Did you know, that …

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… I’m International-Nobu? Some people are thinking that I look like British, Chinese or Indian. Some people are thinking that I’m talking like a real British, and now since I got a terrible cold, also French! XD What do you think? Any suggestions?

Did you know, that …

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… warm cola with lemon slices and ginger is good against cold? It sounds strange, but I drank it today- it helps (I can talk!! I got my voice back!!) and taste is acceptable.

No Water

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As every morning I woke up and went to the bathroom. Then suddenly I swore at not having any water. “Why do not I have any water every weekend? This time, I will inform my agent and he has to repair it!” I changed me clothes, wore my sneakers, closed the door and stepped into my elevator. I was quite upset. Then I got off the escalator at the ground floor and I saw a note, which was written in Cantonese. But I could read the sign “water” and “stop”. I swore again “NO WATER?!” The security man was coming immediately and asked me in Cantonese: “What happened?” “No water.“ I told him in English and point out on the note. The security man was quite nice and began to explain why we do not have any water in Cantonese. Since I could not understand any words, I was just smiling and listening to him. After a while this smart man recognized that I could not understand him, so he decided to give me a short explanation in English: “No water.”

My Dears in Germany

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Since hurricane “Kyrill” is conquering whole(!!!) Germany, I am worried about you. I cannot reach some of you… I red personally reports from DU, NE and KR.. it sounds and looks awful. If you are healthy, then just drop a short line and let me know. Thank you!
Take care of you!


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