Nobu, the destroyer

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The sun is shining, the birds … sorry, there are not any birds. The birds you can hear are from a digital-bird.
Ok, again.
The sun is shining, the digital birds are twittering- A peaceful happy day.
Suddenly a female scream! Now it turns into crying. What happened?
Oh shxt, Nobu the destroyer has appeared! Help! Let’s hide! ヘ(-.-ヘ;) コソコソ・・・

She looks peaceful like the digital bird, but she also has a second horrible face. Whuaaaa \(>o<)/ギャーッ! She is taller than an average HKnese. Her special weapon is her long legs. Nearly everything which crosses them, it gets broken. She have already destroyed more than 13 pieces of telephone connectors within 5 months! (Comment by Nobu: Accident!!!) She is powerful. If she gets up from her chair, the furniture will move as like yesterday happened. Brrrr. The drawer fell down the desk without any reason, no that’s not correct, by Nobu’s invisible power. ~m( --)m(/;°ロ°)/ (Comment by Nobu: Accident!!!) Ahhhh, she is coming to me… sorry, all, I have to escape before.... \(>o<)/ギャーッ!Bye. Take care of you! サイナラ ~~~ヽ(`◇´;))))))) サササッ

Business Woman VS Mother

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In the past women’s’ and men’s duties were clearly divided: ♀ are responsible for the household, take care of children and husband’s mood, ♂ are responsible for earning money, protecting the family etc. Time has passed and also how people acting and thinking have – of course – changed: Nowadays ♀ would like to be independent, do their own carreer, earn their own money. Some of them do not want to marry; some of them would like to found their own family. Alright, but how can ♀ combine business with family if the husband does not support her (I guess only few men agree to share doing household, taking care of children etc. less than ever in HK!). How can ♀ miss in the office if she is pregnant, if she should take care of the children/baby?
In Germany there is law and “special holiday” to protect working-in-future-mothers: ♀ have to stop working 6 weeks before birth, 8 weeks after birth. Additionally there is an “education holiday” until the 3rd age of the child. Last one is valid for a mother, or father. During this “holiday” salary will be paid and mother/father (it depends who is taking the holiday) cannot be fired. The law also rules what kind of works can be done/is forbidden for the pregnant woman.
But here in HK there seems to be not this kind of rule. I often see high-pregnant working woman standing a lo~~~ng time on the street/in a shop e.g. in order to apply for new customers/serve customers. After she gave a birth, she come back to work quite fast.
Well this is not the point, which I would like to consider now. As a.m. my topic today is “Business Woman VS Mother”.
Few days ago I got to know a young pregnant working lady and we have discussed about baby care and also how to give a birth. She is proud to be pregnant. She will have soon a daughter. Since her tied business schedule she would like to have a smooth birth, but most important a scheduled quick birth, without any pains. In order to control her b-schedule she will give the birth by cesarean …

Cesarean? In Germany cesarean should be done usually if there is any problem, but not in order to control the b-schedule?! (0_o)”””
This is not a natural female thinking! I can agree that she is proud, looking forward, would like to have a smooth birth.. but cesarean? ( ̄△ ̄;) In this point I do not agree her at all.

Since there is the possibility and technology to do a cesarean, people will choose the easier way.
Since Business Woman can do Business, mothers will concentrare on working.

To become a mother, to give a birth includes pains, being in labor, but also the happiness ;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;, the proud, to hear the baby’s first cry, to embrace the baby after birth warmly ( *^-^)ρ(^0^* ). If I am pregnant, I do not want to miss these feelings. I have asked the lady, if she does not miss these. It seems not. Giving a birth is not such an important as working. ( ̄△ ̄;)エッ・・? Why? Why?

The new technology is also able to give the birth. This is awful! Since people are working working working working and working, they do not have time to sleep with each other. Are they going to prefer to go the laboratory to let take the cells and “create” a baby in vitro? Answer:Yes. It is terrible\(〇_o)/ to know that this kind of birth has been already done.. Actually then no need to get a baby, right? Because baby care takes time, too. After a HK lady gave a birth, her mother-in-law will take of him/her ….

I am angry “(`ヘ´#) ムッキー, but I can’t change anything. I just know I do not want to become Business Woman VS Mother = Business Woman.

“I would like to book a …”

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Lisa(L) makes a phone call to the travel agency(T) in order to book a train ticket to Guangzhou in China.

T: Wei? (Chinese greeting on phone)
L: Hello, I am Lisa. Do you speak English?
T: Yes.
L: Great, I would like to book a …
T: Yeah, I understand. You are applying for a Visa.
L: No. I would like to book a …
T: You do not want to apply for a Visa?
L: No. I would like to book a ..
T: But you said Visa.
L: No, that’s my name.
T: We do not have such Visa.
L: No, my name is Lisa. I do not want to apply for a Visa! I would like to book a ..
T: Pizza?

