In love with the hottest chicken in town

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Do you also sometimes suddenly carving for something?

Well, I was desperately seeking for the German style “grilled spring chicken”, crispy skin, soft and juicy meat with lots of herbs and soaked taste until to the bones. Just by thinking of it, I am getting hungry! Most of the chicken I ate here are either bloody (Hainan Chicken), deep fried (KFC) or simply the taste remains in the chicken skin only while the chicken meat is dry and tasteless. Where shall I get my chicken now? No, idea.

I was hungry, desperate and lost, when I saw the sign “Goobne Chicken – Korean style oven baked chicken”  hanging outside of a tall building in Mong Kok. Never heard about it.  Why not, try? I wanna eat chicken anyway.

Incredible yummy chickenI entered into a  big restaurant with lots of space,  wide windows and sunny places (which is rare in HKG!). After an authentic, helpful “consultation” with an enthusiastic Korean waitress with a great smile I ordered the “Original Korean oven baked chicken”. It has been served in a basket on a wooden chopping board with some sauce and pickles (photo in the right down corner). It was a huge portion (one whole chicken by my own!). CAUTION HOT! I took a chicken leg and bite in…. oh my gosh,  it was incredible yummy! Crispy skin, with juicy meat and great taste until the last bite! I did not even touch the sauce! I really enjoyed it so much! It was indeed love at the first bite!!!

Afterwards I went there with my friends few times. I ate other chickens and my favourite one is 1) “Original Korean oven baked chicken” and 2) “Honey Curry chicken”. The last one is not traditional Korean style chicken, but honey taste is booming in Korea, so they  invented a new style taste to keep up with the boom. I like the twist of sweet and a bit spice taste!

“Goobne Chicken” has a restaurant in TST and Mong Kok. I went to both. I personally like the one in Mong Kok, because the service is nicer and it seems not so many people dining there. I highly recommend not to go there during peak hours  as the  time is limited to 90 minutes only. If you are in the big group, it might be a bit too rush. During peak hours they will not accept any reservation. I went there at 3pm (late lunch) and 6pm (early dinner).

So, if you are curious now and want to try the hottest chicken in town (in my point of view) , try “Goobne Chicken” :

5/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Tel.: 2116 0002

Currently, on Openrice there is a promotion: up to 20% in Lunch hour and midnight hours.


Whale watching

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19th June 2015

Beginning of this year I travelled with a friend to Okinawa. I have heard that January would be the best time for whale watching over there, as the whale families would come from all the way from Alaska to deliver babies. Compared to Alaska’s sea, the sea in Okinawa is safe, as  there are not any attacking enemies. I was surprised to know that there is not enough food in Okinawa’s sea as it is not deep enough. So, how does the new family survive? Whales are eating a lot of plankton in Alaska and store the food in their body, before they come to Okinawa.

Look a wale!!We joined a tour provided by SeaSir (tour guide speaks English!!)  for whale watching. We have been chasing whales by a boat and the guide encouraged us to cheer the whale coming out. I saw some and …. amazing. Since I saw Pinoccio I always wanted to see a real whale and now I was able to see one!! Incredible!!! I literally wanted to jump into the water and say hi to them. I have been stopped by the guide *laugh*

I am also touched that Okinawa people make a business about whale watching. In other areas in Japan, whales have been kept hunting though it is illegal, because the whale meat is very popular.

Watching whales in real (not only in TV) was an incredible and awesome experience. See you soon, dear whale!! I will come next time in March, when you are dating! I have heard that you will jump out of the water more!!! Until then, take good care and see you soon!!! (    ^ 3  xxxxxxxxx


Souvenir from HKG (1): Traditional pastries

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18th June 2015
Do you also sometimes struggle what kind of souvenirs you may bring back home? It should not be a cup printed with Hong Kong’s skyline, Dim sum shapped magnets for the fridge, Qipao shapped bookmarks, Beijing Opera singer shapped beer can opener, because you may have brought those items home during your last visit and your family and friends may have plenty of them already at home.

An eatable gift would be an option, as they will not pale up! *grin* and can be shared! I would like to introduce you one:

Have you heard about Kee Wah Bakery?  This bakery is like “Heinemann” in Duesseldorf. It is one the oldest bakeries in Hong Kong selling tradional local pastries like egg rolls, phoenix rolls, tea cookies, short cakes, wife cakes and lots more. Their expiration date is around 3 weeks depending on pastries, so there is not any rush to eat them all immediately after arrival. Phoenix rolls & egg rollsMost of the cookies comes with red paper gift box ( red colour is a symbol for joy, happiness, fortune) or reuseuable cute tin box. All cookies are made in Hong Kong!
I personally like their cookies, as there are crispy, unique in taste –  e.g. Jasmine tea flavor, seaweed taste flavor, sesame taste  flavor – and most important  they are not that sweet. It is my great pleasure to send my family and friends a gift, I like myself .

Yummy Ginger flavoured pastriesOne of my favorite flavours are the ginger egg rolls and ginger cookies. Ginger taste of the cookies are stronger than the egg rolls. I love eating together with a cup of Chinese tea.

