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It was a lot of fun, but you should go to bed earlier, Nobu… :P


A sample from the conference.


Countdown is running

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Today I played table tennis in a Club today with J. He plays quite well. His eyes were like a fire, as he was always triering to get my special serves. We had a lot of fun. We agreed on next time to play again:)

I have a real bad feeling since I have arrived here. But I thought ” Be optimistic”

Now it happens. This evening I was asked kindly if I would mind to move out. H. and J.’s mother came home tonight. H. and his mother was discussing very loud.. I do not know if they discussed about me, but I guess.

They also mention a reason, aber ich denke, dass das der wahre Grund ein anderer ist. Ich zerbrech mir jetzt nicht den Kopf, warum und wieso, denn: Anyway the cause is not important at the moment, fact is that I have to move out. Now I have to search for a roommate or an own appartment. They offer me an appartment, near my office “on favourable terms”. I am going to look at soon.
I understand their situation and it does not matter to move out, really.

I have to hurry up finding a roommate or own appartement /room until I start working. Two days are left.

On the other hand, I can move also on workdays, because I have less baggage.

Don’t worry about that Nobu, think what you have to do next:)

Did you know that …

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.. three different banks of HongKong are printing the money? There are several desings for example one 100 HKD note.
Some people warned me to take care of the money, if I get it back, but how can I do this, if there are so many desings for only one note?

Everything is going in a circle

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Today I totally overslept. I wake up at 11 o’clock! My breakfast was my lunch.

H. kindly shows me how to get to the office by bus. It is not far away from „home“. I have to go by bus nearly 10 minutes. Besides the bus stop is in front of the office.

As I was worriering about what happened if I get into the bus of the wrong direction, H. answered me „ Don’t worry about that, all busses here are driving in a circel!“

He also guided me through Kowloon, and showed me a lot of important buildings or places, main shopping streets, avenue of the stars, habour.

I have tried to learn the way for example how to get to the post office, but it was quite difficult. Hughes „It’s easy, we are going just a circle.“ Every street looks similiar, *uff* I guess there was too much impressions for me on the first day.

I am really happy just to know the way to the office (Thank you for taking time for me and go around to Kowloon, H.). If someething happens, I will just take the bus number 6 or 6A and wait for my busstop, it will come some minutes ago, because the bus is driving a circle:)

After this 2-hours-walking-through-to-Kowloon, I had to take a sleep in the late afternoon XD

Good Night Kowloon! I am coming back tomorrow! With my friend Froggy ^_^

Now here I am…

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Now here I am in Hong Kong. In the city where the actors Jackie Chan – one of my favorite actors- and Bruce Lee were born and started their careers.
Now here I am in Hong Kong, where I am going to live the next 6 months and start to work here, far away from Germany, family and friends.

My flight was ok. I could not sleep very well, because my neighbour was laughing all the time very loud, because he was watching a comedy -.-.

H. – the son of the family, where I am going to stay (Thank you so much!) – picked me up from the airport.
It was a little bit difficult to find him, because I did not know his apperance. He just knows, how I am looking like. But according to him, I look diffrent from the photos, which I have sent him by e-mail few days ago. Fortenately I have got „ InternationalRoamingPlus“ (I am able to phone in any country by my prepaid-moble phone“ before I am coming here and I have just called him. He is a handsome young chinese man.

H.’s family is living in an apartment , which has 31 floors!
At the moment I am sleeping in J.’s (- H.’s little brother) room (Thank you very much!) It has a nice view to the sea.

In the evening we went to a supermarket near the apartment. It’s like a japanese supermarkt. I love japanese food, it’s like a paradise. If I get homesick, I will come to this supermarket XD

I was really tired, that I am going to bed at 10 p.m. I tried not to get sleep earlier, otherwise I get a jetblack.

Good Night, HongKong!
Good Night, Germany!

It does not fit…

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2006 / 07 / 27

Since I have a lot of electrical parts here in HongKong, I bought a adapter in Germany.
It was said in the description that it is suitable for HongKong. Therefore I have bought it and now it does not work.

Even it does not fit! (T_T)

Writing an important e-mail

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2006 / 07 /27

I was writing a important e-mail. Just to make sure, I have written:
„… If you do not get this e-mail, please let me know.Then I will resend. …“

Later on I have recognized at this logical mistake and changed into:
„ … Please confirm as soon as you get this e-mail …“

Keep Smiling

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Viele Grüße aus Deutschland und viel Spaß in Hong Kong & China! ^^


First Entry

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Just a test. Seems to work. :)

Here’s my shortest way to insert an image:

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  • Upload the picture in “Write Post”
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  • “Copy Image Location”
  • Insert image into your post
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