(;___;) Lisa hang up.

Why do people buy toilet brush( ̄~ ̄;)??

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When I was young, very young, I was surprised and thinking why supermarkets are selling single toilet brushes because at that time I was thinking that a house/apartment can be bought/rented by a whole set. That means no need to buy this item separately, right? ( ̄~ ̄;)??
Actually my recent apartment is rented by a whole set incl. a toilet brush. But since I did not like this brush, I bought a new one (you never know how the former owner treated this brush), after 6 months I renew it.

Now I KNOW (◎_◎;) おっ! why supermarkets are selling single toilet brushes, hehe.
(Somehow I was thinking only at the toilet brush when I was a child)

Hanayori Echizen

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Few years ago (before 2001) I was totally not interested in watching any doramas. At that time I was thinking that they are just “ahxrxshx” as nearly every Japanese Show.
At the end of 2001 I met Echizen, after a while we got good friends. I was still not interested in dorama, but I was interested in what Echizen likes. So one day it happens: I watched on episode of a tennis dorama together with him. Result: I did not like it, almost every scene was exaggerated and unrealistic.
Echizen did not give up. He continue telling what he is watching, which dorama he likes. I have started to look recommended doramas by myself, but I was not still not interested so much.
Two years ago I agreed (again) to enjoy “gokusen” together. I had to lie if I say I do not like it. Yes, it was quite interesting.

Last year I was watching “Engine”, which was the only Japanese program on TV. My purpose: Train my Japanese Understanding, not to enjoy. But Engine touched me surprisingly.

Few weeks ago some details of my life got confused me, worried me and I got sad. A K-dorama “Wonderful Life” smiled at me and I bought it, enjoyed it, suffer together with the protagonists/ crying/laughing/ hoping/ getting nervous/ getting embarrassed/being shy/ falling in love/getting angry with them – I became a part of their “Wonderful Life”.

Later on I was a part of “1 l tears”, “A moment to remember”, “It started with a Kiss”, “Hanyori Dango”, “Be with you” … and I am sure more will follow.

Thanks ☆☆** v(o^▽^o)v**☆☆ Thanks to Echizen!

Thank you Beam By Nobu!!(ノ・_・)ノ‥‥━━━━━☆ピーー To Echizen ‥━━━━━☆ピーー

Next time we can join together :)) Looking forward to it!

Being at the Chinese rock bottom

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Nearly every day I am remembered that my communication skills mandarine are not enough at all. Frankly speaking I know it, but how can I improve?
I have learned Chinese for 4 months now: I am able to write, read, listen and understand. I am able to talk, but only short and simple sentences. Simple communication can be done. I could not discuss, my pronounciation is still bad, I often do not know the vocabularies.

  • Last time I was searching for the car parking place in Mainland China. Unfortunately I forgot the word “parking”. In school I learnt “if you do not know the word, describe it”.

So I tried, quite difficult due to my limited vocabularies:
“Excuse me, where are the cars sleeping?”
“Excuse me, where is the very big home for cars?”
“Excuse me, where are the cars stored in layers?”
Result: Nobody could understand me.-.-
In such case I ring up my friend Jean, who helps me immediately instead of laughing at me or teaching me wrong words.

  • The same situation when I pick my phone at work. How often I have already explained the supplier in Chinese (!) “Sorry, I am German. I do not speak any Chinese.”
But his/her reaction is always a loud laugh. Perhaps s/he is thinking if I can say this sentence, I must talk Chinese very well. If I start talking English, s/he will hang up immediately. -.- In such case I have to ask Ego or Wendy for help.
  • Another situation in China: I was screaming: “Help, help! My friend is missing!!!” Nobody helped me. Only one young man was coming and let me know that my Chinese pronounciation is wrong. -.-

I do not like these situations.
+ I feel helpless.
+ I would like to be independent.
= I am at the Chinese rock bottom.


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Thank you for reading my Blog:) Hopefully you enjoy :)
Please be informed that I will do 3 updates
a) New PW. You will be informed by E-mail shortly.
b) Full first name of my friends will be named in following entries.
c) Comments on ~ ♥ ~ will be added every week, starts from May.

Toilet Paper

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Last time I went to the toilet in a public building. Luckily it was not crowded so that I was able to get in a cabin quickly. I need some toilet paper, so I was going to take it (I was still in the cabin) until I read the note “USELESS PAPER!”

Useless paper?! I was thinking why the toilet paper is useless. May be people in HK do not use the toilet paper of a public building, because they might have their own? Can’t be. There should be another reason. I was thinking and thinking.

After I was thinking really seriously (on the toilet) I came to the following conclusion: “Use less paper!”

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