You may try as well!

30 days challenge

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2013 / 07 / 02

Beginning of this year Ingo, my German friend, visited HKG for few days. As I have not met him for a year or maybe two, I was very happy to meet him for chitchat. And I was surprised when I hugged him for greeting, as the feeling was different. When he took off his jacket, I knew why: He gained muscles, huge and a lot of them! He looks “very man”, which is a popular expression in Chinese for being very masculine. WOW! Amazing!

After asking, he disclosed his secret: 30 days challenge for a special diet. 30 days challenge? Why 30 days? What happened after 30 days? It was the first time for me to hear about this. I know that diet, but I did not aware it could have such a great effect. I was thinking that he was very strict to himself to keep up with his diet, but he denied because of that 30 days challenge. So, what is a 30 days challenge?

He explained to me. First pick my challenge. It could be an existing habit, which I want to lose or a new habit, which I want to create. It could be everything. There are not any limitations. Second start doing my challenge immediately and keep it up for the next 30 days. It might be hard and difficult, as or I may need to force myself or focus on purpose at the beginning. Basically, the aim of the 30 days challenge is to create a new habit. A habit is an action will be done automatically without thinking so much, because the body get used to it. It becomes to a daily routine. Therefore – in my friend’s case – after the 30 days challenge, he kept up doing the diet easily.

I wanted to try as well. On first of June, I have started my 30 days challenge for climbing 300 stairs daily in great posture. Indeed in the beginning, I needed to remind myself several times not to take the escalator or lift. In HKG there are so many escalator and lifts, which makes life easier. And lazier. It is so attempting! However, I kept doing it.

The reason, why I took this challenge is basically to keep fit. I would like to do some sports, but currently my situation does not allow so much time for it. Thus I got the idea to integrate more movements into my daily life. Now, after 30 days I even got a great result, I lost 1kg and currently love taking stairs, even it is hot.

My next 30 day challenge in July: Practicing Taichi every day for 5 minutes.

Have you done any 30 days challenge before? Or would you like to start with a 30 days challenge?
Please share your experience or ideas. I am looking forward to your replies ( ^___^ )

Sweet temptation

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2012 / 01 / 05
As my friend was going back to Germany, I asked him to help me to buy some Tchibo Chocolate. Tchibo used to have chocolate in their regular product of range, but nowadays they are only selling during special occasion as Christmas. This is a bit pity, as I am not in Germany during Christmas, so it is a bit difficult for me to get them. Further on, it is a limited version only as the flavor will change every year.
However, my friend kindly helped me to buy it for me, bring it to HKG and I have received them! I am so happy!
This years’ flavor are different from the last year’s ones. Last years’ chocolate flavors were 1) Arabica coffee beans with cranberries and 2) Arabica coffee beans with orange peels. It was the first time for me to eat chocolate with coffee beans split and I fell in love with the taste immediately.  This year’s flavors are 1) Coffee beans and 2) Gingerbread.  I am looking forward to eat them tonight with my friends. I am pretty sure I am going to love them!

(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

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(Like) Holiday in W Hotel

In August I had a great experience in W hotel Hong Kong, which I would like to share with you!

Entry from 2011 / 08 / 16

Since I have heard about the awesome pool at the rooftop of the W hotel with an amazing view of Hong Kong, I always wanted to go there, enjoy the view and swim. The weather on last Sunday was perfect: Hot and sunny. And my friend also has time, she would join me! Yippee~! It’s time for a relaxing Wet Escape! Let’s go! Let’s escape!
The Wet escape is a summer promotion of the W hotel. Every second Sunday they are offering the Wet Escape from 3pm to 8pm. Entrance fee of 280HKD includes one cocktail drink and music by DJ.

While I was in the elevator driving me to the 76th floor, I was pretty excited. It would be the first time for me to see Hong Kong’s skyline from the 76th floor. On their homepage they are praising that it is even one of the world’s highest rooftop swimming pools. It must be great!

Once the elevator door opened I could smell the swimming pool, feel the music and enjoy a part of the Hong Kong Skyline. I went so much in trance that I could not hear that the waitress is asking me for the entrance fee. I just pass her and have been reminded to pay the money…

My friend already arrived and reserved one bench for each of us. We ordered a Martini from the choice of beer, coke and martini. As we paid 280HKD we should not order an ordinary drink. Sipping the cold refreshing lychee martini while we were lying on the bench under the sun and 76 floors above Hong Kong, we enjoyed the atmosphere, fresh wind, bright sun, the view and relaxing time. It is like holiday! Beside of the HKG view, I have especially enjoyed the blue sky. I looked up and could almost see only the sky, which I seldom see in HKG as there are too many skyscrapers. Looking at the blue sky, I always feel relieved. Like a bird.

In the late afternoon, some hotel guests (a family!) entered the pool. Overall, it was an interesting scene: Between drinking and eating guests of the private pool party, African drummer, dancing hot girls, guests lying on the bench in order to get taint, kissing couples, holding champagne in the pool, there was a Chinese family with a baby with pampers and children with goggles and body-swimming suits diving and swimming (!) in the pool.

