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ENTERING FROM AUGUST 26th, 2006 (PART 1), in Shanghai 上海
Exactly one month ago I arrived in Hong Kong. Now the first one month is over, 5 further months are left ^_^
This month was really busy, hard, but also interesting.
I spent my first two weeks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a big city, which is mixed by Chinese and Japanese flair. I like this very much. I have not seen a lot of places yet, because I had not any time, but I will do this as soon I return to my new home.
This is my first time to have my own apartment, to be responsible for myself for such a long time, to be far away from my family and best friends in Germany …

Now I am in Shanghai. I will stay here for nearly one month. Aight years ago I was in China and called it my home. China, I am back. I am back to home! I cannot describe my feeling, but I like this country. Actually I did not like Shanghai very much, but now I had time to get to know the city and I have to change my mind ^_^

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The Sleeping Beauty and The Big Wet Prince

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ENTERING FROM AUGUST 18th ~20th, 2006, in Shanghai 上海

Once upon a day a young girl worked very hard for a long time. She traveled around Asia-Germany, Hong Kong and China in order to find her new home. Traveling through big cities, deep forests and crowded highways she met a lot of people. Not everyone was fine, but that was the real world, where she was living now.
Nobody knew she was a princess. She tried to covered it, because she would like to live as a normal young girl in this big big world.
One day she arrived at a castle Howard Johnsson, where she would living for the following 3 weeks.
It was a kind of (bad) magic. As soon she sat on the double bed, she fell in a deep deep sleep on Friday evening.
She wake not up the whole Saturday! OMG!
Help, we need a prince, who kisses her! She was sleeping for nearly 38 hours now!
On Sunday morning at 10 a.m. the lovely prince finally appeared! Well, his name was unknown, but he was very wet and big. Perhaps he was a frog prince, we actually dit not know.
Even he was very wet and big, he kissed the princess softly on her legs. But unfortunately she did not react. Therefore the prince kissed her strong and her legs got very wet. At this moment the girl wake up, what a happiness!
„ My lovely princess, I looking forward to see you alive“ the prince said „ I love you so much, would you like to be my wife?“

Do you think this is an usual fairy tale? Of course not, this a extract of Nobu’s webblog!
Now, let me continue this fairy tale.

„Thank you for rescuing me, my sweet wet big prince. But I am sorry I am not able to marry you, because otherwise I will a get a cold again.“ The girl answered, took the phone and called the room service.

„Room Service. Good Morning, may I help you?“
„ Please check my air conditioner, I guess it has to be repaired. There is a lick, and water is driping out my bed.“

Immediately an Engineer came to her room and repaired the air conditioner: The big wet prince disappeared sadly, but he accepted the girl’s decision.

~ The (Un)Happy End ~

[Just for your information: I was only sleeping- for approx. 38 hours .. but now I feel almost healthy and I recharge with new energy^^]

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Mr. Devil Darkman (Shanghai 上海)

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Some of you know that I am really scared of Darkness – Mr. Devil Darkman.

I am not able to fall asleep, if the room is completely dark. A light should be on, otherwise I am afraid of Mr. Devil Darkman. If I get my own home, I will have an expensive invoice of electricity, therefore I am training.

Mr. Devil Darkman vists me every night in my service apartment.-.- He also visited me at the „Charms Hotel“. But he has not any chance to get in my flat in Hong Kong, because a) I have not any curtain. b) Lights of the advertisements are shining in my room.

I miss my new home in HK so much!!!

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Who I am?

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ENTERING FROM AUGUST 18th, 2006, Location:  Shanghai 上海

Do not worry, I have not lost my mind. I am also not in a crisis of identity.

Let me introduce myself. I have dreamt it and I am speaking the truth.

Nice to meet you, I am not Sponge Bob, but Sponge Nobu! Why? The reason is easy. Actually I am a dried sponge, which seeks to a lot of knowlegde about international trade, wholesale, import and export, chinese language, culture and people.

Today, Tomorrow and the Future

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ENTERING FROM AUGUST 7nd ~ 11th, 2006
If I am thinking about my future, I will get a terrible headache, because I do not know, what happens after these 6 months. If I think about it, I won’t able to enjoy every day any more. This would be pity!

Therefore I have decided to live only for today and tomorrow. Actually the important thing is, that I can enjoy every day, do my job correctly, have fun at the new company, get to know the people and their culture.

Later on I can decide what I really want, perhaps it comes automatically. But at the moment I cannot do. Therefore Lisa, just think about the present and the nearest future=tomorrow.

My Dinner

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It is a little bit pity, that I cannot cook at home, because I have not any cooker yet. But never mind, there are a lot of possibilities to get a dinner ^_^.

Since I do not like to eat alone in a restaurant, I buy often a take-away-lunch. I like it very much. It is delicious and also convinient.

Now take a look at my dinner, which I have set up myself: A lot of Rice with a lot of meat and chinese vegestable, chinese tea, japanese ice and some tissue. The amount of this is nearly 2,80€.


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