Scarring Chinese traffic

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Compared to European traffic Chinese traffic is totally messy. Persons are weekly died by car/bus/truck accidents.
There are not any lines for turning off, oncoming traffic, at crossroads. That’s unbelievable (4 me)!
So if you are driving car, it might be happen that another car cut your way suddenly, because it would like to cross the road or turn left! I really do not want to drive car or (motor) bicycle here! I am too scared.

But as you can see there are also some “foreigner”, who is not scared. XD hey, madam (^_^)b I totally respect you! Take care of yourself!

Japanese + German = ?

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If Chineses are informed that I am a double of Japanese and German, they are surprised: “Now, I got it! Now I know why you are looking like a Chinese!”

Does it mean that Japanese + German = Chinese?
But actually there are also some Chinese thinking I am British XD. Good for me. Because you know some Chineses hates Japaneses. I would like to avoid this kind of conflict during working time.

PS: A.: „Yeah, ur looking Chinese, because I guess u feel like Chinese, or?“

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