Most of the guests are foreigners and different from the public swimming pool, all of them had a great manner and nobody was splitting.

You want to enjoy W Hong Kong’s pool parties? Then do not miss it. Next pool party is on 18th of September & 2nd of October. For further details, please check out their website!

(Like) Holiday in SaiKung

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2011 / 06 / 22

Clear sky, hot ( +30 °C), sunny– it is the perfect time for swimming and relaxing at the beach!
After the dragon boat training on Sunday’s morning, Forrest and me took a village ferry to Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau) and took a nap first under a huge tree. It was amazingly relaxing, although so many people pass by our sleeping area ( In frame of the Geopark Island tour, a lot of tourists will come to this island.) Lying in the shadow, on the soft sand, surrounded by green grass (nature!!!) and accompanied by a cool sea wind, listening to the sound of the waves, let us forget the stressful every-day-life, the work, the city and busy life for a moment. In order to share this moment, I did call my bro in Germany.
In the afternoon we swam, played in the water and chatted a lot.

Actually, I had the feeling I were on holiday. It was very great!This place can be reached within one hour from my home, which is in the city of Hong Kong. That’s why I love Hong Kong so much. Beach and mountain are so easy to reach from the city.
By good planning and nice weather, every weekend could turn into a great holiday!

At the end of the day we met some old and new friends in a bar, close to pier. I met an Italian and American  studied Mandarin in Beijing for 2 years. Their Chinese is really good, so alive with slang and jokes. One day, I would like to speak Chinese fluently like them. It is a great motivation!

Magic Moments in Kowloon

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2011 / 06 / 16

Whenever I am on holiday (e.g. Okinawa) I am eager to see the sunrise and the sunset, it is so amazingly beautiful!! None of the sunrise or sunset is the same, that’s why it is interesting to look at them everyday. They gave me the feeling “Ah~~, the day are going to start! I need to add oil!” and “Ah~, the day is going to end. It was a successful day.” Every day’s moments are different, same as my every-day-life.
Honestly speaking, in HKG I have not been that eager to see the sunrise or sunset yet, because I think the environment (city only) is not that beautiful and most of the time I am just too busy doing overtime. Hm? Sounds like an excuse, might be.
However, these days I am seeking for watching the sunset in HKG. The Gateway and the China Hong Kong City in TST offers to see “Magic Moment”, between 6pm and 7pm, from their facilities. Last week I took the chance to enjoy those magic moments after work.

Wow, it is so beautiful. Indeed it is a different feeling (for me) to watch the sun going down and disappearing into the sea, cloud or behind the city. But still, it is gorgeous! Watching the sunset, I am able to calm down for a while and think about my day.

Here is a sunset in Hung Hom at the Railway station. On the window indoor lights are reflecting, it looks like some UFOs are flying in the sky. Don’t you think so?

Happy Chinese Lessons

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2011 / 06 / 13

Sabrina is my private Chinese teacher. I met her in ParkNShop, where she had just had placed an add looking for students. At that time she was still a student. Her major was “Teaching Chinese as a foreign language”, because of this and her personality; she is a really good teacher, patient and explaining Chinese grammar very well. From the beginning, we seldom use English (this is a very good attitude! I love it!!!). We only use Chinese for communication, and if there is really no possibility to understand each other, we are drawing pictures.
I have been learning with her for about more than one year. I really enjoy learning Chinese with her. I am really glad I met her.
At the beginning, I was a little bit/afraid shy to talk in Chinese, but now I feel more confident talking to her in Chinese, as well to other Mainland Chinese e.g. her friends. I also remember, I speak Chinese very slow at the beginning, but Sabrina adjusted her Chinese speaking speed to same as mine (not everyone can do that!). After time passing, she increased the speed bit by bit. Now, when she is speaking to her friends, I do not think that she is speaking very fast any more, as I can understand! Wow!!! I really did a great progress!
She is not only a good Chinese teacher, but meanwhile she is also my friend supporting me for learning Chinese and for my life.

Recently, we had REAL Chinese lesson. Actually, the idea was to give us an opportunity to wear Qipao, as there are not enough possibilities to wear it. So why not wearing a Qipao and having Chinese lesson?

On these days, we were eye catchers, because we were definitely overdressed having lesson in a food court of a shopping mall. We are both such pretty ladies!! :P

All-you-can-eat Dim Sum@W-Hotel

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2011 / 04 / 21

Originally I planned to go tomorrow morning to “Sing yin Cantonese Dining” at W hotel for breakfast with my girl friends. In frame of the promotion they are offering now a Dim Sum All you can eat breakfast for 175 HKD. I have heard that their Cantonese food is authentic and delicious! I was looking forward for such a long time already to Easter’s Friday!!! However, I am sick at the moment and I need to recover. Hope I can try it next time very soon!
You may think 175 HKD is expensive for just having breakfast, but it is not compared to our most expensive Dim Sum Dining few years ago. This is a really good deal. Few years ago we ordered more than 100 delicious dishes/baskets and we paid around 2500 HKD in total. At that time we are 4 girls and 1 man.

My friends and blog-readers, I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!

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