Souvenir from HKG (3): Pork Floss

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19th June 2015

Crunchy pork flossPork floss is very popular in Hong Kong. It is used like “Furikake” in Japan. It can be found on rice , in HKG-style sushi, buns, on salad and more. It is like Hong Kong’s salt and pepper ( that’s my personal impression*smile*) and I have never seen it anywhere before except in Hong Kong.

Pork floss itself is very dry, therefore it goes well with preserved juicy vegetables! My favourite one is the “Zhacai”!

It is very special and this year I bought this pack back to Germany for my brother! You may buy this as a souvenir to your friends as well :)

BTW, it can be bought in ParkNShop, as well as Wellcome stores.

Souvenir from HKG (2): Chinese Tea bags

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19th June 2015

Light Sweet Kee Wah Bakery’s Pastries, as introduced in my previous entry, go well with a sip of slightly bitter Chinese Tea.
Usually in the Chinese Culture tea will be freshly brewed by tea leafes. I found out most of my friends in Germany, do not brew tea by fresh leafes. They prefer tea bags. They are indeed more convinient. Hence, Chinese Tea in tea bags are a great souvenir from Hong Kong as well.

Luk Yu Chinese Tea bagsThere are a lot of brands, but I like Luk Yu Chinese tea bags most! And the good thing is, it is also made in HKG. This brand offers different favors like Jasmin tea, Iron Buddah Tea, Green Tea, Pu Er Tea. Try some by any chance!

Souvenir from HKG (1): Traditional pastries

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18th June 2015
Do you also sometimes struggle what kind of souvenirs you may bring back home? It should not be a cup printed with Hong Kong’s skyline, Dim sum shapped magnets for the fridge, Qipao shapped bookmarks, Beijing Opera singer shapped beer can opener, because you may have brought those items home during your last visit and your family and friends may have plenty of them already at home.

An eatable gift would be an option, as they will not pale up! *grin* and can be shared! I would like to introduce you one:

Have you heard about Kee Wah Bakery?  This bakery is like “Heinemann” in Duesseldorf. It is one the oldest bakeries in Hong Kong selling tradional local pastries like egg rolls, phoenix rolls, tea cookies, short cakes, wife cakes and lots more. Their expiration date is around 3 weeks depending on pastries, so there is not any rush to eat them all immediately after arrival. Phoenix rolls & egg rollsMost of the cookies comes with red paper gift box ( red colour is a symbol for joy, happiness, fortune) or reuseuable cute tin box. All cookies are made in Hong Kong!
I personally like their cookies, as there are crispy, unique in taste –  e.g. Jasmine tea flavor, seaweed taste flavor, sesame taste  flavor – and most important  they are not that sweet. It is my great pleasure to send my family and friends a gift, I like myself .

Yummy Ginger flavoured pastriesOne of my favorite flavours are the ginger egg rolls and ginger cookies. Ginger taste of the cookies are stronger than the egg rolls. I love eating together with a cup of Chinese tea.

You may try as well!

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