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ENTERING FROM SEPTEMBER 4th, 2006, in Shanghai 上海

I’m almost happy. \(^_^)/ I’m smiling when I wake up, when I go to the office, when I’m working, when I go back to the apartment, when I’m learning Chinese, when I’m going shopping, when I’m cooking and probably also when I am sleeping. In between I’m laughing a lot. I am worried about to get some folds in my face XD
Of course not everything is fine, but never mind I feel happy here.

I’m not sure if I was smiling and laughing so much and all the time in Germany, but I guess not.

Why I’m so happy? … I don’t know how to describe this feeling. I am in China, the country I was seeking for to be here, my home. Mandarin is the main language, which I like so much. Mentality of people is amazing, so friendly since you get in contact with them. \(^_^)/

Last time a professional make-up-artist, who analyzes also faces and was introduced to me in a bar, looked at my face and detected “Look at her face, she is really happy!”
This confirms my feeling: I’m happy! \(^_^)/

M(&)M=Materialism: Money

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ENTERING FROM SEPTEMBER 4th, 2006, in Shanghai 上海

Money – You earn and expend it. If you do not care about, you maybe have not anything any more some day.

In my opinion money is not the most important thing in the world.
Of course, I need money for my living, but there are a lot of things, which I cannot buy and satisfied me.
But there are a lot of people in the world, who DO think that money is a big treasure. Sad and lonely people.

E.g. the reception man of my hotel – He is friendly, but only to rich people. If he knows I have not any money, I will be nobody, I will be rubbish. No need to care about me, even I am a guest. He always ignores me or answers my questions only on surface. He did not care about me, even I stuck in the revolving door!!!!!!!!

Comparing to Germany driving by taxi in China or HK is cheap (1-2 km = 1,10 -1,50 EUR). Therefore most Europeans get used to driving by taxi. They prefer me doing the same. But I do not want because 1) I do not want to get used this kind of luxury, which I cannot have in Germany 2) I like using public transportation and walk. Costs of driving by bus (Office <-> Home = China: 0,20 EUR: HK: 0,43 EUR) are quite cheap. Often time of traveling by taxi is the same as by driving by bus, so I do not mind!

Most Europeans seek to western food (expensive!). I am in China/HK! In my opinion: No need to enjoy western food. Enjoy, try Chinese food! (Ok, ok. Frankly speaking I like Chinese food in contrast of the most Europeans *hehe *)

Anyway I will keep on driving by public transportation, eating Chinese food. This way I will “save” money and I still able to enjoy my life. I will expend “saved” money together with my friends. Because friends and having fun with them are not purchasable!

PS. It is not important how money you earn, but how to use. I am really happy that my mom teaches me how to use money useful and not lavish.

Thank you :)

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ENTERING FROM SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2006 (Part 2), in Shanghai 上海

I got some presents
* An Angel from D. “You are like an Angel!” -> Cute idea, thank you!
* A great webblog entry from E. with a drumming frog -> Thank you! Chu:)
If it is possible, I would like to hold E.’s entry always at the beginning!
* Cake from J.-> Thank you. I like the green tea flavor one most!
* Towl holder from Froggy “Don’t forget me!” -> Thanks ^^
* Chuhai + Umeboshi from myself XD

* B-day card from german J., also a frog :) -> Thank you!


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ENTERING FROM SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2006 (Part 1), in Shanghai 上海

Now I am 25 and really looking forward to this age, because 25 is one of my lucky numbers! Actually my day has an unlucky beginning (a lot of small black flies were lying on the floor of the kitchen, because of the hot weather; water was getting out my fridge -.-; D., a Chinese girl, reneged our „meeting“, because of suddenly working on Sunday)

After taking a Chinese lesson in the early morning I enjoyed my breakfast:

Glass of wine ( it’s a joke, it’s only grape juice XD) and lovely green-tea-cake-rolls *jummy*. I switched on the TV and what a surprise NHK was sending my favorite broadcasting „Nodojiman“ Great! I was singing, laughing and clapping!

At the noon time I went to the laundry and supermarket to buy some food. A good friend E.was calling me and became happy! He just woke up and called me! Thank you!!!!

Later on my father, my mother and my brother rang me up.^_^

This evening was the highlight of this day: D., J., – who are boths colleagues of mine- and me went to the „Golden Jaguar International Cuisine Collection“ in order to enjoy „ The best buffet“ of seafood! D. recommends this restaurant and raves about these food.

There was a amazing choice of seafood, international dishes, soups, juice, cakes. Phantastic! Like a Paradise! Which should I eat at first/next? We enjoyed the food, chatted and laughed a lot.

Then D. asked when the restaurant will close. The waitress answered “22:30” J. had a look at her watch and was shocked “Only 40 minutes left! We have to hurry up!” That’s correct. I was still eating my starter- a crab. Also D. and J. had not eaten so much.
a) “Lisa, do you like this?”-> “No.” -> “Then no need to eat. Eat only the things you like. No time.”
b) “Ok, I will go now to take some new dishes. Would you like to eat sth. special?”
c) “6 new dishes? Who has brought so much? Can we manage this until 22:30?”
d) “22:18 We have to hurry up!“ Lisa: “I will take some desserts! They look delicious.” (Info to you: We share every dish)

e) “I need to drink sth.“ “It’s already 22:25!” “Hurry up!”
f) “Eat, eat, no time!”
g) “It tastes really good, but I am full….”
The last 40 minutes were very busy. We were one of the last guests there.

Suddenly D.said “If we hurry up, we can take our last subway!” – “Hurry up again?” I thought.
J. and I got a stomache, because of walking very fast, after taking a great dinner.
J. “Let’s go through the night market. Lisa would like to go there.”

Finally it was a great day, thank you all!

EDIT: D. and me are ill now. We guess it is because of the seafood.

Happy Birthday

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We wish you a Happy Birthday, Nobu! ^_^

Happy Birthday, Nobu!


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