My Nicknames in RL

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Some friends in Asia do not call me by my real name. They uses some nicknames, which I would like to introduce to you:
My friends in Shanghai often call me

  • Sasa (“Sa” is one part of my real name)
  • Cazai-Girl (I LOVE chinese preserved veggies!)
  • Little princess
  • Princess Sasa
  • Cazai Princess (If I live in the Cazai-tale, that would be a great …)

=> Nice to meet you, I am THE little cazai princess Sasa

Here in HK I am called Sweet Candy.

Real-life Training

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After I was remembered by Chinese men that I am living in the best environment for learning and talking mandarin, I reviewed my lessons “Like/not like”, “colors” and “Shopping” in a real shop in China. Yeah, right, no time to be blue. I have to practice more, let’s go Nobu!

“How much is THIS blouse?”
“How much is THAT blouse?”
“Do you have this blouse in blue/red/brown/black/green?” (Actually I was not interested in these colours, but I was reviewing the colours. XD)
“I do not like this shirt, BUT I like this one.”
“How much is all together?”
“It is expensive, I only pay xxx RMB!”
“This is too small and I am too big. Do you have big size shirt?”
Since the sales woman DID understand what I am talking, I was really interested in talking more and more, even I do not want to buy anything, perhaps only one shirt XD
In order not to bother her, I choose a shop with less guests.

Success No.1

Being at the Chinese rock bottom

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Nearly every day I am remembered that my communication skills mandarine are not enough at all. Frankly speaking I know it, but how can I improve?
I have learned Chinese for 4 months now: I am able to write, read, listen and understand. I am able to talk, but only short and simple sentences. Simple communication can be done. I could not discuss, my pronounciation is still bad, I often do not know the vocabularies.

  • Last time I was searching for the car parking place in Mainland China. Unfortunately I forgot the word “parking”. In school I learnt “if you do not know the word, describe it”.

So I tried, quite difficult due to my limited vocabularies:
“Excuse me, where are the cars sleeping?”
“Excuse me, where is the very big home for cars?”
“Excuse me, where are the cars stored in layers?”
Result: Nobody could understand me.-.-
In such case I ring up my friend Jean, who helps me immediately instead of laughing at me or teaching me wrong words.

  • The same situation when I pick my phone at work. How often I have already explained the supplier in Chinese (!) “Sorry, I am German. I do not speak any Chinese.”
But his/her reaction is always a loud laugh. Perhaps s/he is thinking if I can say this sentence, I must talk Chinese very well. If I start talking English, s/he will hang up immediately. -.- In such case I have to ask Ego or Wendy for help.
  • Another situation in China: I was screaming: “Help, help! My friend is missing!!!” Nobody helped me. Only one young man was coming and let me know that my Chinese pronounciation is wrong. -.-

I do not like these situations.
+ I feel helpless.
+ I would like to be independent.
= I am at the Chinese rock bottom.

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Let’s do 4 our peace on the world!

Do you believe in? It might be a good idea, but I think it is not the correct way to make peace. Freud told that this kind of energy can be used for another positive doing. I am sure that people, who are fighting in the war, who are living scared, do not care about this day… Vielleicht ein Versuch wert?!

What would/do u like to eat/drink?

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It’s lunch time and it has to be decided where K., A. and me can take a rest in order to enjoy lunch. The most important question is “Nobu, what do you like?” Since I do not point out a special dish, because they will try to find this dish and if they found, they will sometimes order a lot, I just answer “I like nearly everything. I prefer chinese food.” K. is thinking “Hm, that’s difficult. Just let me know, what kind of food u do not like.” Then I answer “Animals’ stomach, parts of the face, feet …” K. interrupts me ” Stop! Stop! I mean, do u like chicken? Pork? Beef?” XD

It’s breakfast time! I would like to drink a hot choclate. So I order a cup of it in my hotel. I got a piece of choclate, hot water and creamy milk….

Japanese + German = ? (Part II)

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On one hand some people are thinking that I am a Chinese, but on the other hand there are also some people, who have another opinion. These people looking at me very serious and thinking, thinking, thinking until they get finally a decision: “Lisa, you look British!” Ah~ really?! Thank u! Today I met a married Chinese man and he said: “You look very young. You are beatiful. You look like the British Queen!” The British Queen??? Which one? What do u think?

A.: “U looks British, because your style look british!”

Scarring Chinese traffic

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Compared to European traffic Chinese traffic is totally messy. Persons are weekly died by car/bus/truck accidents.
There are not any lines for turning off, oncoming traffic, at crossroads. That’s unbelievable (4 me)!
So if you are driving car, it might be happen that another car cut your way suddenly, because it would like to cross the road or turn left! I really do not want to drive car or (motor) bicycle here! I am too scared.

But as you can see there are also some “foreigner”, who is not scared. XD hey, madam (^_^)b I totally respect you! Take care of yourself!

Japanese + German = ?

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If Chineses are informed that I am a double of Japanese and German, they are surprised: “Now, I got it! Now I know why you are looking like a Chinese!”

Does it mean that Japanese + German = Chinese?
But actually there are also some Chinese thinking I am British XD. Good for me. Because you know some Chineses hates Japaneses. I would like to avoid this kind of conflict during working time.

PS: A.: „Yeah, ur looking Chinese, because I guess u feel like Chinese, or?“

\(^_^)/ Happy Happy Happy \(^_^)/

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ENTERING FROM SEPTEMBER 4th, 2006, in Shanghai 上海

I’m almost happy. \(^_^)/ I’m smiling when I wake up, when I go to the office, when I’m working, when I go back to the apartment, when I’m learning Chinese, when I’m going shopping, when I’m cooking and probably also when I am sleeping. In between I’m laughing a lot. I am worried about to get some folds in my face XD
Of course not everything is fine, but never mind I feel happy here.

I’m not sure if I was smiling and laughing so much and all the time in Germany, but I guess not.

Why I’m so happy? … I don’t know how to describe this feeling. I am in China, the country I was seeking for to be here, my home. Mandarin is the main language, which I like so much. Mentality of people is amazing, so friendly since you get in contact with them. \(^_^)/

Last time a professional make-up-artist, who analyzes also faces and was introduced to me in a bar, looked at my face and detected “Look at her face, she is really happy!”
This confirms my feeling: I’m happy! \(^_^)/

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