing.

We went to the beach – I was the only one who swim. I swim although I was totally afraid of the sharks. But fortunately nothing happened. Hey Girls and Boys next time we will swim together, all right?

Riding on a motor speed boat – it was like a dream for me – we joined the water and wind on the Hong Kong’s sea. Wow! Einfach nur hammer geil! Later on we chat, relaxed and played a lot of card games. It was a Chinese Game, very confusing me but a lot of fun and pain .. finally I lost -.-

Nice to meet you all! We should do a gathering together again!
It was a really nice day, thank you Gloria for organization!

More Pictures

Greetings to Echizen

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Echizen, thank you for adding the spam protector to my webblog.
Yours lovely Pink Panda and me (^__^)b

I got it! イエイ~♪ (★^▽^)V

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This morning I picked up my Hong Kong ID card at the Immigration Tower in Wanchai! Finally I am now officially a HKresident (for one year) ! Yeah! イエイ~♪ (★^▽^)V

That’s me holding proudly my new ID card. Due to safety reason I cut out the card and highlighted in pink.

If I am going to China next time, there is no need any more to cube up in a long foreigner counter! Now I can put my thumb on the machine at the e-channel. Like a movie! No need to get a stamp or show a passport. The officer machine will check only my thumb’s printing! Now I can easily pass the boarder! That’s so amazing!
I can go to the library to borrow some books!

Diana became a “HKnese” at the same time as me! イエイ~♪ (★^▽^)V We both are now Hknese!

We should celebrate this! (*^ー^)/°・:*【祝】*:・°\(^ー^*) What about Thursday evening? Who will be in? Just let me leave ur message here!

Dim Sum Lunch/Brunch – Gathering with friendz

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Entering from 16th of June:
I am looking forward to this day very much, because today I am going to meet old/new friends during Dim-Sum/Yamucha-Lunch at the Cityhall in Central. I was so excited o(^o^)o that I have decided to wear my Chinese style dress – I like it and you?

The restaurant in Central is quite popular for their Dim Sum . They are “distributing” the Dim Sum by a small “steam or fridge cart” while they going through the tables. At the front of the cart there are a menu, so you can know what they are carrying around. But if you do not know, you can just ask them and they will offer and show you a lot of different food. If you do not understand them, then just take it and try or leave it!

For each dish you get a stamp. According to the total numbers of the stamp, they will charge the costs.
Mostly I like the atmosphere, ppl are enjoying their late breakfast, gathering and chatting in a nice atmosphere. It is much more fun if you enjoy Yamcha with a lot ppl. We spend there almost 3 hours there, yummy yummy!

Argh, I tried to take a picture of a full table, but it was quite difficult, as you can see. (Hehe, we were so hungry!)

After our big lunch we (Diana, Inga and me) went to a big building with 25 floors – filled with OUTLETS for shopping. I have never seen so many outlets before. They sell a lot of great Chinese furniture\(>▽<)/ワーイ, which I would like to buy if I have enough space. Amazing!

In the evening we explore Central – shopping, enjoying a health organic dinner, eating donuts, eating water melon ice cream without any preservative.

Puh – I am so sleepy (_ _)Zzz, I have to go to bed now.

Good night, dears

Can you swim?

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Compare with Germany, where schools, clubs offers you swimming courses, it is quite “normal” in Hong Kong or China if ppl are not able to swim. They do not have any swimming course in school at all. But there should be more reasons, or?

Wondering why a lot of Chinese and HKpeople could not swim, I have asked quite a lot of ppl. Please find enclosed following few TRUE, but also interesting answers:
“I cannot swim, because there is no need to swim.”
“I am living in China, there is not any sea!”
“Chinese public swimming pool is too full!” [Comment by Nobu: That’s true. In China’s pool u can just stand and “play”]

Following answer I like most. So cute
“I cannot swim, because I do not know how to breathe under water. I have never learnt it!”

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