My Appartment from 1st of August 06

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Location: Hung Hom -> I like living here, because it is convenient and a lot of Japanese are living here.

My new renovated British style apartment is small (15m2). So you can imagine how difficult it was to take some pics.

Outside (before my main door)

I do not have any floor. If you open this door and the main door, you will enter immediately into my living room. All furnitures are borrowed from different people.

The kitchen(without any cooker!)and also the bathroom is suitable for only one person. If you are inside you can move only limited. BUT I my toilet and shower are separately!

For my sleeping room I have requested a double deck bed in order to save place.

No photos of my balcony, roof.

Rent/month with electricity and water: ~ 500 EUR

My Nicknames in RL

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Some friends in Asia do not call me by my real name. They uses some nicknames, which I would like to introduce to you:
My friends in Shanghai often call me

  • Sasa (“Sa” is one part of my real name)
  • Cazai-Girl (I LOVE chinese preserved veggies!)
  • Little princess
  • Princess Sasa
  • Cazai Princess (If I live in the Cazai-tale, that would be a great …)

=> Nice to meet you, I am THE little cazai princess Sasa

Here in HK I am called Sweet Candy.

So unfair! or Yummy spicy dinner

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Already 10:45 pm – Time to go home. Oh it seems that my colleague=neighbor is still working, too. Great, let’s go home together!
Before we went straight home, we took dinner together in a local Chinese noodle-soup restaurant, where we can choose the meat, the vegetable and the degree of spiciness. After Oscar, who knows that I like spicy food, but not too spicy, has ordered for me (in Cantonese), I’d double checked with him “Oscar, what have you ordered for me?” “Spicy noodles with pork and vegetables!’ “And for you?” “The same but less spicy.” He smiled brightly. I got worried – less spicy? Mine should be very spicy then, because Oscar LOVES more spicy food than me.
After a short while the waitress hand over a RED colored noodle soup, for Oscar a WHITE colored.
The NS was really great. Yummy! But for me definitely too spicy. o(>回< ) While I was concentrating not to cry or to show that this dish is too spicy, my dear neighbor was raving about the food “That’s magic! It spicy, but it does not hurt!” (that’s true!) or “I DID know it that it is ok for you- still ok?” or “I like here very much – look very crowded!”

His degree for spicy: less than half chili
My degree of spice: 3 whole chillis
The highest degree: 5 whole chillis

Echizen, if you should re-visit me, we have to try this restaurant. I am sure, you also love it ^_^

Fast progress of a bottle of milk

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What a wonderful sunny hot morning! Although I have just taken a shower, I am already sweating like Ms. Piggy! I was seeking to take another shower – but no time, because I have to go to office.

I grabbed the “Kxwlxxm Dxxry Fresh Mik” bottle (at 8:50 am) , put it in my bag and caught a minibus. I have arrived in office at 9:00 a.m. Since I got a lot of emails, I totally forgot to drink my power drink, my milk. At 10:30 I got thirsty and I opened the bottle and try to drink my milk finally – oh gosh! What happened with my milk? It has been already became yoghurt! Amazing that the milk has changed to yoghurt within 2 hours!

The milk has not been expired, it was fresh. So I really do not know why milk could be become yogurt so fast? I guess it is the weather. (In Germany we were used to make yogurt by a y-maker and this takes more hours. We also need to have a basis.) If I take the bottle out of the fridge, it is definitely liquid milk – so why? What do you think?

Real-life Training

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After I was remembered by Chinese men that I am living in the best environment for learning and talking mandarin, I reviewed my lessons “Like/not like”, “colors” and “Shopping” in a real shop in China. Yeah, right, no time to be blue. I have to practice more, let’s go Nobu!

“How much is THIS blouse?”
“How much is THAT blouse?”
“Do you have this blouse in blue/red/brown/black/green?” (Actually I was not interested in these colours, but I was reviewing the colours. XD)
“I do not like this shirt, BUT I like this one.”
“How much is all together?”
“It is expensive, I only pay xxx RMB!”
“This is too small and I am too big. Do you have big size shirt?”
Since the sales woman DID understand what I am talking, I was really interested in talking more and more, even I do not want to buy anything, perhaps only one shirt XD
In order not to bother her, I choose a shop with less guests.

Success No.1

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