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Earthquake in TW

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Dear Readers

Please be informed about following:
Since there has been a earthquake in Taiwan 2 days ago, I have a bad inet connection.
It might be that I cannot post any entries for 2-3 weeks. More here


PS I am in HK. But the Internetcable from HK is in TW. Since there was not any earthquake in HK, I am ok.

[EDIT 08-01-07 Internet cable in TW is repaired completly.]

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Happy Merry X’mas 2 u!

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Since beginning of November(!!!)HK have been already in Xmas mood!
There are a lot of photo taking areas in order to enjoy the happiness.
Some of them are quite lovely. Do u agree me?

China Hong Kong City, which includes the ferry station to China:

Shopping Center close to Hung Hom Station and to my home:

Ocean Terminal // Harbour City: Amazing Decoration!

At the Ocean Terminal // Harbour City, K. and me met Rudolph lost his group. He asks us to bring him back, by leading him using the cord. He asked so many people, I hope he found his group finally. XD

The biggest Xmas tree in HK. It remembers me to the movie “Kevin, alone in NY”. I went to the tree and wish…

At the tree I met the Santa Claus. He invites me to his small warm home XD:

Happy Merry X’mas 2 u!
(2 => Merry Kissmas! XDDDD)
@all Thank u 4 reading my webblog and writing comments:)


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Let’s do 4 our peace on the world!

Do you believe in? It might be a good idea, but I think it is not the correct way to make peace. Freud told that this kind of energy can be used for another positive doing. I am sure that people, who are fighting in the war, who are living scared, do not care about this day… Vielleicht ein Versuch wert?!

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What would/do u like to eat/drink?

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It’s lunch time and it has to be decided where K., A. and me can take a rest in order to enjoy lunch. The most important question is “Nobu, what do you like?” Since I do not point out a special dish, because they will try to find this dish and if they found, they will sometimes order a lot, I just answer “I like nearly everything. I prefer chinese food.” K. is thinking “Hm, that’s difficult. Just let me know, what kind of food u do not like.” Then I answer “Animals’ stomach, parts of the face, feet …” K. interrupts me ” Stop! Stop! I mean, do u like chicken? Pork? Beef?” XD

It’s breakfast time! I would like to drink a hot choclate. So I order a cup of it in my hotel. I got a piece of choclate, hot water and creamy milk….

Hotpot Rulez! – Gathering with Friendz (Chinese Style)

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I was looking forward for this day so much! Finally THIS day is today: Eating Hotpot together with T. and E in my home. I am so excited! Happy ^__^ My German friend cancelled, because she has to work quite late -.-

First we went to Jusco in order to buy some vegetables, which is easily to cook, mushrooms, sausages, wantan, fishball, meetball, beef, tofu and more.

Arriving at my home, E. washes the vegetables in my small kitchen and we – T. and me – set up the table. The water was boiling in the hotpot and I guess I have heard „Fill me , fill me, I am sure you’re all hungry!“

Finally we sit down, eat and chat a lot! The atmosphere was nice! Also the food! *yummy*

Hot Pot is quite popular in Hong Kong. People eat this dish in order to warm up their body. It is quite easy to cook. You need to boil water in the hotpot (add a soup base or made your soup by yourself), and then just put some vegetable, meetball or wantan into the hotwater and wait until they are through. Then you put it in your bowl filled with a sauce (we use soja souce with sesam oil), dip it in and enjoy!

Btw this day T. and me are wearing nearly similar clothes. We look like sisters, isn’t it? Both of us wear black shoes, blue jeans and the cute dog shirt!

Today is the first day for selling the new console Wii in Germany!
So this day was a happy day for and me.

Great Idea?! (4 E.)

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You do not like cheese, but chocolate?
You do not like chocolate, but cheese?

Then I have a great idea!
Take this and enjoy life!

Some people in Germany eat cheese and jam, why not. But I do not like. I have never tried this choco-cheese before, in my imagination it tastes awful. What do u think?

Suitable Handbag?

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At the moment I am searching for a bag for my notebook. It is quite difficult to find one, which I like and fits to me. Some day I found a quite interesting handbag. , tell me please, does this handbag fit to me? XD

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