Comment-Protection fixed

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Some of you experienced problems with the captcha protection for the comments. This should be fixed now. :-)

Nodame Cantabile (Live Action)

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Nobu recommended this Live Action series to me – and I love it! ^__^

I wonder…
– Episode 4: What is Nobu’s Froggy doing in Chiaki’s concert?
– Episode 5: Chiaki is speaking German?

Information for visitors: “New url”

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frogThe weblog system is now updated to the most recent version; mainly due to security reasons. Also Nobu’s weblog has moved to another webserver:

Please update your bookmarks, the old url will only work for a short period of time. Because of the changes, the old theme is no longer compatible. I did my best to find a pleasant new green theme and modified it to look more girlish. At the bottom of the page you will now find the RSS feeds and a summary of the weblog, so you can easily access the latest posts and comments. I’m glad the system is running after almost no downtime. Don’t expect another webserver change in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Information for visitors: “Comment Spam Protection”

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Now, before you can post a comment, you have to recognize the text in an image and enter it in a little box. This protection should stop most of the massive spam comments…

Spam Protection


Happy Birthday

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We wish you a Happy Birthday, Nobu! ^_^

Happy Birthday, Nobu!


We miss u~

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I miss you, Nobu~ It’s kinda boring without you… ;)



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It was a lot of fun, but you should go to bed earlier, Nobu… :P


A sample from the conference.


Keep Smiling

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Viele Grüße aus Deutschland und viel Spaß in Hong Kong & China! ^^


First Entry

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Just a test. Seems to work. :)

Here’s my shortest way to insert an image:

  • Resize your desired picture (440xXXX)
  • Upload the picture in “Write Post”
  • Rightclick on the thumbnail
  • “Copy Image Location”
  • Insert image into your post
  • Use the copied link without the linkend “.thumbail”


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