Crispy Cucumber

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Few minutes ago I have eaten crisps with cucumber flavor. Amazing the flavor is the same as the fresh cucumber! Cucumber should be soft and juicy, but that one is hard and crispy…

I got strange feeling same as eating chocolate flavoured cheese.

(Un)Happy Days

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Few months ago I was blue, down, unhappy and sad. I was thinking

and thinking,

but I could not find a good solution. Finally I was so desperate until I have to cry for several days.

A friend told me, if she is desperate, she hurts herself. So I do it.

But nothing happened.

Now few months ago. I am now quite Ok even I do not know a solution. But I find a direction, I would like to go. Some people might thinking that these days are wasted, but I do not agree them. Being unhappy and happy is one of a typical feature for life, human being. It is necessary and worth. “Jiroh” also agrees me.

“Days, on which you laughed and on which you cried, both are worth!”

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Last time on the street

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The Minibus stopped in the middle of the street in order to drop down the people. No time to drive directly to gap to the bus station. A lot of people are getting out, incl. me. All of them would like to cross the road, but the streets are to busy. I have recognized that we are standing in the MIDDLE of the street. Trucks, cars, busses are driving on the left and right side of us. Quite dangerous. Suddenly the woman beside me on the left and right side, went back to the street. They did not cross the road. Why? Since I have not understood I tried to cross the road, until a arm grapped me. I was shocked. What happened. It was N. “Come on. Just follow me and go fast!” I followed her fast, I asked her “What happened?” I felt like a criminal. What I have done? N. explained later. Yes, I was a criminal, because I tried to cross the road without any traffic light even the police was coming…

SPECIAL GUEST: Froggy-News Jan07

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Hello everybody! Let me introduce 2 u shortly. I am Froggy accompanying Nobu for several years. Since I like her very much, I ask my friends (Welcome to HK!) to help me for my mission.

In order not be alone, and Nobu introduced me to some frogs. Greez 2 Kerori & Keroro and also (^_^)// *Big Wave*

Nobu meets Mr. X

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A lot of unlucky strange adventures happened to me. I am sure people around me were laughing at me, while I would like to cry or swear. Finally I was laughing at myself. That makes things easier^_^ Perhaps I’m punished by “Daimou-ou” as Hachi used to say? XD Let me tell you my adventures with Mr. X.

  1. I always buy fresh peaches at the supermarket, which are stored in the fridge. Since the fresh peaches are stored behind the old one, I put my half body into the fridge in order to get them. If I find a delicious one, I used to say to me “I found them!” and set upright my body. Then I hit my head. If I do it once, no prob. But if I do it everyday, my head hurts. This time it was painful. A saleswoman was coming immediately, speaking Cantonese with me. I guess she said “Does it hurt?” and I answered “Not much.” After she recognized that I am a foreigner, she answered “No!” I tried to explain my painful situation. Then she pointed on the peach “Very good! Delicious, cheap! Buy it!” …
  2. In the morning I got off the escalator (of my apartment) on the ground small (!) floor and slipped! First I hit my legs on the left wall, then my head on the right wall. PLATSCH and my body slammed down finally. I was lying in a big water lake! The security woman hurried to me “halsfhsdlfh”. “I am ok, I am only wet.”
    I went back to my apartment on the 15th floor. After I recognized that I do not have any casual clothes at home (because they are in the laundry), I went back to the ground floor. The door of the escalator opened. I could not get off, because s.o. put a heavy wooden cupboard in front of the door! I was knocking at it “Excuse me; I would like to get off. Could some move this one, please?” Security woman was coming, helped me out and seems to be worried about my wet clothes. “halsfhsdlfh”. “I am ok, I am still wet.” Since the floor was still wet, I tried to reach the main door step by step slowly. But it was too slippy, I slipped again, hit my head at the main metal door and I felt in the water lake again. Security woman: “halsfhsdlfh”. “I am ok, I am wet again.”
    After I pick my clothes from the laundry the Security woman stopped me and explain/appologzing (?) in Cantonese. Suddenly the water pipe above me broke. I got a shower. “halsfhsdlfh”. “I am ok, I am only wet.” Perhaps Sadako is calling me?

  3. Every weekend I am used to take the HK Magazine (weekly news of HK). This time I took it from the “Pacific Coffee” and lost some advertisement. Of course I bended down to pick it up. At the moment the automatic glass door closed while my head was still between the doors. I could not move. “Excuse me, could s.o. help me, pl?” But nothing happened. So I have tried to catch the sensor by waving my arms. But nothing happened… I am sure it looks very funny! Nobody helped me… a tall man pass me by and the doors reacted …
  4. The minibus is suitable for 16 people. They are known as a quickest and flexible public transportation. They only stop at the bus station if it is able to pick up people. Well, I was standing at the bus station, the bus stopped, the door has been opened, I got in. When my half body was inside, the door has been suddenly closed. I stuck again… Bus driver “No seat!”
  5. Last but not least I was kidnapped by Mr. King (Hong) Kong. Help!
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